If you’re looking for something to do with all the items you’re left with after your wedding, look no more! There are now so many options at listing and selling items from your wedding, including decor, shoes and accessories, and your dress. Not only is recycling your wedding good for the planet, you’ll recoup some of your expenses and clear out the clutter. Not quite married? No worries! When someone is selling, you could be buying! For example, save hundreds on a new-to-you wedding dress.

100 Layer Cake

100 Layer Cake lets you browse items in their Marketplace by category and includes a variety of items from wedding dresses to mason jars and everything in between. Read descriptions on each item, find out where the items are located, what the shipping terms are and see nice, big images before you buy.

recycle your wedding: 100 Layer Cake

Bravo Bride

I just learned of the site Bravo Bride so I don’t know a whole lot about it. However, a quick glance and I see a TON of wedding dresses, accessories and a little bit of decor. Their gallery allows you to view the image, size (if applicable) and price and the details page has just about everything you need to know about the item.

recycle your wedding: Bravo Guide

Once Wed

Once Wed is very limited when it comes to recycling your wedding as they only have postings for wedding dresses. However, don’t let this deter you as they have many, many listings that could save you several hundred (if not thousands) of dollars. Filter and sort dresses based on date, designer, size and condition.

recycle your wedding: Once Wed


PreOwnedWeddingDresses sells both sample and used wedding dresses and can help save you 10-90% off retail prices. All wedding dresses and accessories, the site is very well laid out and has multiple search and filter options.

recycle your wedding: Pre Owned Wedding Dresses

Project Wedding

Project Wedding’s classified’s are setup more like a web forum than an online catalog where you can immediately see photo’s. You can filter based on what you’re looking for (dress, tux, decor, jewelry, etc.), but you have to click on each individual item to get a good snapshot of what’s for sale. Not the best method in my opinion, but there’s still a TON listed.

recycle your wedding: Project Wedding

Recycled Bride

Recycled Bride is the largest online source for recycling your wedding (and probably the oldest). Seriously, they have everything in a very well laid out website.

recycle your wedding: Recycled Bride


Ruffled is very similar to 100 Layer Cake, allowing you to search and filter results based on category. What’s nice about Ruffled is that right next to the item photo you can see where the item is located (important if you want items only in your area), the price and a truncated description. I’ve actually purchased a couple of things from Ruffled and couldn’t be happier!

recycle your wedding: Ruffled

Wedding Bee

Wedding Bee is almost identical to Project Wedding in that their classifieds are laid out forum style, with no images. This may not be the most ideal, especially if you’re a visual person like I am, but there’s a lot of listings and the site has a lot of activity.

recycle your wedding: Wedding Bee

Other Options

Besides the wonderful sites shown above, Craigslist is a great resource for buying/selling. In my search for items for Something Borrowed {Portland}, I see hundreds of dresses on a weekly basis that people are selling. Really, with all the options out there you shouldn’t have to buy anything new at all and you most definitely should be able to put some of that hard earned money back in your pockets!

Do you have other places you’ve managed to sell and/or buy wedding items? If so, I’d love to hear about them!

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    We’d love to be listed on this page, since we recycle wedding dresses right here in Portland! Plus, we sell our gowns all over the west coast and online – and anyone can donate their gowns to use. More than 95% comes from out-of-state!

    My email is info@bridesforacause.com.

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