How Much is a 1941 Nickel Worth? (Price Chart)

The US Mint began minting Jefferson nickels in 1938, and the production has continued until today. This coin replaced the Buffalo nickel that was too demanding for making due to the complicated design.

These five cents minted in 1941 had a large mintage of over 300,000,000, making them abundant on the current coin market. As a result, it is not difficult to find these pieces even in the mint state. Since 1941 nickel value is low, collectors typically look for uncirculated coins.

1941 Jefferson Nickel History

The Jefferson nickel was the third coin with a former American President image on the obverse, after Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

1941 Jefferson nickel

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1941 203,265,000
Philadelphia 1941 proof 18,720
Denver 1941 D 53,432,000
San Francisco 1941 S 43,445,000
Total / 300,160,720

The US Mint decided to replace Buffalo nickel and looked for a new five-cent design. As Thomas Jefferson‘s birth 200th anniversary in 1943 approached, contest participants had two design conditions to fulfill.

The first was to add Jefferson’s portrait on the obverse, while the second was to show Jefferson’s home Monticello on the coin reverse.

1941 Jefferson nickel

Face value 5 cents ($0.05)
Compound 75% copper plus nickel
Coin weight 0.1764 ounces (5 g)
Coin diameter 0.8346 inches (21.2 mm)
Coin thickness 0.0768 inches (1.95 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Plain

The winning work, which won a $1,000 prize, was sculptor Felix Schlag‘s design. This German immigrant to the US created a beautiful coin. However, the officials neither liked the letter’s appearance in the inscriptions nor the Monticello view from the angle. Therefore, Schlag needed to change the initial design.

1941 Jefferson nickel value*

Quality 1941 1941 D 1941 S
Good $0.1 $0.1 $0.1
Very good $0.17 $0.17 $0.17
Fine $0.22 $0.22 $0.22
Very fine $0.22 $0.3 $0.3
Extra fine $0.3 $0.45 $0.6
AU $0.6 $1.7 $1.7
MS 60 $0.85 $2.8 $3.3
MS 65 $13 $11 $13

*by USA Coin book

Schlag’s obverse design is simple. It shows Jefferson’s profile turned to the left. On the left side is a phrase IN GOD WE TRUST, while the inscription LIBERTY and the minting date are behind the portrait.

On the coin reverse is a presentation of the imposing Monticello house. Just below it is the inscription MONTICELLO, while the Latin phrase E PLURIBUS UNUM is written along the upper coin rim.

The legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA extends along the lower rim, and the denomination FIVE CENTS is above.


1941 Jefferson Nickel Types

In 1941, the US Mint minted 300,160,720 Jefferson nickels, including 18,720 proofs, in three mints:

  • Philadelphia
  • Denver
  • San Francisco

While the nickels from the Philadelphia mint didn’t have a mark, coins produced in the other two mints bearded the D or S mint mark.

1941 Jefferson nickel

1941 Jefferson nickel

The Philadelphia mint minted nickels in large quantities in 1941. The significant presence of these coins on the current market is a result of the high mintage of 203,265,000 coins that year.

1941 Jefferson nickel value*

Quality 1941 1941 D 1941 S
Good $0.06 $0.08 $0.08
Very good $0.08 $0.11 $0.11
Fine $0.09 $0.15 $0.15
Very fine $0.15 $0.35 $0.35
Extra fine $0.35 $0.5 $0.65
Uncirculated $0.5 $1.3 $1.65
MS 60 $1.3 $2.65 $3
MS 65 $2.25 $5.5 $6.25
PR 65 $120 / /

*by Hobbizine

Such a high number also affects the 1941 nickel value, and you can buy one in good condition for as little as $0.06. On the other hand, a specimen in MS 67 grade is more expensive and will cost you $81.

1941 proof Jefferson nickel

1941 proof Jefferson nickel

The 18,720 proof Nickels came out from the Philadelphia mint in 1941, making them very common and affordable on the coin market. The price ranges from $18 for a nickel with a PR 60 rating to $9,750 for a PR 68 graded coin.

1941 proof Jefferson nickel value*

Quality 1941
PR 60 $18 to $24.3
PR 61 $20 to $27
PR 62 $24 to $40.5
PR 63 $28 to $47.2
PR 64 $45 to $88
PR 65 $52 to $94
PR 66 $90 to $143
PR 67 $250 to $325
PR 68 $7,800 to $9,750

*by Greysheet

1941 S Jefferson nickel

1941 S Jefferson nickel

In 1941, the least Jefferson nickels came out from the San Francisco mint, only 43,445,000 pieces. However, that didn’t make those nickels more valuable than pieces minted in the other two mints.

1941 Jefferson nickel value*

Year Extra fine quality Uncirculated
1941 $0.3 $0.5
1941 D $0.4 $1.5
1941 S $0.5 $1.5

*by JM Bullion

Nickels in low grades typically reach an average price of $0.08 to $1.7. However, you should set aside $40 for a specimen with an MS 66 rating.

1941 D Jefferson nickel 

1941 D Jefferson nickel 

When you spot the D mark on your 1941 Jefferson nickel, you can be sure it is one of 53,432,000 coins from the Denver mint. This high production in 1941 makes this nickel numerous on the coin market today.

1941 Jefferson nickel value*

Quality 1941 1941 D 1941 S
Good $0.08 / $0.06
Very good $0.13 $0.26 $0.25
Fine $0.15 $0.26 $0.25
Very fine $0.2 $0.26 $0.6
Extra fine $0.3 $0.26 $0.6
AU $0.5 $0.26 /
UNC $1.8 $12 /

*by Numista

As you can guess, these nickels’ value is not significant. An average coin in decent condition is worth about $0.08 to $1.7, but you should pay $56 for a piece rated with MS 67.


