In the past, weddings were largely held in churches and other religious venues. But as culture has changed and the wedding industry has expanded, there’s a lot more variety in wedding locations. It could be a busy brunch at your favorite restaurant or a fancy-dress Vegas event.

Ideally, you want a space your guests can easily get to, just in case they’re wearing something borrowed for your nuptials. The budget is a big decider, and family values. Some couples prefer a quiet ceremony at home or their childhood school. Let’s explore top wedding venues in Arkansas.

1. Lofty Leanings

Loft 123 Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: Loft 123

Physical Address: 1023 W. Seventh S Little Rock


Guest Capacity: 200 Guests

Budget Range: Venue rates start at $125 per hour up to $4,000 per day

Key Selling Point: You can choose from four rooms (copper, wood, street-side, or urban), each with a tailored package. Up to 200 wooden chairs are always available for free. So no matter how big your guest list, you don’t have to worry about something borrowed from the neighbors. Whether it’s extra chairs or additional cutlery.

Loft 1023 is a popular wedding venue because it offers a wide range of experience. You can pick the room that suits your chosen ambiance, or you could rent out more than one. The Copper Room is best for small gatherings of up to 100 guests, while the larger rooms can seat up to 200.

For ease and convenience, we’ll provide 200 foldable lumber seats for free. You can also order round or rectangular tables based on your wedding package. We have an in-house caterer if you’d like to use them. And while they do have a photography studio, come with a camera crew.

2. Mermaid’s Banquet

Mermaids Seafood Restaurant Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: Mermaids Seafood Restaurant

Physical Address: 2217 N. College Ave. Fayetteville


Guest Capacity: 450 guests on-site

Budget Range: Catering starts at $16 per person

Key Selling Point: You can choose from 4 event rooms, whether you want an intimate dinner for a dozen or a group edging closer to 500.

People worry about seafood restaurants, but it’s a good place for a wedding. Mermaid’s Seafood Restaurant doesn’t offer bells and whistles – just food. Catering starts from $16 per head but can go up to $60. You can get different price ranges depending on which room you rent out.

Some rooms – like Atlantis – are better suited for a dancing wedding.  Alternatively, the Fireplace Room seats 65. The venue has space for a DJ or band, but they’re not provided. Food and seating are available, but you’ll have to arrange for flowers, décor, cake, and entertainment.

3. Flying Dragon Farms

The Chapel at Dragonfly Farms Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: The Chapel at Dragonfly Farms

Physical Address: 3588 Broomfield Road, Dover, AR 72837


Guest Capacity: 150 Guests

Budget Range: $1,077 for 50 guests

Key Selling Point: It has both indoor and outdoor space, including a chapel for more traditional ceremonies.

Unlike some wedding venues, Dragonfly Farm offers full service. This means you get tables, chairs, dance floors, musical instruments, dressing areas, and parking slots. You need to bring a DJ and band, though they have to be gone by midnight. You can also bring booze and caterers.

Dragonfly Farm offers a soothing natural experience, with gorgeous landscapes, mountainous backgrounds, and well-kept gardens. Rates can start at $495 per person, and overnight stays are possible on request. You might even spot some deer as you walk out the chapel door.

4. Picture Perfect Paradise

Honey Brake Lodge Wedding Venues In Arkansas 2

Wedding Venue Name: Honey Brake Lodge

Physical Address: 1899 Larto Bridge Rd., Jonesville, LA 71343


Guest Capacity: 50 to 150 guests

Budget Range: $1,500 to $2,500 during low season

Key Selling Point: It’s ideal for a destination wedding, with indoor and outdoor spaces, a lake, and even a plane! Tell your guests to pack carefully. They’ll be far from home, so there’s no time to use something borrowed as their last-minute wedding accessory.

Honey Brake offers the full wedding experience ‘as seen in fairy tales’. You have lakeside arches fir your vows, ornate spiraling staircases, and lots of Kodak moments. They provide caterers, photographers, bartenders, and even a cake from a trusted list of preferred vendors.

On and around the big day, you and your guests can go boating, kayaking, ping pong, billiards, jet skis, fishing, or even shooting on ATVs. There’s a spa on-site, so the bridal party can get their beauty sleep and their beauty treatments too, including make-up and massage.

