When we expanded into our new front warehouse space, we not only added on a formal entrance and lobby, but we also had the perfect spot carved out for a new den. Positioned in front of my offices (which, incidentally used to be Columbia Sportswear’s employee store), it was the perfect place to deck out with lounge seating, display inspirational photos from previous weddings and events and even host elopements!

It was shortly afterwards that the idea came to us to host a Design our Den Designers Challenge. We invited a few of our favorite designers in the industry and set them loose in the warehouse to pick and pull anything and everything they wanted to come up with one amazing and original space. Each designer had 6 hours to transform our den, all photographed by the lovely Amy Jo Wisehart with Wisehart Vintage Photography.

It’s now up to you to vote on your favorite Den via Instagram by noon this Friday. The winning designer earns ultimate bragging rights and a few other special treats.

Challenger #1: Ashton Ford, AshtonForDesign

AshtonForDesign believes spaces should evoke emotion. She does this by incorporating bold elements of design, blurring lines between the indoors and outdoors, and collaborating with her clients to meet their wants and needs. Every single space is a custom project whether the job calls for pre-owned items, design-build furniture or new and shiny items straight off the shelf. There are a myriad of possibilities within interiors and AshtonForDesign reaches for the uncommon design for both residential and commercial settings.

Inspiration Behind the Design

Lane’ of Something Borrowed is my client for this Design Challenge. The client’s wants and needs are always inspiration for my projects. The client mentioned, “I’d like to see this space used in a way I haven’t seen it used before” and “color would be great!

I took those two requests and ran with it. Hence, the big color contrast against the white surroundings and the various spaces created within a space. I wanted to blend some of the pieces into the background and let the major components be the showstoppers… like the rich plum sofa and the bright pink chairs. These furniture selections lead to the choosing of specific indoor plants. The greenery and flora are full of deep greens and colors similar to the furnishings. Overall, a design inspired by the client’s wishes. Vote for this design here.

Design our Den Designers Challenge with Ashton Ford Design
Mirror Installation
Design our Den by Ashton Ford
Something Borrowed Portland Vintage Chairs
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Ashton Ford Design
Design our Den Details
Portland Vintage Furniture Rentals
Botanical Wall Hanging
Designers Challenge Details
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Challenger #2: Jena Ralls, The City Hippy Studio

The City Hippy Studio is a full service wedding design studio with a modern bohemian flare. Taking cues from our favorite decades of interior, fashion and graphic design, we create cohesive events and paper products that showcase our client’s style and bond. We are thrilled to be expanding to include wedding coordination in late August of this year!

Inspiration Behind the Design

Coming from the wedding industry, we wanted to include vignettes that could also be imagined for your dessert table or place setting. This space was inspired by our dreamy boho brides who would never pass on a thrifted 70’s leather vest, a vacation in the desert, or a perfect pairing of succulents and amethysts. Vote for this design here.

Design our Den Challenge by Jena Ralls
Brass Lanterns by Something Borrowed
Portland Lantern Rentals
Mirrored Bar Cart Decor
Vintage Brass Bud Vases
Design our Den Book Details
Vegan Cowhide Rug
Succulent Wall Decor with Pallets
Bull Skull with Flowers
Leather Chesterfield Rental

Challenger #3: Kimberly Wilder, Black Sweet Raspberry

Black Sweet Raspberry is a full service design, styling and planning company based in Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to create unique and highly personalized experiences for all of our clients including but definitely not limited to photo shoots, interior design, installations, corporate events and day of wedding coordination. We offer our services in Portland, Seattle, Columbia Gorge and surrounding areas. We love to travel!

Inspiration Behind the Design

For my “Desert Modern Palm Springs” lounge I wanted to design something I hadn’t attempted before. So many things inspire me on a daily basis in terms of design and styling. Nature has to be at the forefront!  We recently had a very memorable trip in Central Oregon and the terrain there is vastly different than the lush greenery of the Oregon Coast and the mountains.  It is however, very similar to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree.  Lots of sage brush and tumbleweed, arid climate and gorgeous rock formations. Putting together the natural elements, cactus, sage, tumbleweed, with bright whites and bold patterns really appealed to me.  I very much love to combine textures one wouldn’t normally think to put together. And a big nod to Palm Springs was the Bougainvillea. The other inspiration has to be people that allow themselves to think outside the box, come up with new and different approaches to every day life, pioneers in their craft. One of these people was Albert Frey,  His designs started the “desert modern” movement. he designed quite a few of the now iconic buildings in Palm Springs and I encourage all MCM enthusiasts to take a look at his work. I hope you enjoy the design and it transports you to a 1950s poolside lounge chair with good book, big sunglasses and a cocktail in your hand! Vote for this design here.

Design our Den Designers Challenge with Kimberly Wilder
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Desert Decor Details
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bougainvillea wall decor
Design our Den Details
Edible Flower Cake by Sweetheart St Johns
Designers Challenge with Black Sweet Raspberry
Gold Bar Cart Details
Signature Drinks by Merit Badge
Design our Den Designers Challenge with Black Sweet Raspberry

Happy voting – and good luck to each of our designers!


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