The Lincoln penny history is a little over 110 years long. Although these coins have the lowest denomination, collectors’ interest in them is exceptionally high. During all the years of existence, there were several changes in the penny appearance, affecting their different price on the coin market.

You need to check a few things before accurately determining the 1915 penny value. It is crucial to assess each specimen condition since it is very old. Plus, the mint mark and the possible error presence significantly affect its price.

1915 Lincoln Penny History

The Lincoln penny is the first US coin with a President image included in the design. Until 1909, such a style was unacceptable in the US Mint, but that policy was changed because of the upcoming Abraham Lincoln’s 100th birth anniversary.

1915 Lincoln penny

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1915 29,092,120
Philadelphia 1915 proof 1,050
San Francisco 1915 S 4,833,000
Denver 1915 D 22,050,000
Total / 55,976,170

Then-President Roosevelt chose sculptor Victor David Brenner to design a new penny look in preparation for this jubilee celebration. He was impressed by Brenner’s talent when seeing a plaque with a Lincoln portrait that this sculptor made a few years earlier.

The first coins included the sculptor initials VDB, but the US Mint officials thought they were too conspicuous. Therefore, they removed those three letters from the penny design, but the reduced initials found their way back into the coin only in 1918.

1915 Lincoln penny

Face value One cent ($0.01)
Compound 95% copper with tin and zinc
Coin thickness 0.07677 inches (1.95 mm)
Coin weight 0.10970 ounces (3.11 g)
Coin diameter 0.75 inches (19.05 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Plain

When looking at the 1915 Lincoln penny, you will see a former President Lincoln’s portrait facing right on the obverse.

The inscription LIBERTY is placed on the left, while you can see the phrase IN GOD WE TRUST on the upper coin rim. The minting date is in front of Lincoln’s portrait.

The penny reverse shows two wheat stalks extending along the coin rim. The Latin proverb E PLURIBUS UNUM is inscribed on the upper rim, while the denomination ONE CENT is in the central part. Just below the denomination is the country name, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


1915 Lincoln Penny Types

The US Mint produced the penny in 1915 in three mints. Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver minted just under 56 million specimens that year.

1915 Lincoln penny

1915 Lincoln penny

The real skill is to find some pennies in an uncirculated condition among survived pieces of 29,092,120 produced in Philadelphia in 1915. Since these coins are over a century old, their value can be significant regardless of the preservation level.

1915 Lincoln penny value*

Quality 1915 1915 S 1915 D
Good $2 $23 $2.3
Very good $2.8 $26 $3.3
Fine $5.7 $31 $4.52
Very fine $20 $38 $7.88
Extra fine $67 $79 $24
AU $79 $148 $51
MS 60 $102 $227 $94
MS 63 $120 $264 $135
PR 63 $721 / /

*by USA Coin book

The current value of pennies in low grades varies from $0.5 to $2. Beyond question, their prices increase with a higher rating, and the piece in the MS 60 grade costs $70.

On the other hand, specimens in an MS 67 grade have higher prices, around $5,500. The auction record of $33,600 holds the 1915 MS 67+ Lincoln penny.

1915 proof Lincoln penny

1915 proof Lincoln penny

In addition to the standard penny, the Philadelphia mint also produced 1,050 proof specimens. These coins’ value varies from $400 to over $6,000 for a piece with a PR 67 rating.

1915 Lincoln penny*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1915 $1.75 $5 $60 $70
1915 S $20 $30 $70 $135
1915 D $2 $4 $22 $45

*by JM Bullion

1915 S Lincoln penny

1915 S Lincoln penny

With a circulation of 4,833,000, the San Francisco mint struck the fewest coin number that year. As you can expect, that significantly affects the 1915 S penny value on the coin market.

1915 Lincoln penny value*

Quality 1915 1915 S 1915 D
Good $1.1 $8.25 $1.5
Very good $1.5 $9.5 $2
Fine $5.5 $11.75 $3.5
Very fine $11.5 $15 $5.75
Extra fine $41.5 $45 $20.75
Uncirculated $67 $74 $43
Brilliant uncirculated $80 $138 $67

*by Hobbizine

Even a penny in low grade is worth more than the other coins in this series, and you need to set aside $7 to $23 for a specimen in poor condition.

