Something Borrowed (Film Details)

Something Borrowed is a 2011 romantic comedy movie directed by Luke Greenfield and starring Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, and Colin Egglesfield.

The movie focuses on the life of Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin), a successful attorney in her 30s who is at a crossroads in her life. She’s been friends with her old college buddy Darcy (Kate Hudson) since they were kids, but as they get older, things become complicated as Rachel begins to have feelings for Darcy’s fiancé Dex (Colin Egglesfield).

It’s a romantic comedy as Rachel tries to figure out if she should follow through with these feelings or honor her promise to Darcy that she would stay away.

The movie has some humorous moments as Rachel navigates these sticky situations, but ultimately the movie is about Rachel’s need to make the decision to follow her heart and make an unexpected change in her life.

Something Borrowed

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Was Darcy pregnant in Something Borrowed?

No, Darcy was not pregnant in Something Borrowed. The movie follows the story of Rachel and Darcy, old college friends. Rachel realizes she’s in love with Darcy’s fiance, Dexter, and has to decide whether or not to act on her feelings.

Throughout the movie, Rachel is struggling with her emotions towards Dexter and her loyalty to her friend, Darcy. In the end, Rachel and Dexter get together, while Darcy ends up with Ethan. Darcy never becomes pregnant in the movie.


Did Something Borrowed 2 come out?

No, there has been no sequel to the 2011 movie Something Borrowed released in theaters.

However, that has not stopped speculation by fans. In 2019, the writer of the original movie, Jennie Snyder Urman, said that she wanted to make a sequel, but that nothing was in the works yet.

In the same interview, she said that if a sequel were to happen, it would likely focus on the characters’ lives a few years into the future, likely around the time that Darcy and Dex would be settling down.

Some people online have said that a sequel might one day be released on streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, but nothing official has been announced.


What ends up happening in Something Borrowed?

In Something Borrowed, Rachel is a 29-year-old single woman living in New York City who has just been laid off from her job. Her best friend Darcy, who has been her best friend since law school, is getting married to Dex, Rachel’s law school nemesis. Despite feeling betrayed and hurt by her friend’s engagement to the man she has had a long-time crush on, Rachel still offers to help Darcy plan her wedding.

Things take an unexpected turn when Rachel discovers that Dex has had a longstanding crush on her as well. Even though their close relationship makes Rachel uncomfortable, Dex continually pushes himself on her, resulting in the two of them having a brief fling. When Dex proposes to her, Rachel realizes that she must make a decision between her lifelong friend or her newfound secret love.

The results of Rachel’s decision and the aftermath of her affair drives the rest of the movie. In the end, Rachel must face everything that has happened and decide where her loyalties lie. It is up to Rachel to find a way to reconcile her heart and her mind, putting an end to the mess she has created.


Is Bride Wars a sequel to Something Borrowed?

No, Bride Wars is not a sequel to Something Borrowed. Bride Wars is a Romantic Comedy released in 2009, while Something Borrowed is a Drama film released in 2011.

Both films are based on novels of the same names, and star actors like Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin, however they tell entirely different stories.

Bride Wars is about two best friends who become rivals when they realize their wedding dates have been scheduled for the same day, while Something Borrowed follows the story of a woman who falls in love with her best friend’s fiancé.


What does Darcy do for a living in Something Borrowed?

In the movie Something Borrowed, Darcy is an ambitious, successful and highly competent up-and-coming lawyer in New York.

We first see her working at the office of Hutchinson & Thomas, where she takes on a variety of legal matters and is celebrated as a hardworking and skilled practitioner.

She works with close attention to detail, is known as an incredibly focused and tenacious lawyer, and easily wins over judges and juries in the courtroom. In addition to this, Darcy is also a popular columnist for the New York Tribune, writing a weekly advice column on legal matters.

In this role, she is seen as an authoritative expert in the field of law, and her opinion is sought out by many New Yorkers. Ultimately, Darcy is a multi-faceted lawyer who wears many hats in her profession—both inside and outside of the courtroom.


Why is it called Something Borrowed?

Something Borrowed is a term often used to describe something acquired without charge, typically from a friend or someone else in the same social circle.

It could refer to an item given as a loan, such as a vehicle or piece of equipment, or a loan of services, such as someone taking care of someone else’s pet while they are away.

It could also refer to a borrowed idea or concept used as part of a creative project, such as a painting or poem. The term can often embody the spirit of goodwill and mutual trust between friends and family, that one can take something from another without fear of it being taken away or becoming a source of tension.

In addition, the phrase can be used to describe something taken from someone else’s life experiences or knowledge, and used to benefit the borrower’s own life.


Who is Marcus in the movie Something Borrowed?

Marcus is the best friend of Darcy, the main female protagonist in the 2011 movie, Something Borrowed. Played by English actor and comedian Steve Howey, Marcus is a charming and supportive presence throughout the movie.

He and Darcy have been best friends since childhood, and the two share an easy rapport. He has a close relationship with Dexter, Darcy’s ex-boyfriend and the object of her affections, which helps her to see the two of them together in different ways.

Throughout the movie, Marcus is a good friend to both Darcy and Dexter. He helps advise Darcy on her relationship issues, as well as give his opinion on what he thinks is best for Dexter.

He also helps to organize the elaborate surprise birthday party for Ethan, Darcy’s love interest. Marcus is a good friend, supportive confidant, and an integral part of Darcy’s journey in the movie.