How Much is a 1930 Wheat Penny Worth? (Price Chart)

The Lincoln penny has a 100-year history and is the first commemorative US Mint coin. Since the first piece was minted back in 1909, it has undergone several changes in appearance until now. As a result, this specimen’s price varies.

Several factors affect the 1930 penny value, but the mint mark and condition are crucial. As you can guess, the mintage significantly increases or decreases the coin price. Let’s see.

1930 Lincoln Penny History

Theodore Roosevelt, then US President, wanted to pay tribute to Abraham Lincoln’s birth centenary. Therefore, he decided to have the US Mint produce a commemorative penny with the murdered US President’s face.

1930 Lincoln penny

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1930 157,415,000
San Francisco 1930 S 24,286,000
Denver 1930 D 40,100,000
Total / 221,801,000

As early as 1905, the US Mint hired sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to redesign the new penny’s appearance. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1907, and his design remained unfinished. That is why the final work about the Lincoln penny came to Victor David Brenner, a German sculptor.

1930 Lincoln penny

Face value One cent ($0.01)
Compound 95% copper with tin and zinc
Coin thickness 0.07677 inches (1.95 mm)
Coin weight 0.10970 ounces (3.11 g)
Coin diameter 0.75 inches (19.05 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Plain

Brenner’s design shows Lincoln’s profile turned to the right. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is on the obverse upper rim, while the word LIBERTY and the date are on the profile’s left and right sides.

The sizable denomination ONE CENT is in the middle of the reverse. The inscription the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is placed below, and the Latin words E PLURIBUS UNUM are on the upper edge. Two wheat stalks extend on the coins’ rim, the right and left of the central composition.


1930 Lincoln Penny Types

Slightly more than 220 million Lincoln pennies came out of three different mints in 1930. It is enough to look for the mint mark on the obverse to distinguish three possible coin variants.

1930 Lincoln penny

1930 Lincoln penny

With 157,415,000 struck Lincoln pennies, the Philadelphia mint had the largest circulation that year. Specimens from this mint are without the mint mark on the obverse.

1930 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1930 1930 S 1930 D
Good $0.17 $0.22 $0.22
Very good $0.22 $0.28 $0.28
Fine $0.28 $0.33 $0.33
Very fine $0.56 $0.67 $0.62
Extra fine $1.42 $2 $2.8
AU $2.28 $6.64 $4.5
MS 60 $6.64 $11 $13
MS 63 $11 $13 $31

(USA Coin book)

Such a high mintage ensured these pennies’ significant presence in the current coin market. Consequently, their value is not high, and you should set aside about $0.5 for a specimen in good condition.

On the other hand, a coin with an MS 67 rating typically costs more than $1,200. The auction record is even higher since one dedicated collector paid $10,925 for the specimen in this grade.

1930 Lincoln penny value

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1930 $0.15 $0.25 $1.25 $2
1930 S $0.2 $0.3 $1.75 $6
1930 D $0.2 $0.3 $2.5 $4

(JM Bullion)

1930 S Lincoln penny

1930 S Lincoln penny

The San Francisco mint had the lowest Lincoln penny mintage that year, just 24,286,000 pieces. You can see an S mark under the date on the obverse, so you can quickly distinguish them from the other two coin types.

1930 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1930 1930 S 1930 D
Good $0.1 $0.2 $0.15
Very good $0.15 $0.25 $0.25
Fine $0.2 $0.4 $0.4
Very fine $0.5 $0.7 $0.8
Extra fine $1.5 $1.3 $1.85
Uncirculated $2.75 $5.75 $5
Brilliant uncirculated $5.25 $9.5 $13.25


When coming across the 1930 S Lincoln penny in good condition, it won’t cost you much, only $0.75. On the other hand, a specimen in an MS 67 grade is worth significantly more, around $10,000.

Even the auction record is higher than the Philadelphia specimen record. As much as $33,350 was set aside by a collector to buy a 1930 S Lincoln penny at the auction in 2004.

1930 D Lincoln penny

1930 D Lincoln penny

In 1930, 40,100,000 Lincoln pennies got the D mint mark to confirm they were minted in Denver. It was the second circulation that year. These coins have a higher value in the current coin market than the other two in the set, and you can find a piece in decent condition for $1.

