How Much is a 1959 Quarter Worth? (Price Chart)

The Washington quarter composition and the reverse design have changed several times from 1932 until these days. However, the 1959 issue differs from the initial, bicentennial commemorative Quarter, only by the date.

The Philadelphia and Denver mints struck 87,587,523 quarters in 1959. This massive number includes over a million proof coins. That means finding this coin in top grade is not a hassle like other dates. Let’s discuss the 1959 Quarter value, depending on its grading.

1959 Quarter History

The US Mint started with the Washington quarters in 1932 when the Great Depression brought the American nation to its knees. Many businesses failed, families lost their homes, and nobody had any money in those times.

1959 Quarter

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1959 24,384,000
Philadelphia 1959 proof 1,149,291
Denver 1959 D 62,054,232
Total / 87,587,523

The US Mint has announced a competition to design a new half dollar with the image of the first American President, George Washington. Laura Gardin Fraser designed the winning coin.

Still, the US Treasure decided to go with John Flanagan‘s design. Since the model was not alive, the designer used Jean Antoine Houdon’s bust of George Washington as a model.

1959 Quarter

Face value $0.25
Compound Silver (90%) and copper (10%)
Coin weight 0.20094 troy ounces (6.25 g)
Silver weight 0.18085 troy ounces (5.625 g)
Coin thickness 0.06889 inches (1.75 mm)
Coin diameter 0.95512 inches (24.26 mm)
Edge Reeded
Shape Round

Once the US Mint accepted the Flanagan coin idea, Congress changed the Quarter denomination, thus saving Walking Liberty half dollar from going to history. The Washington quarter was a success, and the American nation loved it.

1959 Quarter value*

Quality 1959 1959 D
Good $6.1 $6.1
Very good $6.1 $6.1
Fine $6.1 $6.1
Very fine $6.1 $6.1
Extra fine $6.1 $6.1
AU $7 $7
MS 60 $8.2 $8.2
MS 65 $29 $29
PR 63 $12 /

*by USA Coin book

The Washington quarter reverse design was changed several times until today, but the coin minted in 1959 still features the original bald eagle, the US national bird. There are two olive branches beneath it, along with the QUARTER DOLLAR denomination.

1959 Quarter value*

Year Extra fine quality Mint state
1959 $7 $8
1959 D $7 $8

*by JM Bullion

Another traditional element above the eagle is the motto E PLURIBUS UNO, while words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA surround the eagle’s spread wings.

Besides President’s bust on the obverse side, you can see the issue date. Beneath Washington’s chin is the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST, and a word LIBERTY on the coin top.


1959 Quarter Types

The Washington quarter collection has become one of the longest-running series in the US numismatic history. The 1959 Quarter has the same silver composition as the rest of Washington quarters up to 1965.

1959 Quarter value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1959 $3.8 $3.8 $3.8 $4.9
1959 D $3.8 $3.8 $3.8 $4.9

*by CoinStudy

Each contains 90% silver or 0.18085 troy ounces (5.625 g) of pure silver with a melt value higher than its denomination. The silver price fluctuates, and the current melt value of this coin is $4.16.

1959 Quarter

1959 Quarter

In 1959, total quarters mintage reached 87,587,523, and the Philadelphia mint produced less than a third of that amount. The total number of coins struck for circulation was 24,384,000.

1959 Quarter value*

Quality 1959 1959 D
Very good $5 $5
Fine $5 $5.1
Very fine $5.1 $5.2
Extra fine $5.2 $6.4
AU $6.4 $9.8
MS 63 $9.8 $30
MS 65 $30 $5

*by WashingtonQuarters

You can’t find any mint mark on any of these coins, and their value is around $5. Many beginner numismatics start the collection with the Washington quarters in very fine grade since they are affordable and often well-preserved.

1959 proof Quarter

1959 proof Quarter

The 1959 proof Quarter value is not as high as you can expect for the perfectly preserved coin. They never circulated because the Philadelphia mint struck them for collectors only, so you won’t have any problem finding one on the market.

1959 Quarter value*

Quality 1959 proof
PR 60 $5.8
PR 61 $5.8
PR 62 $5.8
PR 63 $6.1
PR 64 $6.8
PR 65 $13.5
PR 66 $27
PR 67 $40.1
PR 68 $54
PR 69 $115

*by Greysheet

Since 1,149,291 proofs were minted this year, even the MS 65 1959 proof Quarter is worth only $13. By comparison, there were 3,837 proof Quarters in 1936, and the piece in MS 65 grade costs around $1,000.