1941 Jefferson Nickel Rarities and Key Dates

1941 Jefferson Nickel Rarities and Key Dates

1941 Jefferson nickel full steps

The 1941 Full Steps Jefferson nickel are coins with five or six steps at the entrance to Monticello shown on the coin reverse. They are scarce, and individual specimens can reach high prices.

1941 Jefferson nickel full step value*

Quality 1941 1941 D 1941 S
MS 64 $13.5 $10.8 $37.8
MS 65 $33.75 $20.25 $68
MS 66 $81 $40.5 $221
MS 67 $422 $10 $3,000
MS 68 / $6,250 /

*by Greysheet

1941 off-center Jefferson nickel error

The matrix strike outside the center is a frequent error on coins. If you find this error on your Jefferson nickel, you can count on its value ranging from $8 to $100.

1941 Doubled Die Jefferson nickel

There are several doubling nickels from 1941. However, none stand out with an error that significantly increases its value.


1941 Jefferson Nickel Grading

1941 Jefferson Nickel Grading

Although collectors usually ask for coins in the mint state, even circulating pieces can be in excellent condition and get a high rating. Undoubtedly, it is best to leave the coin condition valuation to professionals because it is still coins that are decades old.

1941 Jefferson nickel value*

Quality 1941 1941 D 1941 S
Uncirculated $0.5 $1 $1
MS 64 $17 $19 $48
MS 65 $21 $26 $59
MS 66 $104 $115 $546
PR 66 $69 / /
PR 67 $402 / /

*by CoinHelpU

On the other hand, you can make an approximate estimation yourself by checking a particular coin’s characteristics.

Uncirculated – As always, collectors prefer finding these coins. Since such a piece never circulated, you can see the original luster on its surface. Jefferson’s portrait details are clearly visible, especially his eyebrows and hair above his ear details.

1941 Jefferson nickel value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1941 $0.05 $0.05 $0.1 $3.73
1941 D $0.05 $0.05 $0.1 $5.67
1941 S $0.05 $0.05 $0.1 $6.5

*by CoinStudy

Extra fine – This condition indicates that the nickel was in circulation for a short time. You can see slight signs of wear on the coins rated in this way.

For instance, there is a slight flattening of protruding details on Jefferson’s portrait, such as hair and eyebrows. Still, the fine hair strands and Jefferson’s coat contours are distinctly visible.

Fine – This coin was in circulation for a long time, and you can see significant signs of wear on it. However, you can still notice the main relief elements, like pronounced contours of Jefferson’s face and coat.

On the other hand, you will see that the former President’s hair and eyebrows details are almost merged.

1941 Jefferson nickel value*

Quality 1941 1941 D 1941 S
Extra fine $0.7 $1.9 $2.15
AU $0.9 to $1.5 $3 to $3.71 $3.38 to $3.78
MS 60 $2.15 $4 $5.4
MS 61 $2.4 $4 $6.75
MS 62 $2.65 $5.4 $8.1
MS 63 $4 $6.75 $9.45
MS 64 $6.75 $8.1 $10.8
MS 65 $12.15 $9.45 $16.2
MS 66 $16.2 $18.9 $40.5
MS 67 $81 $54 /

*by Greysheet

Good – A coin in this low grade was in circulation for a long. You can notice numerous scratches and damage on its surface while the relief details are worn out.

Larger flat surfaces are visible, the main design elements are now contours, but the inscriptions and the date are still legible.



To accurately determine your 1941 Jefferson nickel value, you need first to define the coin type. Three mints minted nickels that year, and the mint mark sometimes affects their market value.

One of the key factors in determining value is the coin’s condition. However, even pieces in the mint state don’t have a significant price in this case.

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  1. I know they made a bunch of 41 I have been collecting for a while now I for got how many years. I love too roll hunt I have found many 41 . But I was roll hunting back off this I found a 41p it still has a cluster look but don’t get me wrong it has some ware to it. But on the back you can see all the steps I would never thought that but there is a little place that has hit the steps but I can count the steps. I don’t know what to do with this coin it still has it luster look front and back. All the details are on point even the date. But I think myself if something happens at the mint department it is a error you can see at the very top. This is just on the front a line that goes through the very top of the coin were a roll machine counting machine has hit it. I like it it gives the coin chacter and it is still in this kind of shape. I think what will make this coin different is all those steps you can see and you don’t need a scope to see it but it does make it look a lot better when you blow it up. I love the coin it is in my collection something that most people have looked for all their life and I have one. You should see the 64d I have found it will hurt your eyes when you look at it I have NGC wanting to look at it they want me to send it to them plus I am sure that it also has a repunchmintmark and it is beautiful never seen such sharp detail on a nickel and I been doing this for a long time I am interested in finding everything about this old coin and they are waiting for me to send it and I am afraid that it will get lost in the mail when I first saw it I thought it was a proof but I have some 63 proof very high grade probably a 69 grade I have two of them a old collter send them to me and told me to do what ever I wanted to do with them I have them put up in a safe place believe me and there were more some of the best wheat pennies you ever seen very high grade they have a Red and orange look beautiful I am telling you they are nice. I have All of these in a safe looked up I will put these coins in the right hands one day. Then I might just have them graded and put them in a auction one day look for a coin under Bentley that would be me see you all and have a great day happy hunting.

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