Frequently Asked Questions and Rental Policies

Shown below are our Rental Policies as outlined in our Client Agreement and your frequently asked questions. Should you wish to see our full Client Agreement prior to booking rentals or services with us, or you don’t see your question below, send us a message or call us at (971) 373-6203, as we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Rental Policies

Inventory Viewings
In order to provide the best service possible, all of our inventory viewings are by appointment only and are scheduled for 1 hour. As our staff is limited, we kindly ask that you have an event date and venue booked prior to meeting with us in person.

So that we can be sure to give you our full attention, we ask that you limit your party to 3 or less adults. While we love children, our warehouse is full of fragile items that are like bright, shiny, new objects to little hands.

We understand there may be a need for table mock-ups and design consultations which may include other wedding professionals. Our design consults with the owner are available for $150 per hour.

To make the scheduling process easier for you, you may click here to schedule your viewing with us.

Rental Order Minimums
We have the following rental minimums:

  • June 1st – October 31st: $500 will-call rental minimum and a $800 delivery rental minimum (quoted separately).
  • November 1st – May 31st: $300 will-call rental minimum and a $650 delivery rental minimum (quoted separately).
To confirm and reserve your rental items:

  • A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to reserve items on your proposal as well as an e-signed client agreement and a non-refundable “picture perfect guarantee” equal to 10% of your rental order.
  • We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash, or check made payable to Something Borrowed Portland.

Please note: a proposal does not guarantee the availability of your rental items and is only confirmed once payment is received.

If you’re ready to place an order, great! Call or contact us to get started.

Rental Period
We’ve priced each piece individually allowing you to mix and match furniture, upholstered seating and tabletop decor. Our rates are assessed “per event”, which we consider to be a maximum of 72 hours, allowing for a day of delivery and setup, a full day for the event and a day for take-down and return.

If you need the items longer than 72 hours, longer-term rates are available upon request and may be eligible for an extended rental discount. However, you will need to let us know in advance as late returns are subject to additional charges.

Unless you have confirmed your order, prices are subject to change at anytime.

Changes and Cancellations
We know that you may have changes to your order, especially if reserving early. Should you wish to cancel a portion of your rental items or make substitutions, please note the following:

  • Your retainer is non-refundable regardless of when the notice of cancellation is given.
  • For order cancellations made less than 60 days prior to your event date, you are responsible for an additional payment equal to 50% of the remaining balance.
  • There are no refunds to cancel or substitute rental items less than 30-days prior to your date. At your 30-day mark, you are responsible for payment of the full balance.
  • Rental items may be removed or exchanged so long as your rental order does not decrease by more than 20% and changes are made greater than 30 days prior to your event date.
  • You may continue adding items up until a week prior to your event date. An additional retainer may be required.

NOTE: If you do wish to change your order after confirming with your payment &/or Agreement, you may do so up to two (2) separate occasions. Each additional order change is subject to a $25 change fee.

Rush Orders
When new rental orders are requested 7 days or less prior to your event, our team must prioritize their schedule, often taking them away from other projects or clients or coming in on scheduled days off. Because of the increase in last minute rental requests, we have had to implement a rush order fee so that we can prep, pull, and pack your order in a timely manner while not sacrificing on the high level of customer service we provide to all clients.

  • Any rental request received 7 days or less prior to your event date are subject to a 20% rush order fee applied to your subtotal of your rentals or a flat $50, whichever is greater.
  • Any orders finalized within 7 days of your event date must be paid with cash or credit card.
Preparing for your event can be time consuming, so we can ease some of the stress by offering to deliver your selected items within the greater Portland area including Vancouver, Hood River and the Oregon Coast. Rental order minimums for delivery are $650 (November 1st – May 31st) or $800 (June 1st – October 31st). Delivery fees start at $189 and are determined by the distance traveled, total size of your order, labor involved, times requested for delivery and/or pickup, and any venue restrictions.

Delivery fees include:

  • The time and labor involved in packing the delivery vehicle prior to your event;
  • Driving to your venue;
  • Delivering all rental items on your order;
  • Setting up all large furnishings and tables such as our Chehalis farm tables (attaching the legs), Harvest modern tables (attaching the legs), our Sawyer wood wall and birch chuppah;
  • Driving back to the Something Borrowed warehouse;
  • Returning to your venue to pick up rental items at the end of your event;
  • Driving back to the Something Borrowed warehouse;
  • Time and labor to unload the delivery vehicle and place items back into our warehouse.