1930 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1930 1930 S 1930 D
Good $0.14 $0.25 $0.34
Very good $0.17 $0.25 $0.34
Fine $0.33 $0.54 $0.54
Very fine $0.54 $0.91 $0.91
Extra fine $1.09 $16 $1.82
AU $4.48 / /
UNC $33 / /


Collectors appreciate pennies in the mint state, so those with an MS 67 rating can reach more than $6,300. The highest price won the coin in an MS 67+ grade after one collector paid $33,600 for it at the auction in 2020.


1930 Lincoln Penny Errors 

1930 Lincoln Penny Errors 

1930 Lincoln penny with missing letters

When dies became dirty and filled with grease or similar dirt, they couldn’t sharply strike letters. As a result, there was a lack of one or two letters in the inscriptions. The penny with such an error typically costs $100 to $250, sometimes even more.

1930 Lincoln Penny with die breaks or die cracks

Cracks or raised lines often occurred on pennies’ surfaces after the mint used the dies for a long, even after their damage. These coins’ value is not easy to determine because there are no established guidelines.

The rule of thumb is that the bigger the crack, the higher the cost. In most cases, their price range is from $10 to $25.

1930 doubled die Lincoln penny

Some coins with this error can be worth thousands of dollars, while others cost only a few bucks. That usually depends on how many of these specimens are available on the coin market.

No one knows how many 1930 doubled die Lincoln pennies in high grades still exist. If you are lucky enough to find such a specimen, its price will vary from $100 to $500, depending on its rarity.

1930 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1930 1930 S 1930 D
Very fine $0.5 $0.75 $1
Extra fine $1 $1 $1.5
Uncirculated $2 $6 $5
MS 60 $6 $15 $12
MS 63 $15 $25 $20
MS 64 $129 $42 $60
MS 65 $47 $104 $149
MS 66 $56 $253 $322
MS 67 $195 $10,000 $6,325

(Coin HelpU)

1930 off-center Lincoln penny

This error occurred when an empty coin slightly moved during minting, so the dies only partially struck it. Typically, the more design is missing, the higher the coin value. Some 1930 Lincoln penny off-center specimens can be worth more than $150.


1930 Lincoln Penny Grading

1930 Lincoln Penny Grading

When it comes to appraisal, collectors prefer having the job done by professional companies like PCGS or NGC. It is especially crucial for coins as old as the 1930 Lincoln penny.

On the other hand, you can estimate inexpensive coins like these yourself when the official confirmation is unnecessary. The best way to check a particular penny condition is by following officially established guidelines.

Uncirculated – You can be sure that the penny wasn’t in circulation when noticing a mint luster on its surface, and all the pronounced relief details are visible. For instance, the collar lines of Lincoln’s coat should be distinctly sharp, while the shirt lapel edge is still clearly defined.

1930 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1930 1930 S 1930 D
Good $0.1 to $0.25 $0.1 to $0.25 $0.1 to $0.25
Fine $0.25 to $0.5 $0.25 to $0.5 $ 0.25 to $0.5
Extra fine $0.5 to $1 $0.5 to $1 $1 to $1.5
AU $4+ $7+ $7+


Extra fine – This specimen was in circulation for a short time and didn’t suffer significant damage. Slight imperfections are barely visible to the naked eye, but you can notice a flattening of Lincoln’s coat collar after closer inspection. The best option is to use a magnifying glass to check the most delicate details.

Fine – This Lincoln penny was in circulation for a long time, and you can see significant imperfections on its surface. Even though the main relief details are still present, you can notice signs of wear on the President’s coat and hair. The inscriptions and the minting date are still legible.

1930 Lincoln penny value

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1930 $0.04 $0.29 $0.91 $3
1930 S $0.3 $0.37 $0.93 $4
1930 D $0.3 $0.35 $1.51 $7


Good – Most collectors avoid Lincoln pennies with this rating. Due to long-term circulation, you can detect numerous scratches, cracks, and relief flattening over its surface. For instance, Lincoln’s cheek and jaw are almost merged, and his hair details are missing. Still, most letters and the date are legible.



There are a few things to keep in mind when determining the 1930 Lincoln penny value. The most important is its condition because it is a close to 100 years old coin. Likewise, the mint mark significantly changes each specimen’s value, so you can expect that different types come with different prices.

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