I remember the first time I met Kirstie Wight, it was my very first stylized photo shoot when Something Borrowed PDX was still in its infancy. I was blown away by not only her work, but how genuinely sweet and caring she was. That first impression made a lasting impression on me and I have been thoroughly amazed by the work she does. Here’s a little inside scoop behind this extraordinary gal! Kirstie Wight Makeup Artist on the web and Kirstie Wight Makeup Artist on Facebook

What is a typical day for you?

During wedding season, my weekends start quite early. Before I head out to a venue I like to send a quick text to my brides to let them know that I am on my way. Once I arrive, it’s beauty time! I know it’s cliche but wedding days go by so fast. I love the excitement and energy before the ceremony take place. During the off season, my work varies from personal makeup lessons at my studio to on site makeup for photography studios or commercial shoots. They say that variety is the spice of life and I sincerely enjoy that my career is so diverse.

Kirstie Wight Makeup Artist in Portland Oregon.

What project, event or moment are you most proud of?

For me personally, it’s the moment when I am finished with a brides makeup and they look at themselves in the mirror. I love that moment so, so much! I also love seeing when my brides finally put on their wedding dress. All of the momentum and preparation finally comes to point where they see themselves as a bride. It brings a tear to my eye every time. Also, my work was just featured on the cover of Portland Bride & Groom Magazine Summer/Fall 2015. It is my very first cover and I am still on cloud nine. My childhood dream just came true!

wavy bridal hair and makeup by Kirstie Wight

What makes your work and/or your business unique?

I meet people, sometimes for the very first time, and instantly start touching their face. I would have to say that that is a pretty unique experience. There is something so intimate and sincere when you are invited to share someone’s personal space. The bond is instant and the end result is a beautiful makeup. Not many professions give you the opportunity to affect someones outward appearance.

boho bride hair and makeup by Kirstie Wight

Name one of your favorite vendor sources that you couldn’t do without.

One? I really cannot do that Lane’! I have my so many favorites in every category but I am going to try to narrow it down to three. First, Jessica Lovely with Jessica Hill Photography. She was my introduction into the Portland wedding community. I was very lucky to work with her on a wedding before I started my business. After reaching out to her, she took the time to introduce me to different vendors and she helped me learn about Portlands booming wedding industry. Did I mention that she she photographed my wedding? She’s just amazing! Next is Kara Markovich with Ella Events. Whenever I receive a referral from her I know that I will be working with a dream client. She is also incredibly clam, reassuring and organized. Perfect traits for an event coordinator. Last but not least is Miranda Keenan with Intimo. Miranda is very hands on and detailed about her floral designs. She always gives 110% and she makes sure that every detail is perfect. Plus, she is a joy to be around.

wedding hair and makeup by Kirstie Wight

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere. Right now, I am looking at the most gorgeous bouquet of deep red peony on my coffee table. I want to put that exact color lipstick on my next clients lips!

bridal portrait makeup by Kirstie Wight

Describe your ideal client.

My dream client: A bride who is just as excited to work with me and I am to work with them.
Thank you, Kirstie! You are a personal favorite of mine and one of the sweetest gals I know. If I could hire you to do my hair and makeup everyday, I would!

Photo credits: image 1 – Jessica Hill Photography, image 2 – Phil Chester, image 3 – Hazelwood Photo, image 4 – Brittany Lauren Photography, image 5 – Jon Duenas


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