5. Wine and Wheels

The Rusty Tractor Vineyard Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: The Rusty Tractor Vineyard

Physical Address: 10 Rusty Tractor Lane, Little Rock, AR


Guest Capacity: 250

Budget Range: Pricing is available on request

Key Selling Point: It provides both indoor and outdoor seating, and the bride has a private cabin where she can calm her nerves and prepare for the big day.

When you’re looking for something romantic but you don’t want to seem too classist, go to the Rusty Tractor Vineyard. You’ll get authentic winetasting and exceptional views … and you can exchange vows on a tractor if you want to. The bride and her entourage have a separate cottage.

The main ceremony happens in the Sun Room, though you can also access the Barrel Room and Lawn for a total of 250 guests. The Barrel Room seats up to 40 people indoors, with another 20 on the patio. Your guests can experience a tractor tour of the vineyard and winery. You may need protective clothing for your ‘something borrowed’, especially if you plan to give it back.

6. Southern Elegance

Southern Elegance Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: Alda’s Magnolia Hill

Physical Address: 5110 Stagecoach Road, Little Rock


Guest Capacity: Available by email request

Budget Range: Available by email request

Key Selling Point: This full-service wedding venue provides all the hallmarks of southern hospitality. And they have horses too!

Magnolia Hill is a historic venue that offers a vintage experience. Depending on your preferences, the wedding can have fireworks, horses, a carriage, or portable stained windows. Your wedding photos could include lakeside shots in the boat or dancing under the stars.

To use their photographer, it’s $150 for two hours. From swans to pick-up trucks, Magnolia Hills will ensure your wedding day is memorable in all the right ways. They’ll even do a dove-release! And the groom gets a flat-screen and pool table to keep him out of trouble.

7. Barn in Up!

The Wedding Barn Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: The Wedding Barn

Physical Address: 317 Little Red Mountain Road, Pangburn, AR


Guest Capacity: 10 to 15 in the micro-chapel, but up to 350 elsewhere on the grounds

Budget Range: Pricing available on request

Key Selling Point: The estate has indoor and outdoor venues so you could have a private ceremony for a handful of guests or host a massive affair in the stables.

A barn seems like a good cost-saving idea for a country wedding. But in today’s wedding industry, it can set you back a bit. The Wedding Barn has a selection of venues, from its jacuzzi-filled guest house to its 250-person stable. The venue works best for sunset weddings.

This way you enjoy gorgeous twilight hues that bleed into an evening of dining and dancing, especially if your evening dress is something borrowed that will sparkle in the starlight. There are balconies 30-feet high so guests can comfortably watch the First Dance. They’re also great entertaining spaces, especially if you hire a live band. The acoustics are quite helpful.

8. Overlook the Ozarks

Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks

Physical Address: 4703 N. Crossover Road in Fayetteville, Arkansas


Guest Capacity: Details available on request.

Budget Range: Admission is $7 for adults and $4 for kids, with special pricing for weddings. Kids under age 4 get in for free.

Key Selling Point: It has multiple garden venues and you can set up educational excursions for your wedding guests.

If you and your spouse-to-be love nature, the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks are the perfect venue. Forget the florist – your wedding will have flowers in every available spot, growing right out of the ground! The venue has a dozen themed gardens and even a butterfly farmhouse.

The venue holds nature festivals and horticultural seminars, so you can build one around your wedding too.  It’s a good site for Wiccan weddings or mid-summer ceremonies with a costumed fae theme. Generally, if the weather is good, this is a perfect outdoor wedding venue. And instead of going with something borrowed, buy fairy wings from the gift shop for less than $8!

9. Keep it Chill

Cold Springs Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: Cold Springs

Physical Address: Cold Springs, 9578 Kanis Road, Paron, Ar, 72122


Guest Capacity: 350+

Budget Range: From $5,900 to $6,900

Key Selling Point: It can accommodate large groups, with wide bus access right to the door. There’s cell reception inside the chapel as well, so don’t forget to switch those phones off!

Winter weddings aren’t anyone’s idea of fun. Kids love the snowball fights and snow angels, but their parents are less sanguine about damaging expensive wedding clothes. Luckily, Cold Springs offers you a climate-controlled chapel, no matter what the weather is like outside.

