How Much Is A 1880 Morgan Silver Dollar Worth? (Price Chart)

Collecting coins has been popular for centuries all around the world. The history, story, and value of each coin, as well as the constant need to look for, grade, compare and preserve is what drives the collectors.

The unique 1880 Morgan silver dollar is considered a ‘King of collector’ coin made of 90% silver and only 10% copper. Since the 1880 Morgan silver dollar value changes over time, it is a desirable part of any collection. Let’s see what defines and how to value them.

Morgan Silver Dollar History

Morgan Silver Dollar History

Affected by Depression, the US economy was in jeopardy by the end of 19 century. The money used back then was Spanish Pieces of Eight. The US Government thought it was the right time to introduce a new currency, the US dollar. They hoped to boost the economy that way and inspire American citizens to spend more.

After the Bland – Allison Act in 1878, the US Treasury purchased silver for about $2,000,000 to $4,000,000 and started minting new dollars from 1878 to 1904. The process was stopped due to the lack of silver. They produced them one more time in 1921 and then stopped for good.

During this period, the one-dollar coins arrived from a few different mints around the US, and they all have different values and characteristics nowadays. Morgan dollar is the term for the coin that Mint engraver George T. Morgan designed.

1880 Morgan silver dollar

Location Year Minted Value
Philadelphia 1880 12,600,000 $23.4
San Francisco 1880 S 8,900,000 $23
New Orleans 1880 O 5,305,000 $24.85
Carson City 1880 CC 495,000 $98
Total 1880 27,397,355 /

Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Characteristics

Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Characteristics

Some characteristics are similar to all of the Morgan silver dollars, no matter which year they belong:

  • George T. Morgan designed all of them
  • Their mass is 0.858 troy ounces (26.68 g)
  • All the coins contain 90% of silver 10% of copper
  • Their face value is $1
  • Coins diameter is 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) with a thickness of 0.09 inches (2.4 mm)
  • Obverse design includes Liberty facing left with a date directly below and words E PLURIBUS UNUNM above the Liberty head
  • Eagle with spread wings, arrow, and olive branch is on reverse, along with words THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ONE DOLLAR, and IN GOD WE TRUST

You can also see a mint mark on some coins engraved under the wreath on their reverse side. It represents the mint that produced them.

1880 Morgan Silver Dollars

As all mints produced a different coin amount in the same year, their value will also differ regarding the place of production. For instance, you can recognize four 1880 Morgan silver dollar types produced in four US mints.

1880 Morgan silver dollar without a mint mark

1880 Morgan silver dollar without a mint mark

The 1880 Morgan silver dollar was minted just in 27,397,355 coins, which was far less compared to other minting years. As you can guess, that directly affects these coins’ value.

Another reason for being more collectible is that the 1880 Morgan dollar had an error in minting. It was justified and done on purpose to save money. All mints overprinted the 1879 Morgan silver dollar with 1880 since it was too expensive to make new coins for the new year.

You can identify that overdate by looking at the two last digits on the date-year. What you look for is the part of the digit 7 visible under the 8. Then, you need to check whether digit 9 is visible under 0. Since they only imprinted the 80 over 79, these traces are often visible.

Remember that it is not a counterfeit coin but a highly appreciated and collectible piece of American history. You can even earn more because its value is usually more precious than other Morgan dollar coins.

1880 Morgan silver dollar value by USA Coin book

Quality 1880 80 over 79 1880 S 1880 O 1880 CC
Good $27 $163 $27 $27 $163
Very good $34 $191 $33 $33 $191
Fine $39 $219 $39 $39 $219
Very fine $45 $236 $45 $45 $236
Extra fine $47 $313 $47 $47 $313
About uncirculated $50 $369 $50 $51 $369
Mint state 60 $60 $551 $60 $107 $551
Mint state 65 $502 $1361 $200 $27,973 $1,361
Proof 63 $3,329 / / / /

1880 S Morgan silver dollar

The silver price directly affects 1880 S Morgan silver dollar value, but their survival rate, current condition, and grade are more crucial. Even though San Francisco mint produced 8,900,000 of these coins in 1880, most are gone or are in poor condition nowadays.

Therefore, you can get under $30 for the coin in good condition, but its value will increase to over $27,000 when its grade is MS 65. Be aware that it is one of the most counterfeit American coins, so be careful once you decide to buy it.

