About Us

We are a professional and leading fashion magazine which features all the latest jewelry trends such as rings, diamonds, earrings, gold, silver and bracelets. Our magazine covers all the tips and guides that would make you look classy and up to date. Moreover, we explore the latest jewelry with a focus on the design and elements it has.

Our main readers are the primary decision-makers of independent jewelry stores and chain stores buyers. Moreover, our secondary audience includes suppliers and wholesalers who wish to market their services and products to their respective retail buyers.

We also publish creative content related to jewelry with reprints on an occasional basis and even essays written on various tips and tricks. Each creative piece that we publish includes the editorial introduction along with the author’s note to evaluate the craftwork and style of different jewelry.

In order to complement our merchandise, we have selected an exquisite but minimalistic theme for our customer’s convenience.

We serve with trust and integrity and would guide you with the most delicate art of jewelry incorporated with a metal sheet, gemstones, beads, wires and much more. Each issue of our magazine includes expert pieces of advice, a highlight of an outstanding jewelry artist and other trends. Our projects are concise, clear and provide illustrated tips and directions with a focus on the designs and materials used.

Our Magazine

It is our pride to deliver the latest news with in-depth research and evaluation to ensure authenticity and quality. We use the right words with accurate precision like other jewelry setters to maintain the image of our jewelry brand. Our topics include gold, silver, white gold and diamond jewelry. All details provided to our readers for them to invest in quality products and look elegant.