A year ago Christmas morning was unlike no other… Jeff woke up a little earlier than normal which got me started off a little grumpier than usual.  I’m typically not a chirpy morning person, let alone someone who is known to sing Christmas music and cheer for Santa.  Coming from a highly dysfunctional family and being a little displaced from my family leaves me feeling sad, especially after losing my grandmother a couple of years ago who was the glue that held our family together.

Jeff and Lane Christmas
Jeff, wanting to turn things around, decided to change my holiday feelings.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday’s.  I love the thought of snow on the ground, the decorations, and the giving that takes place in us all.  I don’t support the commercialism that goes into the holiday’s, the crazy shoppers “needing” something so bad they’ll break out the pepper spray on someone (really?!).  I can do without the commercials telling us about the things we should buy instead of teaching us about the things we should appreciate.  Ah, the holidays… they bring out the best and the worst in us all. So, last year I’m grumpier than normal when Jeff tells me I have something in my stocking.  Because I was unemployed, we both agreed that we’d not splurge on presents for each other.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t go to town on baking cookies, because I did.  I probably went a little overboard when I gave Jeff his tub (yes personal tub) of cookies with his name on them.  So, when Jeff said I need to look in my stocking, I thought for sure he was being funny and just shoved some cookies in it because he was tired of eating them.  I got up, thinking to myself “what in the world did he do now” and much to my surprise pulled out a little case with a ring inside. Jeff comes over, gets on one knee and proposes to me.  Before I can say anything, I start to cry.  Now mind you, I thought I’d be married by the time I was 23 years old.  That was, um… more than 10 years ago.  I had practically given up hope at this point.  I’d kissed a lot of frogs and wasn’t certain my Prince even existed.  Jeff and I got along exceptionally well, and I brought up marriage a few times, but you still just never know.  Jeff had to ask again, because I guess my crying didn’t give away that my answer was “yes” and well, the rest is history. Those of you getting engaged over the Holiday’s, a BIG congratulations!  Revel in it, take the time to celebrate and remember to breathe… before you know it, you’ll be knee deep in planning, then married and then celebrating your first Christmas together! Happy Holidays!


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