Are you in need of executing your concept or idea? Maybe you need help with deciding on your color palette or overall theme. Enter Designs by Muse. Christina came to us a couple of years ago when her clients were looking for vintage rentals for their wedding. She has an eye for creativity and with her warm and friendly personality, you’ll fall in love with her just as we did. While Christina was a planner, she recently decided to take her career down a slightly different path and focus on the design aspect of weddings and events. She has over 16 years of experience in the industry, with a background in the arts, including theatrical arts. Designs by Muse on the web and Designs by Muse on Facebook

What is a typical day for you?

There is no “typical” day, which I love! Every day is definitely filled with collaborations and lots of research, but each and every day is a different mix of tasks. One day might include layouts and room schematics along with toying around with florals for an upcoming party, the next might be filled with meetings with collaborating companies or design sessions with clients, the next can turn on a dime and be site walkthroughs or simply sitting in front of my computer all day doing sourcing and research!

Christina with Designs by Muse

What project, event or moment are you most proud of?

I would say that overall, I am most proud of where my business has grown into itself. Muse is a brand known for events and weddings, and we have always done design, coordination and planning. In the last few months, we have made a move to focus on our passion and what our clients continually come to us for, which is vision, inspiration and design. That move comes from very proud and exciting moments of design, and one event in particular that was a gorgeous collaboration of over a dozen local vendors. It was a wedding that was inspired by the client’s eclectic style and sleek, upscale vision and was a blending of steampunk and vintage styles that were crafted into an experience that included cathedral lighting, a stunning earth-inspired vintage lodge, exceptional epicurean tastes, and a plethora of sounds from gregorian chanting to harp to the stylings of a Eastern European group. The whole picture was a breathtaking experience that was so inspiring to be a part of!

Designs by Muse Ceremony

What makes your work and/or your business unique?

I am one of the few designers in the NW, especially within the Greater Portland market, who currently focus exclusively on design. We have amazing, fabulous designers in every field in this event industry – from rental houses to florists to planners – who all create amazing events! What makes Muse exceptional is that this is 100% of what we do, and we bring over 16 years of experience in all the other elements to the table. My designs tend to be very artistic in nature and are inspired by the clients dreams for their event, and because of my background, I get to work the logistics of the overall and individual elements into the visual picture we create. We truly create the experience every guest has the moment they walk into the door!

Designs by Muse Styling and Design

Name one of your favorite vendor sources that you couldn’t do without.

Oh, there are soooooo many! Especially right here in Portland – we have so much talent!! I would say that local Etsy is one of my favorites – it helps me to discover some of the local artisans I would not otherwise be able to find when sourcing materials.

Designs by Muse by Mosca Photo

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. Because of my background, which is very embedded in the arts, I tend to find my inspiration outside the event industry. I look to fashion, to interior design, to window displays, to magazines that have nothing to do with my field. I am inspired by music, by nature, and often by what I see when I travel. I find that the truest inspiration is that which you find when you stop and “smell the flowers” and simply see what’s around you.

Designs by Muse happy couple

Describe your client.

A client of mine will be someone who is either super inspired or completely lost! I have two realms that my inspiration for design comes into play. One is when a client has so many ideas that they do not know how to pull them all together in order to streamline them into a singular event vision. For this client, ideas are in grand supply, it’s just narrowing the field and pulling the ideas into a cohesive experience. The other is when a client simply does not have any idea where to begin. For this client, design is either not their forte or they simply do not have the time to focus on doing the research to come up with the perfect experience. Either one can benefit from having a designer for their event – from simple inspiration and direction all the way up to full implementation. Thank you, Christina! It’s apparent you have a deep and true love for what you do!


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