Delivery charges do NOT include:

  • Set-up (including placement or folding/unfolding of chairs);
  • Styling of small rental items such as tabletop decor;
  • Dismantling of your event.

Styling services and/or any on-site setup/teardown must be reserved separately.

Delivery fees assume the rental items are being placed in one level area within 25 feet from the delivery vehicle. Failure to notify us of delivery conditions may result in additional delivery fees including:

  • Delivery or pick-up of orders that are further than 25 feet from the delivery vehicle;
  • Delivery involves carrying items up or down stairs;
  • Delivery or pickups made outside our regular business hours of 8:00am to 10:00pm.

Other important delivery policies include:

  • Deliveries and/or retrievals made between 10pm and 8am are subject to an after-hours fee.
  • We require a 2-hour window of time to both deliver and retrieve items.
  • Any deliveries and/or pickups requiring a smaller window of time including an exact arrival time are subject to an additional fee.
  • All rental items must be prepared and ready for pickup including:
    • Tables fully wiped down and clear of all flowers, decor, linens, glassware, china and flatware;
    • No guests seated in chairs, sofas, or benches;
    • Smaller rental items MUST be packed in their original packing and gathered in one central location.
  • If an event space is not ready for delivery or your event runs over time and rental items are not ready for pickup at the agreed upon time, you will be charged $1 for each minute of waiting time.
  • If a delivery and/or pickup attempt is made within the allotted time but we are unable to access your venue or an onsite contact, additional delivery fees will be assessed in cases where we need to return for a 2nd delivery/pickup. This includes:
    • Venue doors are locked/not accessible;
    • Your venue is unattended and no one is available to sign for the delivery;
    • Rental items are not found/not in one central location.
  • Additionally, rental items will NOT be delivered to an outdoor location to be left in the rain. A backup rain plan such as a tent or other covered/indoor area must be established in advance. Something Borrowed reserves the right to cancel the delivery without prior notice should an adequate location not be available.

If any of the above procedures are not followed, your credit card on file will be charged accordingly.

Will-Call Orders
If you have proper transportation for your order, you or a designate may pick up your selected items from our warehouse at 6635 N Baltimore Ave., Suite 121, Portland, OR 97203. We do not allow any upholstered sofas, loveseats or settees to be picked up (armchairs are okay but can only be picked up with a fully enclosed vehicle).

Your order will be packed and ready for you at the time of pickup, however, we ask you come prepared with blankets to wrap and cushion larger pieces as well as straps to secure your load and keep rental items in place. We require that you return all original packaging materials such as crates, dish racks and even bubble wrap. Failure to do so may result in replacement fees. Although we have staff onsite to help assist in getting items to your vehicle, you should be prepared to load your own vehicle.


Here are a few policies around how we handle damages:

  • Rental items are your responsibility from delivery (or will-call) to their their pick-up (by us) or return.
  • Replacement fees vary from item to item but is generally 4-8 times the rental rate. However, some items have a higher replacement fee of up to 10 times the rental rate.
  • Any missing items will be invoiced for replacement.
  • In cases of excessive spills or stains on upholstered seating, you will only be charged the professional cleaning fee and any time away from the inventory (only on orders we’re not able to fulfill). Upholstered seating cleaning fees start at $125. However, we have had all of our upholstered seating professionally “MicroSealed”, which is 10x stronger than ScotchGuard.

Keep in mind, we also charge replacement fees for any packing equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Plastic crates – $20-$25 each
  • Dish racks (used to store goblets and votive candles) – $55
  • Buckets (used to hold flatware) – $10

Damaged or missing items must be reported to Something Borrowed prior to the event or the items are considered received and in good condition.

