Friday Favorites {Inventory Inspiration}

We’re back with window panes as our feature today for Friday Favorites {Inventory Inspiration}.  When we had our windows replaced a few years ago, never would I have thought to myself “boy, I wish I could keep a few”.  We had some that were amazing, multi-paned, white chippy paint, they screamed rustic chic!  We recycled them and now feel the joys of having energy efficient windows, but I still think about a few of those old vintage panes.  While we only have a few in our inventory, you can find window panes at just about any home improvement “thrift store” such as the Rebuilding Center or Hippo Hardware or others.

chalkboard window pane seating chart

A popular way to use old windows is to paint them with chalkboard paint, available at most hardware or craft stores and use them as a seating chart.  Shown here is a nifty hinged window.  {source: Heart Love Weddings}

Charlie Brown window pane program

This window pane has to be my favorite — a wonderful way to forgo the paper programs and add a little whimsical decor at the same time.  Don’t you just love the Peanuts characters?  {source: Martha Stewart Weddings by Beyond White}

giant window pane seating chart hanging from wooden ladders

This is truly one massive display of window panes used for a seating chart.  What a statement to make!  {source: Style Me Pretty}

window pane decor

Hosting a baby shower or birthday?  This rustic window pane paired with bunting is an excellent decor piece to hang above a mantel (or piano as shown here).  {source: On to Baby}

whimsical window pane with quote

Want something a little out of the ordinary?  Why not use a chalkboard window pane and add a few of your favorite lyrics or poem?  Recognize these lyrics?  {source: Style Me Pretty}

escort cards strung around a window pane

This old window, with glass removed is a perfect way to display your escort cards.  Such a rustic, country, farm feel don’t you think?  {source: Style Me Pretty}

yellow and white window pane seating chart

The yellow and white liquid chalk makes this seating chart stand out and give a little “pop” to this old window.  {source: Ruffled}

window pane with printed paper seating chart

Want to showcase your gorgeous seating chart on something a little less ordinary?  Here, two “tables” fit perfectly in each pane.  You can still let your creativity soar and still add a little rustic to your wedding.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

window pane beverage menu

Plan on having a few signature drinks or looking for a way to tell guests what beverages are available?  This is a great way to make use of that old chippy paint window!  {source: Style Me Pretty}

Do you have any old windows sitting around?


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