1959 D Quarter

1959 D Quarter

The San Francisco struck the last Washington quarter in 1954. So, the Denver mint took over the primary role in coin mintage in the following years. It produced 62,054,232 Washington quarters in 1959.

Each of these coins has the D mint mark you can effortlessly find on the coin reverse, right under the eagle.


1950 Quarter Key Dates and Rarities

Any massive coin production results in struck errors and damaged coins. As I have already mentioned, the 1959 Denver quarter exceeded 62 million coins, leading to the dies overusing. As a result, you can find many double die specimens nowadays.

1959 Quarter value*

Quality 1959 1959 D
Very good $4 $4
Very fine $6 $6
Extra fine $6 $6
AU 50 $6 $6
AU 58 $8 $8
MS 63 $10 $15
MS 65 $15 $19
PR 64 $15 /
PR 65 $30 /

*by COIN HelpU

Collectors occasionally find an over-punched or double-struck 1959 D Quarters. Still, an absolute pleasure is seeing the 1959 Quarter type B, especially with the D mint mark.

These coins have a proof-like luster on the reverse, and a few design details distinguish them from the typical Quarter A type, like:

  • There is a larger space between letters E and S in word STATES
  • Leaves under the eagle touch A in DOLLAR, and the same happens with the U in QUARTER
  • A leaf overlaps the branch under the bird

1959 Quarter value*

Quality 1959 1959 D
Good $8.1 $8.1
Very good $8.3 $8.3
Fine $8.6 $8.6
Very fine $8.8 $8.8
Extra fine $9.1 $9.1
Uncirculated $9.5 $9.5
Brilliant uncirculated $20.1 $20.1

*By Hobbizine

The B type reverse increases the Quarter value since it is hard to find this coin for sale. One 1959 MS 66 Quarter with the B type reverse reached $900 at auction.


1959 Quarter Grading

1959 Quarter Grading

If you have a 1959 coin, you will discover that its value primarily depends on the condition. There is no significant difference in price between Philadelphia and Denver Quarters for this date.

Grading depends on detail sharpness, luster presence, damage on the coin surface, or lack of it. Any coin dealer will closely inspect your 1959 Quarter before declaring it for a particular grade.

Uncirculated – The coin surface is intact, and there is no wear traces or scratches since it never went in circulation. Fine lines around the President’s ear and cheek kept their original shine, and there is no flatness.

High relief areas on the eagle’s wings and claws are undamaged, and you can clearly recognize the olive branches. The original texture is preserved, and there are no smooth parts.

1959 Washington Quarter value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1959 $3.3 to $3.5 $3.3 to $3.5 $3.5 to $3.8 $5+
1959 D $3.3 to $3.5 $3.3 to $3.5 $3.5 to $3.8 $5+

*by Coinflation

Extra fine – You can quickly notice light wear traces around Washington’s neck and hair. The same goes for the eagle feathers on the reverse. Still, the olive branches are visible, and the letter edges are intact.

Since people used this coin for transactions for a limited period, you can see that the rim is slightly smooth. Plus, there are probably several scratches or discoloration on the surface. Yet, this Quarter is in great shape, and its design is mostly preserved.

Fine – If your 1959 Quarter generally seems faded and smooth, it will probably earn a fine gradation. The clear lines defining President’s cheek, nose, and eyes are gone. The reverse side is almost flat, but you can still read engravings and distinguish the eagle figure.

1959 Quarter value*

Quality 1959 1959 D
Good $5.9 $5.9
Very good $5.9 $5.9
Fine $5.9 $5.9
Very fine $5.9 $5.9
Extra fine $5.9 $5.9
AU $5.9 $5.9
MS 60 $6 $6
MS 61 $6 $6
MS 62 $6 $6
MS 63 $6.2 to $7.5 $6.2 to $7.5
MS 64 $7.5 to $10.2 $7.5 to $10.2
MS 65 $16.2 to $20.3 $16.2 to $20.3
MS 66 $43.2 to $61 $68 to $94
MS 67 $1,250 to $1,620 $1.380 to $1,750

*by Greysheet

Good – The vital indicator of a good-graded coin is the rim merging with the coin surface. All the letters lost sharpness around the edges, and their tops are worn out and connected to the rim.

Plus, the President bust became one smooth area with almost no details in hair or face. The tops of the eagle’s wings blend with the coin field.



Only two US Mints produced Washington quarters in 1959. The Denver mint struck most of the coins, including double die and pre-punched errors. Remember that 1959 Quarters with the B type reverse are scarce and worth much more than regular coins.

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