Which Hand Does the Engagement Ring Go On?

There are lots of exciting subjects when it comes to engagements and weddings. One such topic concerns which hand does the engagement ring go on? There will always be varying opinions as regards the hand to wear an engagement ring.

While some would argue that it’s okay to wear the engagement ring on the left hand, others will tell you it’s culturally inappropriate. It takes a certain level of research and understanding to know which finger to wear a proposal ring.

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To make things easy for you, I will like to give you a clear insight so you don’t need to ponder on which hand does the engagement ring go on.

Origin of Engagement Ring Fingers

You could trace the origin of engagement fingers to the Romans, who has certain beliefs regarding the right finger. The ancient Romans picked the customary engagement finger because they felt the finger has a vein that runs through the heart. Although this fact has been completely not true, they continued with the tradition.

The ancient Romans paid much attention to their rings, and it played a vital role in all their dealings. A typical ring, which is the circle of the band, symbolizes total completeness. The Romans believed the ring stamps the love of man and wife as being complete.

However, many countries and cultures take exception to the left-hand rule. Russia and Greece have a system where the engagement ring is worn on the right hand. There are still a few exceptions to the right-hand rule in those countries, as you’ll see later.

The Catholic believers in Russia and Greece are the exception to the right-hand engagement ring rule. The catholic believe the fourth finger on the left hand has a significant connection to the heart. You shouldn’t be surprised to see Catholic couples in Russia and Greece with their engagement ring on their left hands.

Again, some other countries have a belief that the left hand is unlucky. In countries like India, Norway, and Germany, couples wear their wedding rings on the right hand. In Chile and Sweden, both genders wear the engagement ring as part of a tradition.

Which Finger is Appropriate to Wear Engagement Ring vs Wedding?


Engagement rings a signify promise of marriage between intending couples. therefore, people wear it on the same finger as the wedding ring. It’s common to see the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand of intending couples.

You should also know that not only women wear an engagement ring, men also put it on. The engagement ring is typically situated on the left hand.

But since it is believed the wedding ring should be closer to the heart, most brides often wear the engagement ring on the right during the wedding day.  That way is easier for the groom to put its wedding band onto the fourth finger of the left hand.

Religions Believe on Wearing an Engagement

For religious people to find answers what hand do you wear your engagement ring on before proposing?  Certain religions dictate the specific finger or hand to wear your engagement ring.

In the Netherlands, Catholics wear their rings on the right hand while Protestants prefer the left hand. All these beliefs affect you only if you are a member of such religious settings.

Practical Reasons for the Engagement Ring Finger

It’s necessary to put things in a more practical perspective to understand some of the ring fingers’ reasons. A large population of those people who wear these rings is right-handed. It makes sense to have your ring on the less dominant hand for many reasons.

The right hand is always being used for work and other activities that could damage the ring. When you wear the ring on your dominant hand all the time, there’s a good chance that it starts to peel. It’s also the same for those who have their left hand as the dominant hand.

Where Does the Engagement Ring Stay After Marriage?

Where Does the Engagement Ring Stay After Marriage
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Which hand does the engagement ring go on after marriage? In terms of which finger the ring stays on after marriage, some cultures and traditions influence the decision. The wedding ring stays on top of the engagement ring as both rings stay on the left hand.

In the tradition mentioned above, the husband must move the engagement ring from the bride’s left hand to the right. Upon moving the engagement ring, he then proceeds to place the wedding ring on the left hand.

When the wedding is completely done, the wife can then place the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring. This implies that the wedding ring and the engagement ring stay on the same finger after the wedding ceremony.

There’s no particular rule that guides which ring stays on top of the other one. In some places, the bride welds the engagement ring to the wedding ring and wears both at once. In other places, the bride leaves the engagement ring on the right hand and the wedding ring on the left.

Can I Place the Engagement Ring on The Right Hand?

Can I Place the Engagement Ring on The Right Hand
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Cultural diversity has so much impact on engagement ring placement finger, and it’s such a joy to behold. There are various alternatives as regards the placement of engagement rings on whichever hand. While some people prefer the engagement ring on right hand, it’s not simple for others.

There are chances that everybody living in a country have different ways of wearing their engagement ring. It gets even more interesting when you know that different cultures within a country have their ways of wearing the ring.

Religion also plays an important role in how certain people wear their engagement rings. Here are some sample countries and their ways of wearing their engagement ring.

  • Russia: In this country, the women typically wear their ring on the right hand. However, many ethnic beliefs and traditions dictate other ways of wearing the ring.
  • Belgium: The location where the couple lives or wed influences the choice of the wedding ring finger.
  • China: In China, the responsibility of the couple dictates the finger to wear the ring. The men wear it on their left hand while the women wear it on their right.
  • Netherlands: Many of the Netherlands’ religions advocated for the engagement ring to be placed on the fourth finger of the right hand.

There are no definitive rules regarding the finger to wear the wedding ring; it’s a personal choice.

Which Hand Should I Wear Engagement Ring on the Wedding Day?

Which Hand Should I Wear Engagement Ring on the Wedding Day
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When it comes to the specific hand to place the engagement ring during the wedding, there are no solid rules. The choice of which hand to place the engagement ring is dependent on the wearer’s comfort. The ring shouldn’t be too tight or too loose; these factors also play an important role.

However, there are other perspectives to consider when picking the hand for the engagement ring. In many ways, the bride is usually very excited about the prospect of receiving the wedding ring from the spouse. They do not want to take anything away from this special moment.

There are such situations where the bride doesn’t want the engagement ring to take the shine from the wedding ring. The bride removes the engagement ring before the exchange of wedding rings takes place. They place the ring on their right hand during the wedding.

This situation isn’t relevant to other brides as they wear the engagement ring as they want it. These sets of brides leave the engagement ring on the fourth finger of their left hand throughout their wedding ceremony.

There’s also the class of brides that wear the ring alongside their wedding ring during the wedding. In the end, it’s a matter of choice and comfort.

Is It Appropriate to Wear the Engagement and Wedding Rings on Different Hands?

The choice of engagement ring finger vs wedding ring finger is up to you. Your personal preference should play an important role in your eventual choice. Also, your culture and religious beliefs will play a major role to your decision.

Can I Wear the Ring If I’m Not Married or Engaged?

You could always wear any ring you desire if it fits your finger perfectly. However, having a ring on your engagement finger could sway potential suitors because it gives them a false impression of you.

Can You Wear Your Engagement Ring All the Time?

You might like the prospect of having your engagement ring on your finger all the time. However, it’s necessary to prevent the ring from getting scratched or damaged while wearing it. You should also remove the ring before you sleep at nighttime to avoid swollen fingers.

Final Word

There’s always been a lot of argument on which hand does the engagement ring goes on. Asides cultural and religious beliefs in many countries, other factors play a role in the decision. It’s totally up to you to decide what the norm is in your religion or culture.

There are also questions on what hand does a wedding ring go on for a man. The same rules apply to both genders when it comes to the hand to place the ring. There are transgender and gay people who also wear engagement rings.

Some cultural beliefs point out that a certain hand has a vein that connects to the heart. It is believed that putting the engagement ring on the left-hand seals the marriage. You should also consider your comfort when selecting the hand.

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