There’s no denying how much we’re in love with the work of Holly Stalder of The Diamond Sea. Her designs evoke a time past, with careful attention to detail in each piece of fabric that melds its way into a beautiful gown. We hope you enjoy learning more about Holly as much as we have! The Diamond Sea on the web and Holly Stalder on Facebook

What is a typical day for you?

I start my day off in my bridal shop, The Diamond Sea with fittings with clients. The light is really beautiful in the morning and I like to meet with brides before I start sewing and focus on getting work done my studio. I sew for about 4 hours a day. I run errands around town in the afternoon, looking for the perfect ribbon color at the fabric store or going to the post office. In the evenings, I focus on emails and responding to clients at home.

Inside The Diamond Sea Boutique in Portland Oregon.

What project, event or moment are you most proud of?

Right now I am totally in love with my new bridal shop, The Diamond Sea. So much that I keep buying things for it, when I should be spending money on other more practical things. Last night I was up late bidding on eBay for an Art Nouveau inspired ice pink colored art glass “jellyfish” chandelier made in Italy. I won!!

What makes your work and/or your business unique?

I have a line of wedding gowns that are available for custom order, but I still make one of a kind dresses for clients. I love using vintage materials when I can, and brides often bring me vintage lace from their families to incorporate into their dress. My background is in art, so I designs reflect my love of color and surface design.

A sampling of the eclectic jewelry available at The Diamond Sea.

Name one of your favorite vendor sources that you couldn’t do without.

I have a couple of vintage pickers that I work with (people who source vintage material at estate sales) I don’t have time to go out looking for lace and fabric as much as I like, so it is amazing that they bring it right to me! I never know when they are going to bring in something amazing. I just got in an amazing piece of French floral cut out lace from the turn of the century last week.

Boho inspired wedding gown by The Diamond Sea.

Describe your ideal client.

My ideal client is someone who enjoys the process. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, but also an incredible opportunity to have a lot of fun! I also love it when clients want to try new things because it allows me to use my design skills. My favorite is when brides send me pictures from their weddings. It is always amazing to see something I have sewn and created from raw materials being shown off in the spotlight!

Gown designer Holly Stalder shares a sampling of her gowns available at The Diamond Sea.
Thank you, Holly! When we have our vow renewals, I’m coming to you to design my dress!

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