On the other hand, it is necessary to pay significantly more money for better quality pieces.

For instance, a coin with an MS 60 rating will cost you $125, while an MS 66 specimen comes with a price of $12,650. An auction record for this penny in MS 66 grade is $48,300.

1915 D penny

1915 D penny

Although the Denver mint struck 22,050,000 Lincoln pennies in 1915, most of these coins are in poor condition nowadays. Believe it or not, it is almost impossible to find a piece in uncirculated condition on the current coin market.

1915 Lincoln penny value*

Quality 1915 1915 S 1915 D
Good $1 $10 $1.5
Very good $2.3 $10 $2.7
Fine $3 $19 $3
Very fine $3 $31 $5.4
Extra fine / / $20

*by Numista

When looking at 1915 D penny values, you will notice that pieces in poor condition are inexpensive, ranging from $0.5 to $2.28. On the other hand, a high MS 60 grade coin can cost you around $50.

However, things change with pennies in higher grades, and you need to set aside approximately $3,300 for a piece with MS 66 rating. Still, the auction record can surprise you. One collector paid $43,200 for the 1915 D MS 66 RD Lincoln penny.


1915 Penny Rarities and Errors

1915 Penny Rarities and Errors

There are a few 1915 Lincoln pennies with errors, but their number is practically insignificant.

1915 D doubled die Lincoln penny

These pennies are rare and don’t often appear on the coin market. Their value ranges from $50 to $100.

1915 Lincoln penny with the re-punched mint mark

This error appeared when the die struck the mint mark twice at different angles. Typically, it won’t significantly affect the coin value. Be prepared that its price varies from $5 to $20, depending on the error visibility.

1915 Lincoln penny value*

Quality 1915 1915 S 1915 D
Good $0.5 to $1 $16 to $18 $0.5 to $1
Fine $4 to $4.5 $22 to $25 $3 to $3.5
Extra fine $35 to $38 $50 to $55 $14 to $15
Uncirculated $75+ $225+ $65+

*by Coinflation

1915 off-center Lincoln penny

These coins’ value varies depending on how far the stroke is from the center. Their price typically ranges from $10 to several hundred dollars.


1915 Penny Value Grading

1915 Penny Value Grading

Every collector wants to have the best-preserved specimen in the collection because its value is more significant on the coin market. To estimate the penny value, you primarily need to determine its condition.

The best solution is to leave it to the authorized company and experts. However, you can do a coin evaluation yourself by following established guidelines.

Uncirculated – Lincoln penny with this rating never spent a single day in circulation, and the original luster still covers its surface. You can notice that all the relief details are clearly visible, especially the hair waves on Lincoln’s portrait. Plus, all the inscriptions are preserved and legible.

1915 Lincoln penny value*

Quality 1915 1915 S 1915 D
Good $0.75 $20 $1
Very good $1 $25 $2
Fine $2.5 $35 $3
Very fine $5 $50 $4
Extra fine $30 $70 $15
AU $50 $109 $20
MS 60 $70 $125 $50
MS 63 $80 $460 $70
MS 64 $218 $1,725 $373
MS 65 $621 $2,760 $599
MS 66 $1,265 $12,650 $3,220
MS 67 $5,462 / /

*by Coin HelpU

Extra fine – Changes on this specimen indicate that it was in circulation for a short time. Although you can’t see crucial damage on the surface, it lost the initial luster and texture. In most cases, you can notice slight signs of wear only while inspecting it with a magnifying glass.

Fine – The time this penny spent in circulation left various marks on its surface. You can see some details merging, like Lincoln’s ear and hair or blurred Lincoln’s coat lines. The wear on wheat stalks is noticeable on the coin reverse, while the letters in the inscriptions have lost their sharpness.

1915 Lincoln penny value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1915 $1 $3 $34 $62
1915 S $7.7 $18 $61 $149
1915 D $1 $4.15 $27 $49

*by CoinStudy

Good – After a long period spent in circulation, this piece shows significant signs of wear. Besides numerous scratches and minor damage, you can notice changes in the relief. You can also see no clear lines between Lincoln’s hair and face or previously separated hair waves.



The US Mint produced three penny types this year with a few errors that significantly affected their prices. When you want to check the 1915 penny value, never forget that it is an over 100-year-old coin. For this reason, its condition is crucial when determining the price.

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