Sustainable Practices

Our Commitment to Living and Working Eco-Consciously

Something Borrowed Portland Vintage Rentals abides by sustainable practices which reflects the beliefs and values of owner, Lane’ Bigsby.  Our goal is to exemplify how to make your event more eco-friendly without sacrificing quality, personal taste and integrity.  When it comes to our business practices, we strive to make as little impact on people, planet and animals.  We walk the talk both with our business and personal lives by promoting eco-friendly, sustainable products and practices.  We also build a strong network of vendors that also support eco-conscious events. If you’d like to find out more about how you can host a sustainable event or eco-conscious wedding, contact, call or text us at 503-707-5787.

“I love knowing there is an eco-friendly business where I can rent cool event props without being wasteful with our firm’s money!”

– by a recent client via Wedding Wire (chalkboard rentals), Portland, OR {read more here}

Something Borrowed Portland Vintage Rentals :: Sustainable PracticesWe strive to be as sustainable as we possibly can.  Whether it is our day-to-day operations or purchasing decisions, we make every effort to practice environmentally friendly approaches to running our business.

Our Sustainable Practices


  • Whenever possible, we purchase items locally, within a 100 mile radius of Something Borrowed Portland.
  • Whenever possible, we purchase items that have already been used, or give old items a new life.
  • When shopping for office products, we not only purchase items that are made from recycled content, but we shop for items made with the highest post-consumer recycled content possible.
  • When making purchasing decisions, we opt for items that are durable vs. disposable.


  • Our business cards are printed using 100% recycled paper with soy and vegetable ink.
  • Our contracts are signed and filed electronically to minimize unnecessary printing.
  • We print double-sided to conserve paper and use tree-free paper when possible.
  • Single-sided paper is re-used and turned into scratch paper for note taking.
  • We use e-fax to minimize paper waste and printing.


  • All cleaners are non-toxic and are home-made so that we can re-use the containers they are made in.
  • We use durable rags instead of throw-away paper towels to minimize waste and save several thousand trees.


  • We promote the use of non-disposable dishware as well as décor by not offering one-time use items such as paper products, balloons, compostable dishes or utensils.
  • We recycle all paper, glass, rigid plastic, block styrofoam, plastic film, aluminum bottles, and compost 100% of our food waste.
  • Our studio and home offices use energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Lighting and equipment is not only switched off, but also unplugged when not in use.
  • Our home offices are powered by green power.
  • Our web hosting is sustainable and wind powered by a local Portland web hosting provider.
  • We re-use all packaging that we receive such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.
  • We ask all suppliers to provide bills electronically vs. mailed.
  • Whenever possible, we travel by foot, bus or bike.
  • The owner, Lane’ Bigsby, is a certified Centurion Master Recycler.