Friday Favorites {Inventory Inspiration}

Happy Friday!  You know what today is, Friday Favorites {Inventory Inspiration} featuring vintage books!  I can’t say I was ever much of a reader, although I still remember the first book that will forever be engraved in my head: Tiger Eyes by Judy Bloom.  There was something about the book, it’s cover (which I still remember) and how it made me feel.  Granted I was a teenage girl and fascinated with school girl drama and romance!  Probably the only other book that’s left such a fond memory was my Grandmothers old Webster Dictionary.  As a child, it was used as a make-shift highchair being as it was a lofty 5-7″ thick (I kid you not!).  I’ll never know what happened to that Dictionary, but because of it (and all its vintage awesomeness) I have a special place in my heart for books.

stacked vintage books used as risers holding cupcakes and floral

This was one of the first images I ever saw with hardback books used as props.  There’s something about the color of these books in particular, paired with the milk glass bud vase and baby’s breath that makes it stand out from others.  {source: The Wedding Chicks}

stacked vintage books and teacup centerpiece

These are truly vintage books which look adorable paired with the teacup filled with felt/fabric flowers.  {source: Rock-n-Roll Bride}

terrariums and vintage books used as a programs sign

Maybe you’re looking for a way to direct people to your programs.  If so, this is such a great idea!  The mason jar terrarium book ends filled with succulents make this adorable!  {source: Style Me Pretty}

rustic centerpiece with stacked and tied vintage books, wood coins, vintage buttons and floral

Another favorite are these books with burlap runner, rustic wood coins and mason jar filled with white buttons.  I have a HUGE box full of vintage buttons from my grandmother, I think I hear a project coming on of sorting them for something just like this!  {source: Style Me Pretty}

vintage books used during an engagement photo session

A classic “Treasure Island” embraces this engagement photo.  What a cute and clever way to incorporate a few props into your shoot!  {source: Style Me Pretty}

vintage books wrapped with twine used as a prop at a guestbook table

These books dress up your guest book table.  Shown here are a couple of stacks wrapped in twine.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

stacked vintage books with succulents

Stacked and sweet, these books help give a small table a little “lift” and elevate a gorgeous mercury votive.  And the succulent, so pretty!  {source: The Wedding Chicks}

vintage book table number

If you’re looking for something a little more classic or original for your table numbers, hardback books paired with assorted numbers may just be what you’re looking for!  {source: Ruffled}

Do you have a favorite way to incorporate books into your decor?  If so, we’d love to hear about it!


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