Use of Rentals Outdoors
Summertime in Oregon is prime season for outdoor weddings and events. While we do allow our items, including upholstered seating, to be used outdoors, we do ask that you follow these policies so that rental items do not get damaged from inclement weather, animals or sprinkler systems:

  • Rental items must NOT be left outside overnight regardless of what the weather forecast may be. Sometimes your sprinkler system may kick on or the occasional critter may decide to take up home on rental items, so it’s a good rule of thumb to always bring pieces back into a garage or other secure location.
  • If placing rugs outside, it is strongly recommended to place a tarp or drop cloth under the rugs so that they don’t get wet or stained from the grass.
Styled Shoots
We participate in styled shoots but due to the number of requests, issues with crediting, and damaged items, we’ve had to implement a few policies around doing them:

  • A 25% re-stocking fee and signed contract on any orders (this is 25% of the rental rate) with a $50 minimum. This allows us to pay our employees for their time in pulling, prepping, cleaning and restocking orders.
  • An electronically signed Styled Shoot Agreement is required.
  • All items must be picked up and returned to us with proper transportation (ie: a fully enclosed vehicle if transporting any furniture).
  • We are to have access to both web and high resolution images no greater than 3 months (90 days) after the shoot takes place, regardless of whether or not it’s been published. We are happy to wait on publishing images via a blog post or social media, but this helps us make sure we’re receiving images in a timely manner as we often will use the images for product images on our website.
  • We must be the only specialty/eclectic rental company involved in the shoot (major party rental companies such as the Party Place, Barclays, etc. are excluded).
  • Detailed shots both without and/or with a model are requested. While we love “the bigger picture”, we’re unable to use these on our website for product shots. Examples include: a photo of a cake pedestal on a table (close-up of the stand) or have a model hold the cake/pedestal; individual place setting; close-up of goblets; individual photo of vase(s). We’re happy to provide more details or samples if needed.
  • Proper credit is required for any photo used showcasing our pieces via social media/blog post. This may be in the form of a link back to our website or tag via social media (ie: Facebook/Instagram).

To fulfill your styled shoot request, simply send us a message with the specifics of your shoot including a list of items you are interested in. We’ll then email you a proposal and Styled Shoot Agreement.

Candle Use
While we love the look and warmth a real (wax) candle emits, they are not always feasible with some of our delicate rental items.

  • Open flame wax candles are not permitted with any of our votives, hurricanes or lanterns unless they are fully enclosed (flame and wax) in a votive insert (provided by us) or other protective container. This helps to ensure candle wax does not drip on either furnishings or leave wax inside the votive, hurricane or lantern. An example of the type of wax candles we allow are shown below.

votive candles

  • We do allow taper candles in our candelabra’s or brass candle holders, but we strongly recommend you use “dripless” candles to minimize dripped wax.
  • Candles of any type, aside from battery operated candles, are never permitted in our antique mason jars as they may explode.
  • If candle wax is found on any rental item, you are subject to cleaning fees equivalent to the full rental rate for each item found with wax. If we deem the wax difficult to remove or if wax is inside any mercury glass votive or hurricane, a replacement fee up to 5 times the rental rate will be charged to the credit card on file.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

How does this all work?
Once you have booked your event date and venue, it’s time to start thinking about your decor. Your venue (and season) play such a large role in determining what rental items you may need so while it might be tempting to book early, it is strongly advised you have both of these in place prior to meeting with us. Some venues provide decor pieces or have such beautiful grounds that you might not need certain items such as tables or chairs.
How much will everything cost?
Our rental items are priced individually allowing you the freedom to mix and match. Full pricing is shown on each inventory item from our collection online. We are currently working on rental packages which will help take the guesswork out of which pieces work best with each other, saving you valuable time.
Do you have an order minimum?
Yes, due to our limited and seasonal staff, rental and delivery minimums apply on all orders. This ensures we give each of our clients the best customer service possible, without stretching our small staff too thin.

Our rental minimums are as follows:

  • June 1st – October 31st: $500 will-call rental minimum and a $850 delivery rental minimum (quoted separately).
  • November 1st – May 31st: $300 will-call rental minimum and a $650 delivery rental minimum (quoted separately).
If we don't want delivery, can we pick up our rental items?
Yes, if you have proper transportation for your order, you or a designate may pick up your selected items from our warehouse at 6635 N Baltimore Ave., Suite 121, Portland, OR 97203. We do not allow upholstered sofas, loveseats or settees to be picked up from our warehouse. Armchairs can be picked up, so long as you have a fully enclosed vehicle.

Please also come prepared with blankets for keeping larger furnishings safe during transit and straps to keep rental items secure.

