How Much is a 1947 Dime Worth? (Price Chart)

The Long-lasting Roosevelt dime series has been minted from 1946 to these days. Since people looked for a new coin with their favorite President on the obverse, the US Mint struck over 200 million pieces in 1947.

Many of these coins are preserved in the mint state and are typically inexpensive. The 1947 Dime value is only a few dollars, but the price can significantly vary, depending on the mint mark and grading. One rare specimen can reach $1,600, so you should be careful when finding such a piece.


1947 Roosevelt Dime History

1947 Roosevelt Dime History

After President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed away, the US Treasury Department offered Americans a new coin in his honor. Chief Engraver John Sinnock designed both the coin obverse and reverse, and it has been in use until these days without changes.

1947 Roosevelt dime

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1947 121,520,000
San Francisko 1947 S 34,840,000
Denver 1947 D 46,835,000
Total / 203,195,000

Three mints in Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco produced more than 200 million Roosevelt dimes in 1947. The mintage in Philly was almost two times higher than those in the other two mints combined.

The new design was accepted on 6 January 1946 and officially released on Roosevelt’s 64th birthday, on 30 January 1946. The first coins were made of silver, but the Coinage Act of 1965 changed that, and new clad pieces contained copper and nickel.

However, the US Mint started producing silver Roosevelt dimes one more time in 1992. They were a part of annual collectors sets with Kennedy half dollars and Washington quarters.

1947 Roosevelt dime

Face value $0.10 (10 cents)
Compound 90% silver – 10% copper
Coin weight 0.08038 troy ounces (2.5 g)
Silver weight 0.07234  troy ounces (2.25 g)
Coin diameter 0.70472 inches (17.9 mm)
Coin thickness 0.05315 inches (1.35 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Reeded

Like other dates in the series produced before 1965, the 1947 Roosevelt dimes contained pure silver. Besides Roosevelt’s image facing left, you can see inscriptions IN GOD WE TRUST and LIBERTY on the obverse.

The coin reverse is more complicated, with a torch wrapped by olive and oak branches on both sides, symbolizing peace and strength. The motto E PLURIBUS UNUM is struck among them, while the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA goes along the top coin rim. The denomination is placed on the bottom.


1947 Roosevelt Dime Types

1947 Roosevelt dime

1947 Roosevelt dime

With 121,520,000 produced Roosevelt dimes, the Philadelphia mint had the highest mintage in 1947. Coins in low grades are cheap nowadays, and you can buy them for $2 to $3.5.

1947 Roosevelt dime value

Quality 1947 1947 S 1947 D
Good $2.2 $2.2 $2.2
Very good $2.2 $2.2 $2.2
Fine $2.2 $2.2 $2.2
Very fine $2.2 $2.2 $2.2
Extra fine $2.3 $2.3 $2.3
AU $2.5 $2.6 $2.6
MS 60 $7.4 $7.4 $8
MS 65 $14 $14 $14

(USA Coin book)

Even specimens with an MS 67 rating won’t reach more than $40 at the coin market. However, that shouldn’t discourage you. One beautiful 1947 MS 68 Roosevelt dime was sold at Heritage auctions for $3,220 in 2005.

1947 proof Roosevelt dime

The Philadelphia mint struck the first proofs in 1950. Therefore, you can’t find this coin type in the 1947 set.

1947 S Roosevelt dime

1947 S Roosevelt dime

Even though the San Francisco mint produced the lowest number of Roosevelt dimes that year, 34,840,000 pieces are still considerable. Therefore, their price won’t significantly vary compared to the other two types.

1947 dime value*

Quality 1947 1947 S 1947 D
Extra fine $2.2 $2.2 $2.2
AU $2.2 $2.2 $2.2
MS 60 $2.24 $2.74 $2.24
MS 61 $2.24 $3 $2.24
MS 62 $2.24 $3.24 $2.24
MS 63 $3 $3.25 $4.5
MS 64 $4.50 $5 $6
MS 65 $10 $10 $9
MS 66 $16 $17 $20
MS 67 $40 $43 $45
MS 68 / $450 /

*by Greysheet

However, the things are different with the rare 1947 S MS 68 Roosevelt dime that typically costs about $450. One of these coins was paid $6,168.75 in 2012, and it still holds this auction record.

1947 D Roosevelt dime

1947 D Roosevelt dime

The Denver mint struck 46,835,000 Roosevelt dimes in 1947. Their average price is almost the same as pieces coming from Philadelphia. You can buy such a coin for $1.5 to $15, depending on the preservation levels.