1880 Morgan silver dollar value by Gainesville coins

Quality 1880 1880 O 1880 CC
Very fine $35 $47 $266
Extra fine $40 $51 $312
About uncirculated $50 $62 $384
Mint state 61 $65 $150 $566
Mint state 63 $85 $436 $650
Mint state 65 $375 $14,400 $1,150
Auction record $27,917

(MS 67)


(MS 65)


(MS 67)

1880 O Morgan silver dollar

1880 O Morgan silver dollar

Most of the 5,305,000 Morgan dollars minted in the New Orleans mint this year went directly into circulation. Therefore, all 1880 O Morgan dollars at MS 65 are famous conditional rarities and among the most expensive coins in the set. PCGS graded eight 1880 O Morgan silver dollars at MS 65 and only two at MS 66.

As a result of their usage, you can find numerous coins worth under $30, while those in certified MS 65 condition cost over $22,000. One of them reached an auction record of $41,125. Be prepared that you can’t see this coin very often available on the market.

1880 Morgan silver dollar value by JM Bullion

Coin Extra fine quality Uncirculated quality
1880 Morgan dollar $39 $41
1880 S Morgan dollar $40 $46
1880 O Morgan dollar $39 $43
1880 CC Morgan dollar $285 $350

1880 CC Morgan silver dollar

1880 CC Morgan silver dollar

Collect Morgan silver dollars with the CC mint mark is not a big deal since most of 13 different CC Morgans, including 495,000 coins minted in 1880, are often available on the market.

The whole set will cost you less than $15,000, but the final price will depend on the coin condition. For instance, you can buy 1880 CC Morgan silver dollars in good condition for a bit more than $150, but those graded MS 65 can reach over $1,300.

If you prefer rare coins, you should consider:

  • 1880 CC Morgan silver dollar with 80/79 reverse of 1878
  • 1880 CC Morgan silver dollar with 8/7 reverse of 1878
  • 1880 CC Morgan silver dollar with 8/low 7
  • 1880 CC Morgan silver dollar with 8/high 7

1880 Morgan Silver Dollar Value

As you can guess, the 1880 Morgan silver dollar value depends on the coin state and look. The well-preserved ones cost far more than used and circulated pieces. Uncirculated coins are highly appreciated, and their value is usually high.

Good and very good coins have the lowest price as they have many scratches, stains, and marks. Their color is not that shiny but is a bit weak. When it comes to fine and very fine estimation, the Liberty’s hair should be at least two-thirds visible and recognizable.

1880 Morgan silver dollar value by CoinStudy, 9/6/2021

Coin Good quality Fine quality Extra fine quality Uncirculated
1880 Morgan dollar $23.5 $25 $27 $51.5
1880 S Morgan dollar $23.5 $23.5 $26 $47.5
1880 O Morgan dollar $25 $26 $28.5 $82.5
1880 CC Morgan dollar $98 $129 $185 $333

On the other hand, extremely fine grading means the Liberty face and the lines are well preserved, and the hair and ear lines are strong. In such a case, you will be happy to hear that you will almost double your money than for the well-rated coin.

Mint state 60 means the coin wasn’t in use. It sometimes has some surface marks or stains, but it is in excellent condition. Mint state 65 indicates that the coin wasn’t in circulation either, but it is in better condition than MS 60 ones. Its luster is always stronger, and it looks far better.

Morgan Silver Dollars Melting

The Big Melting is the crucial reason why Morgan silver dollars are so prestigious and valuable in the collectors’ world. To avoid baking bankruptcy and riots in India, the US Government decided to help Britain in 1918 to reverse the crisis.

They ordered the melting of 350 million silver dollars by Pittman Act on 22nd April 1918. Afterward, they sold silver to Britain for one dollar per 1 troy ounce (31.1 g). The melting made Morgan’s silver dollars rare.

Consequently, the Morgan silver dollar price raised in the collectors’ circles as they became difficult to find, especially those in fine condition.


Various factors affect the 1880 Morgan silver dollars price, so you should be careful when selling or buying. Some of them have sentimental value, but you can’t put the price on that. Nonetheless, these dollars are a valuable part of American history, and they will always be desirable collectibles.

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