How Much is an 1964 Silver Dime Worth? (Price Chart)

In 1964, the US Mint produced the last regular-issue Roosevelt dimes containing 90% silver. Since silver prices skyrocketed in those times, the demand for these coins increased, causing their shortage in circulation. In an attempt to make up for the deficit, mints in Philadelphia and Denver produced about 2 billion dimes that year.

Nowadays, the 1964 Dime value will primarily depend on its condition, but even the worst pieces will be worth at least as much as silver costs on the precious metals market. However, you should add collector value to high-quality specimens. Let’s take a look.

1964 Roosevelt Dime Types

Chief engraver John R. Sinnock designed Roosevelt dimes only a year after the beloved American President passed away. The US Mint started this long-running series’ production in 1946.

During the initial period from 1946 to 1964, these coins contained 90% silver, but it was changed in 1965. From this year, the US Mint started copper-nickel dimes production that has continued until these days.

1964 Roosevelt dime

Location Year Minted Value
Philadelphia 1964 929,360,000 $3
Philadelphia 1964 proof 3,950,762 $4
Denver 1964 D 1,357,517,180 $3
Total / /

This silver coin series is pretty common nowadays, with only a few challenging surprises, including the 1964 D doubled die reverse variety.

Besides, the Full Bands Roosevelt dimes are highly appreciated regardless of date. They have uninterrupted horizontal lines on the bands positioned over the torch on the coin reverse.

1964 Roosevelt dime

Face value ($0.10 (10 cents)
Compound 90% 0.999 silver with added 10% copper
Coin weight 0.08038 troy ounces (2.5 g)
Silver weight 0.07234 troy ounces (2.25 g)
Coin diameter  inches (17.91 mm)
Coin thickness 0.05315 inches (1.35 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Reeded

The term Dime is based on the French word ‘disme,’ meaning tenth part or tithe. You can find two types struck in 1964:

  • Dimes minted in Philadelphia without a particular mint mark on the coin reverse
  • Dimes produced in the Denver mint with the mint mark placed at the torch base

Like all minted silver dimes since 1792, those have reeded edges to prevent clipping along the rim. You can see Roosevelt’s profile facing left on the obverse, ‘looking’ at the inscription LIBERTY. There is also the motto IN GOD WE TRUST and the date placed below his portrait.

1964 Roosevelt dime value*

Quality 1964 1964 D 1964 D doubled die reverse
Good $1.9 $1.9 $6.1
Very good $1.9 $1.9 $10.4
Fine $1.9 $1.9 $14
Very fine $1.9 $1.9 $27
Extra fine $1.9 $1.9 $34
AU $2 $2 $82
MS 60 $3.17 $3.17 $110
MS 65 $7 $7 $166
Proof $4.2 / /

*by USA Coin book

The reverse is beautiful with a torch in the center, surrounded by olive and oak branches on the sides. Between these symbols signifying peace and strength is written a Latin proverb E PLURIBUS UNUM.

Above is the inscription of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, with the denomination placed below the composition.


1964 Roosevelt dime

The 1964 year was critical in the Roosevelt dime production, with 929,360,000 pieces struck only in the Philadelphia mint. That was also the last year of the silver era, but the US Mint retained a date on coinage produced outside the calendar year.

1964 Roosevelt dime value*

Year Extra fine quality Mint state quality
1964 $2 /
1964  D $2 /

*by JM Bullion

The high number of silver coins minting resulted in their retaining as saving, making 1964 the bullion year. Nowadays, most dimes produced between 1960 and 1964 are used in trading based on their bullion silver value.

1964 proof Roosevelt dime

1964 proof Roosevelt dime

If you have one of 3,950,762 minted proofs, you can expect to get at least $4 for it. Interestingly, some of these pieces have slight variations in the number 9 tail in the date.

Pieces minted at the beginning of this year have a pointed tail, but it became blunted in coins produced later. You can sometimes notice that in regular dimes, as well. Even though those variations are interesting, both coin types’ prices are the same.

1964 D Roosevelt dime

1964 D Roosevelt dime

Dimes produced in the Denver mint have the D mint mark struck on its reverse. The record 1,357,517,180 pieces mintage classifies this coin among abundant pieces on the market.

1964 Roosevelt dime value*

Year Good quality Fine quality Extra fine quality Uncirculated quality
1964 $1.5 $1.5 $1.5 $1.9
1964  D $1.5 $1.5 $1.5 $1.9

*by CoinStudy

Therefore, you can buy a circulated specimen at the price of silver it contains. You can find a dime of average quality for $3, but the collectible coins in top condition can reach a premium value.


