Friday Favorites Inventory Inspiration

I thought I would start a new weekly series, Friday Favorites: Inventory Inspiration, where I feature an item from our inventory and show you a few ways you can incorporate that item into your wedding or event.  I figured it would be a neat way to showcase random finds that you may need a little extra help styling (those “what the heck?!” items) or fun pieces that everyone loves such as today’s post, mason jars!

vintage photos in mason jars

Vintage photo’s make a statement inside antique, aqua-blue mason jars.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

mason jars with vintage books

I love the look of mismatched antique mason jars with vintage books (which we also have in our inventory).  In my opinion, the look never gets old (no pun intended).  {source: Style Me Pretty}

mason jars with candles

Antique mason jars look amazing with the addition of candles.  However, Something Borrowed Portland only allows the use of LED candles with our antique jars as they do have a chance of exploding due to the heat caused by candles (and we don’t want them ruined by any wax or soot).  {source: Style Me Pretty}

mason jars holding bouquets

If you’re looking for a vessel to hold bridesmaid bouquets or flowers for your event, mason jars are a great alternative to traditional bud vases, as shown here.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

mason jars hanging from a tree filled with bean filler

Antique mason jars such as the ones shown above with the wires are called “wire bail” or more traditionally referred to as “lightening jars” as the wire held glass lids in place.  These wire bails are a great way to hang the jars, filling them with your favorite filler such as beans (shown), coffee, split peas or lentils.  {source: The Berry}

aqua mason jar tip jar

A cute way to incorporate antique mason jars into your wedding – a “tip jar”.  This note says “please leave us a tip for a happy marriage”.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

mason jar lanterns

More wire bail (aka lightening jar) antique mason jar’s filled with votive candles.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

mason jars filled with acorns

These mason jars would look adorable during a holiday party, clustered on a fireplace mantle or used as a centerpiece on your table.  Shown here are filled with acorns.  {source: Luxe Finds}

mason jar lantern hanging by a shepherds hook

Here’s a traditional (new) mason jar, strung with twine and hung from a shepherd’s hook to create mood lighting.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

mason jar chandeliere

Not only are mason jars on the pie table, but the chandelier is also made from antique jars!  {source: Ruffled}

mason jar centerpieces with vintage books

More antique mason jars used as centerpieces.  Some are filled with sand and used with votive candles, others are used as vases and paired with vintage books and doilies.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

hanging mason jars filled with sand

An assortment of new mason jars filled with sand and hung by twine.  {source: Style Me Pretty}

mason jar centerpiece

More antique mason jars used as vases.  This assortment looks adorable paired with a milk glass vase (also in our inventory) and lace and burlap runner.  {source: Elizabeth Anne Designs}

As you can see, there are MANY ways to incorporate mason jars into your wedding, from hanging lanterns to vases to candle holders.  Let your creativity soar!

What’s your favorite way to incorporate mason jars at a wedding or celebration?


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