It has indoor and outdoor space, and your wedding package includes a sound system and a stage that can be heated or cooled as needed, so you won’t need to hijack your groom’s jacket or throw on something borrowed for warmth. You’ll get over 200 chairs and a 6-foot chandelier too!

10. Bring in the Sage

Osage House Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: Osage House

Physical Address: 243 Pace Lane, Cave Springs


Guest Capacity: 900+

Budget Range: Prices available on request.

Key Selling Point: It provides both indoor and outdoor space, including a chapel, reception grounds, and dressing rooms for both the groom and bride.

However many guests you have, it’s unlikely they’ll all show up at the same time. That said, the Osage House Chapel seats 300 and the reception hall can seat another 400. So make sure you have someone firm and competent handling crowd control and double-check your RSVPs.

The contemporary architecture sits of 50 acres of scenic grounds. There’s plenty of space, but you have to bring a catering crew. The massive windows and huge skylights keep the ceremony well illuminated. The lawns are great for pictures, so if you’re wearing something borrowed – especially if they don’t know you have it – make sure its owner isn’t near you in the photo frame!

11. Unmatched Perspective

A View to Remember Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: A View to Remember

Physical Address: 3844 Highway 88 West, Oden, AR 71961


Guest Capacity: 200 Guests

Budget Range: Starts at $1,000 for the reception only.

Key Selling Point: There are wide open skies and lush lawns, but there’s also a barn made from reclaimed wood, just in case it rains.

The view isn’t the only thing you’ll remember. While these wedding seats offer untainted horizons, the venue has some tough wedding rules. No music past 10 pm, and you can only serve beer and wine. But only if you bring a licensed caterer and bartender. And no smoking.

The site will provide regular chairs and parking slots, but you have to pay extra for cutlery, crockery, or ceremonial chairs for the couple. The venue will provide a coordinator to help you manage things on your big day, and they have to pre-approve any venue decorations you set up.

12. Place your Wedding Bets

Cherokee Casino & Hotel Roland Wedding Venues In Arkansas

Wedding Venue Name: Cherokee Casino & Hotel Roland

Physical Address: 109 Cherokee Blvd, Roland, OK 74954


Guest Capacity: 350 Guests

Budget Range: Starts at $1,000 for the reception only.

Key Selling Point: There are five event spaces with indoor and outdoor access. And, of course, there’s a casino.

How lucky (and cheeky) do you and your bride feel? Because it takes a special couple to elope in Vegas, but it takes an even more exceptional pair to let their in-laws loose at the slots. Just make sure you don’t have any cash they can bum off you – that’s something borrowed you’ll never get back! Cherokee Casino provides accommodation, a pool, and standard restaurant amenities.

For the wedding, you’ll get catering, dinnerware, a coordinating assistant, and audio-visual equipment. Bar service is optional, starting at $5 per head. You can also host stag and hen nights at the venue, plus bridal showers and engagement events. They clean up after you too!

13. Set in Stone

Wedding Venue Name: Stone Chapel

Physical Address: 2228 W. Bowen Boulevard, Fayetteville, AR 72703


Guest Capacity: 250 Guests

Budget Range: From $5,800 to $7,200 depending on the day.

Key Selling Point: The traditional stone chapel gives your wedding a grandiose old-school ambiance. Great photographic backdrops too!

At your wedding, you’re supposed to wear ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue’. It’s for good luck. But if you get married at the Stone Chapel, your ‘something old’ is sorted. The package includes bridal photos and engagement shoots.

The antique chapel doors and stained glass windows make great photo framing for the bridal party. It’s not cold or clammy despite being old, because it’s full of contemporary sound systems and climate-control technology. It only hosts one bride a day though, so book early!

Nurture your Nuptials!

It’s the most important day in your life – and hopefully, you’ll only have to do it once! So make your wedding day count by choosing the right venue for your Arkansas wedding. It must have:

  • Convenient access and parking – not everyone can fly to your destination wedding.
  • Sheltered sections in case the weather turns nasty.
  • Adequate restrooms for all your guests, especially kids, seniors, or the differently-abled.
  • Various food and drink sections to meet all your guests’ dietary needs.
  • A secure safe for valuable gifts.

So where did you end up hosting your wedding? Share your best photos in the comments!

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