How far in advance should I reserve items?
As early as you can and after you book your venue, as most of our pieces are one-of-a-kind and in high demand. If your event is during our peak season from June to September, we recommend reserving at least 6 to 9 months in advance for best availability. Early reservations are always advisable. Any rental requests within 7 days of your event date will be considered a rush order and incur additional fees so that we can process your order on time.
How do I reserve items from your inventory?
To reserve an item, browse through our Inventory. Complete our reservation form with the list of items you wish to rent, along with the quantity and your event date. Once we receive your reservation request and confirm availability of your requested items, we will email you our client agreement and electronic invoice with a link to pay via credit/debit card. If items requested on your order are not available, we will contact you to discuss alternatives.
Do you require a deposit?
A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to reserve your requested items. Final payment is processed 14 days prior to your event date.

All orders also require a “picture perfect guarantee” fee equal to 10% of your rental order. This fee is non-refundable.

If you’re ready to place an order, great! Call or contact us to get started.

Can I change my order after my initial request?
We know that you may have changes to your order, especially if reserving early. Should you wish to cancel a portion of your rental items or make substitutions, the total fee shall not decrease by more than 20% of your total rental fees.

You may make up to two separate order changes, but each additional change thereafter is subject to a $25 change fee. If adding items to your rental list, you may be required to remit an additional 50% retainer for the added items.

There are no refunds to cancel or substitute items less than 30 days prior to your event date. Keep in mind that our rentals are one-of-a-kind and may not be available for your date.

What happens if I break or lose something?
We understand accidents happen. Trust us, we’ve had our fair share of dropping a precious medicine bottle, or cracking a vintage cake pedestal. Many of our items are one-of-a-kind, so we ask that you ensure they are secure at all times and protected from the weather.

Replacement fees vary from item to item but is generally 4-8 times the rental rate. However, some items have a higher replacement fee of up to 10 times the rental rate. Damaged or missing items are charged to the card we have on file.

What is styling?
Styling is the process of making your wedding or event look just as you want it to based on your theme, colors or the environment you want to create for your guests, brand or personal style. We focus on the overall aesthetics from centerpieces to ceremony decor and everything in between. We help guide your decisions so everything fits cohesively together. We look at the big picture, such as your theme or colors, and work through the details to make it all magazine worthy.


I'm working on a styled shoot for publication, can we borrow items from you?
Yes, we do loan items from our collection for approved industry photo shoots. However, due to the number of requests we receive on a monthly basis, a 25% restocking fee (or $50 minimum) and e-signed Styled Shoot Agreement is required for all requests. All other rental policies outlined above must be adhered to.

If you have an idea in mind and are in need of a stylist, please email us the details of your shoot including vendors involved, estimated date, inspiration board and any rental items you are interested in. We only accept a small handful of collaborations a year and must be in line with our brand.

What type of chalk do you recommend using on your chalkboards?
We recommend plain ol’ chalk vs. liquid or wet erase chalk on our chalkboards. Liquid/wet erase chalk may not easily come off and we may have to apply repainting charges. You can also purchase chalk pencils from any major arts store such as from Columbia Art & Drafting Supply. We do provide one piece of chalk with each chalkboard order – just in case!
Do items need to be returned clean?
All serving ware, dessert trays and pedestals, and dinner and drinkware come to you clean, sterilized and ready to use. For sanitary reasons, we ask that all dishware and food service items be rinsed free of food, debris and grease immediately after use and packed in their original containers.

All other items should be returned clean to avoid a cleaning fee, which may include professional cleaning fees on upholstered items and/or re-painting fees on chalkboards where liquid chalk has been used. Fees vary depending on extent of cleaning required.

Can candles be used in antique mason jars?
It’s not a good idea to use candles in antique mason jars. Due to their vintage nature, they cannot handle the type of heat a candle gives off and they will crack.

Also, antique mason jars are not meant to drink out of as they are not sanitized and may have rough edges around the rim making them unsuitable for drinking. We do carry vintage colored glass goblets as an alternative.

I'm in another state, can you ship items to me?
Due to the nature and high-demand of our rental inventory, we are unable to ship items to you. However, we belong to a network of vintage and eclectic rental companies across the world, so if you happen to be outside of our area, let us know and we can recommend you to one of our colleagues.
Do you purchase items from the public?
We do! While are always on the hunt for new pieces to add to our inventory, we are very selective. If you have a items you no longer need, we’d be happy to take a look to determine if they would be a right fit. We ask that you send us photos of the items you wish to sell as well as your asking price. Emails without photos or pricing will not be returned.


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