Emerald vs. Diamond What’s the Difference

Emerald vs. Diamond: What’s the Difference?

For starters, let’s differentiate between emerald-cut diamonds and emeralds. The two are usually confused for the other. While an emerald is a gemstone, an emerald-cut diamond is actually a diamond but cut in the shape … Read more

Gold vs. Diamond

Gold vs. Diamond: What Is Worth More?

Stocks and bonds have already been an excellent investment, but the recent recession and market instability have forced people to think about better and more secure alternatives. In most cases, potential investors firstly think about … Read more

diamond tests

12 Ways to Tell If A Diamond Is Real or Fake

Diamonds are precious, rare, and expensive. Buying one can be a heavy purchase for most people. Surely, you won’t want to handle this investment wrongly. Hence, before picking out that special stone for that special … Read more