Today’s round of Friday Favorites {Inventory Inspiration} showcases bushel baskets, aka apple baskets.  You may have seen these rustic, farm inspired baskets in our inventory and thought, what would I do with them?  While utilitarian, bushel baskets add great farm appeal to your wedding or event.  Needing to spruce up a fall wedding, these baskets can help!

bushel basket centerpieces

This mini bushel basket looks adorable holding apples paired with a doily tablecloth and brown apothecary bottles.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

bushel baskets on cookie buffet

I can’t help but want to devour every single Hershey’s Kiss cookie shown on this cookie buffet!  What a great way to incorporate bushel baskets by leaning them on their side and cascading your goodies inside, just beckoning to be eaten!  {source: Love and Lavender}

bushel baskets holding programs

Do you have programs that you’d like to showcase and don’t want to use traditional crates?  Shown here are bushel baskets with a separate apple basket to dress up the bench.  {source:}

bushel baskets holding doughnuts

Can we say Voodoo Donuts turned farm-chic?  Oh yes, indeed!  So simple (and inexpensive) but doesn’t this look great?!  {source: Green Wedding Shoes}

bushel basket used to hold cards

Having a shabby chic wedding and looking for a card holder alternative?  Love of Family and Home has a tutorial on how to make this bushel basket card holder.

bushel baskets holding crayons for kids table at wedding

Are you planning on having a kids table at your wedding or event?  A bushel basket is a great way to store crayons as shown here.  By the way, did you know you could save a TON and purchase partially used crayons the end of the school year at SCRAP?  Oh yeah, best thing ever and a great way to save!  {source: Style Me Pretty}

bushel basket display for escort cards

This amazing display of bushel baskets holding apples is a show stopper!  Each apple has “leaves” with guests names and each basket denotes the table they are sitting at.  Such an awesome idea for farm themed wedding.  {source: Green Wedding Shoes}

bushel basket flower girl alternative

Instead of a typical flower girl basket, these bushel baskets are used instead and filled with wheat.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

bushel basket holding programs

This vintage bushel basket is filled with muslin and used for programs.  You can barely see a few apples peeking from the top.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

bushel basket holding apples used as props at wedding

Simply want to add some natural elements and props to your wedding?  Why not fill your baskets with your fruit of choice, shown here are apples, however you can fill yours with anything.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

fall inspired bushel basket centerpieces

This fall inspired centerpiece uses a very weathered and rustic bushel basket filled with pears.  {source: Elizabeth Anne Designs}

burlap wrapped bushel basket holding napkins

Burlap wrapped bushel basket from our own wedding.


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