1964 Roosevelt Dime Rarities and Key Dates

1964 D double die error

1964 D double die error

Every dedicated dime collector will look for the famous doubled die reverse error coin minted in Denver this year. It is known for wider letters overlapping each other on the coin reverse. It can appear in words:

  • United States of America
  • E Pluribus Unum
  • One Dime

Typically, the most noticeable doubling is in the denomination. Remember that this error can vary, so you can sometimes have difficulties noticing it. As you can guess, the coin value will be higher when the doubling is stronger and more prominent.

Such a dime is worth at least $35 in extra fine condition, but you can get up to $100 for a specimen in an MS 63 grade. The 1964 D MS 65 double die error often reaches $160.

1964 Roosevelt dime value*

Quality 1964 1964 D
Good $3.3 $3.3
Very good $3.4 $3.4
Fine $3.5 $3.5
Very fine $3.6 $3.6
Extra fine $3.7 $3.7
AU $3.8 $3.8
MS 60 $4.3 $4.3
MS 65 $8.1 $8.1
Proof 65 $7.6 /

*by Hobbizine

1964 Copper-nickel clad Roosevelt dime

As you have already known, 1964 was the last year when the US Mint produced silver dimes. Minting copper-nickel clad pieces started the following year.

However, a few transitional error coins that appeared in that period can be worth a few thousand dollars on the coin market. These rare specimens weigh approximately 0.08007 ounces (2.27 g), so the quickest way to recognize them is weighing.


1964 Roosevelt Dime Grading

1964 Roosevelt Dime Grading

Even though the best option to grade any coin is to have it professionally checked, you can roughly estimate your specimen by yourself.

However, be careful with rare variations since you can overlook valuable slight overlapping on the coin reverse and consequently lose money.

Uncirculated – The 1964 Roosevelt dime in the mint state didn’t spend a minute in circulation. After keeping it in a safe place for years, such a coin has preserved original luster and delicate texture, plus it has no signs of wear. The entire surface is intact, including the highest points, like Roosevelt’s hair.

1964 Roosevelt dime value*

Quality 1964 1964 D
Extra fine $2.3 $2.3
AU $2.3 $2.3
MS 60 $2.3 $2.3
MS 61 $2.3 $2.3
MS 62 $2.3 $2.3
MS 63 $2.4 $2.4
MS 64 $3.7 $3.7
MS 65 $9.4 $9.4
MS 66 $16.2 $17.5
MS 67 $88 $68

*by Greysheet

Extra fine – This coin spent limited time in use so that you can notice slight signs of wear on its surface. Even though it is in excellent condition, you will see a dull grey tone over the design’s high points.

The first place to look is Roosevelt’s hair since the fine lines lose fine details first. On the other hand, most elements are still evident, including raised hair waves and contour above the ear.

Fine – These Roosevelt dimes spent months or even years in circulation, but the signs of wear are not so heavy. As always, the highest parts of the design are most affected, but you can still enjoy this coin beauty.

1964 Roosevelt dime value*

Quality 1964 proof 1964 proof with cameo-contrast surfaces 1964 proof with deep cameo-contrast surfaces
MS 60 $4 / /
MS 61 $4 / /
MS 62 $4 / /
MS 63 $5.4 / /
MS 64 $5.4 / /
MS 65 $5.4 $8.1 $10.8
MS 66 $10.8 $13,5 $16.2
MS 67 $16.2 $18.9 $21.6
MS 68 $18.9 $21.6 $33.7
MS 69 $24.3 $35.1 $88
MS 70 $162 / /

*by Greysheet

Good – Unfortunately, this is the lowest grade for a collectible coin. Such a dime spent years in use so that you can see plenty of worn parts and the flattening below the President’s eye and jawline.

Sometimes, you can find pieces with chipping, scratching, or scraping over the surface. However, even such coins are worth money, thanks to the silver content.


Market Analysis

As I have already mentioned, 1964 Roosevelt dimes are the last minted pieces containing silver. Since these coins have spent a long time in circulation, most are only worth the bullion value.

Even though they can be an excellent investment, a better option is to find a collectible specimen and wait for its value to increase, which is inevitable over time.



The US Mint produced millions of silver Roosevelt dimes in 1964, so their value is not exceptionally high. However, you can always get some money thanks to the precious metal content, although the piece you have is in the worst possible condition.

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