1947 Roosevelt dime value

Year Quality
Fine Extra fine AU Uncirculated
1947 $1.65 $1.65 $1.65 $5.2
1947 S $1.65 $1.65 $1.65 $5.2
1947 D $1.65 $1.65 $1.65 $5.2


Surprisingly, one 1947 D MS 68 Roosevelt dime is the most costly in the series. It was sold for an unbelievably high price of $7,762 in 2009. That was an exciting day at auction indeed.


1947 Roosevelt Dime Variation

1947 Roosevelt Dime Variation

1947 Full Bands (Full Torch) Roosevelt dimes

The term Full Bands (Full Torch) is a way of describing the strike quality. As you can guess, collectors always tend to find top-notch coins without imperfections, so these pieces are always worth more than standard ones.

1947 Full Bands Roosevelt dime value*

Quality 1947 FB 1947 FB S 1947 FB D
MS 66 $25 $30 $50
MS 67 $175 $95 $175
MS 68 / $1,600 /

*by Greysheet

The 1947 Full Bands Roosevelt dimes are highly appreciated pieces with complete vertical lines running along the torch. Plus, you can see two sets of horizontal bands at the torch head and base. Only perfectly struck pieces have intact both horizontal and vertical lines without interruption.

1947 Roosevelt dime with the S/D mint mark

Thanks to over-polished and overused dies, the San Francisco mint struck dimes with shallow relief and blurry details. Nowadays, you can find a few known varieties, like doubled-die reverse dimes and those with the re-punched mint mark.

The most popular is the S/D mint mark variety, with the S letter struck over the existing D. Such a coin will be worth more than a standard 1947 S Roosevelt dime.


Market Analysis

Interestingly, this series is among the less popular in American coinage history. Even though Roosevelt was so popular and beloved President, it seems that collectors don’t like his coin. However, it has its admirers, and you can buy a set for a reasonable price if you are among them.

The complete date-mint set with 47 dimes will cost you only $140 to $370, depending on the coins’ condition. On the other hand, the full date set with 19 dimes can be yours for a modest $55 to $120.

Since 1947 Roosevelt dimes contain silver, they will never be entirely worthless. You can always get at least the current price of silver, even for pieces in the worst condition, making them an acceptable investment.


1947 Roosevelt Dime Grading

1947 Roosevelt Dime Grading

Typically, the 1947 Roosevelt dime will be worth more after a professional check. However, most low-rated pieces are too inexpensive, so it is an unprofitable procedure. In such a case, you can estimate your specimen yourself. Let’s see.

Uncirculated – The 1947 Roosevelt dime in the mint state wasn’t in circulation, so it looks nearly perfect. It is impossible to notice any signs of wear with the naked eye. Close inspection with a magnifying glass will show you a beautiful surface with original luster and no scratches.

1947 Roosevelt dime value

Quality 1947 1947 S 1947 D
Good $3.35 $3.35 $3.35
Very good $3.4 $3.4 $3.4
Fine $3.5 $3.5 $3.5
Very fine $3.6 $3.6 $3.6
Extra fine $3.7 $3.7 $3.7
AU $3.8 $3.8 $3.8
MS 60 $6.65 $4.75 $4.75
MS 65 $16.2 $14.3 $14.3


Extra fine – Although this piece spent a short period in circulation, it is not flawless anymore. It is hard for amateurs to notice tiny imperfections like fading the original luster, high relief areas flattening, and sporadic scratches.

You can see these changes only under a magnifying glass in most cases. The President’s neck below the ear and his hair strands are the first places to check.

Fine – The 1947 Roosevelt dime in this grade is mostly worn out after years in use. You can’t see significant damage on its surface, but the President’s image is faded now.

Additionally, high relief points are flattened, and most delicate details are missing. When looking at the neck area below the ear, you can see that it is smooth up to the throat base.

1947 Roosevelt dime value

Quality 1947 1947 S 1947 D
Good $1.2 / $1.6
Very good $1.5 $1.6 $1.65
Fine $1.5 $1.6 $1.7
Very fine $1.6 $1.6 $1.9
Extra fine $1.9 $1.7 $1.9
AU $2.6 $3.2 $3.5
Uncirculated $4.8 $7 $8.8


Good – After long-lasting circulation, this 1947 Roosevelt dime is worn out with numerous scratches on the surface. Some poorly preserved pieces are even bent and damaged.

In most cases, the President’s image is unclear and smooth, his hair strands are not visibly separated, and most inscriptions are barely legible. However, this coin will always be worth at least as much as the silver it contains.



Since 1947 was the second year of Roosevelt dimes minting, coins struck in that period are in the group of oldest specimens. However, their value is not high because over 200 million produced pieces make this popular coin readily available. Interestingly, collectors appreciate this coin, and you can find that most enjoy completing this series.

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