How Much is an 1957 Wheat Penny Worth? (Price Chart)

Sculptor Victor David Brenner created the Wheat penny (Lincoln cent), and it is still a highly popular coin among collectors. First pieces came into circulation in 1909, and their minting continued by 1958.

Regular pennies minted in the penultimate minting year are not particularly rare, so only the condition, the mint mark, and interest of collectors determine the 1957 Wheat penny value. Since almost all pieces are inexpensive, it is one of the cases when you should look for the highest grade coin.

1957 Wheat Penny History

The US Mint started the Wheat penny production in 1909 to honor President Lincoln’s 100th anniversary of birth. For this purpose, engraver and sculptor Victor David Brenner created a coin with the image of the beloved American President who abolished slavery.

1957 Wheat penny

Location Year Minted Value
Philadelphia 1957 282,540,000 $0.05 to $0.02
Philadelphia 1957 proof 1,247,952 $3
Denver 1957 D 1,051,342,000 $0.05 to $0.02
Total / 1,335,129,952 /

You can see a President Lincoln profile on the coin obverse with the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST above his head. The date is placed on the right side. You can also see the mint mark under it unless you have a coin minted in Philadelphia. The word LIBERTY is struck behind the President’s back.

On the reverse, the denomination ONE CENT and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in the center are surrounded by two stalks of wheat. Above all is the Latin saying E PLURIBUS UNUM.

1957 Wheat penny

Face value 1 cent ($0.01)
Compound 95% copper and 5% zinc plus tin
Coin weight 0.10970 ounces (3.11 g)
Coin diameter 0.75 inches (19.05 mm)
Coin thickness 0.07677 inches (1.95 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Plain

Initially, Brenner added his initials VDB on the coin reverse bottom, but other designers were outraged with such arrogance. After a short period of minting in 1909, he was forced to modify the dies and remove the initials. Therefore, you can’t see them on Wheat pennies produced in later years, including 1957.


1957 Wheat Penny Types

In 1957, the US Mint struck two Wheat penny varieties. An unbelievable amount of 1,335,129,952 Lincoln cents were produced in Philadelphia and Denver, including 1,247,952 proof coins.

1957 Wheat penny value*

Quality 1957 1957 D
Fine $0.05 $0.05
Very fine $0.11 $0.11
Extra fine $0.13 $0.13
AU $0.16 $0.16
MS 60 $0.3 $0.3
MS 63 $1.1 $1.1
Proof $6.5 /

*by USA Coin book

1957 Wheat penny

1957 Wheat penny

The Philadelphia mint struck 282,540,000 Wheat pennies in 1957. Since many pieces have survived until today, their price is low on the coin market. Plus, most of them were in circulation for years.

1957 Wheat penny value*

Year Extra fine quality Mint state
1957 $0.12 $0.15
1957  D $0.12 $0.15

*by JM Bullion

As a result, some highly graded coins can be worth a few thousand dollars, particularly specimens with original red color. Unfortunately, they are scarce, and you can typically get only 3 to 5 cents for an average piece without the mint mark. On the other hand, you can count on 15 cents to $10 for an uncirculated specimen.

1957 proof Wheat penny

This year, the Philadelphia mint produced 1,247,952 proof pennies, making them abundant and inexpensive. You can find a coin in decent condition for only $1.50 to $5. However, pieces with red surface color and deep cameo-contrast can be worth at least $100, sometimes even more.

1957 D Wheat penny

1957 D Wheat penny

The wheat pennies minted in Denver have the D mint mark on the obverse under the date. Since 1,051,342,000 pieces were produced, which was the third-highest mintage amount in the series, this coin is abundant on the official rarity scale.

1957 Wheat penny value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1957 $0.01 $0.02 $0.04 $0.2
1957  D $0.01 $0.02 $0.04 $0.2

*by CoinStudy

The 1957 D Wheat penny price is approximately 3 to 5 cents. Cleaned or damaged pieces will be worth only the copper value of about 2 cents.


1957 Wheat Penny Errors

1957 Wheat Penny Errors

Interestingly, you can find numerous error Wheat pennies minted in 1957. Therefore, you should look for any design doubled die or machine doubling, off-center strike, or the re-punched mint mark. As you can assume, any irregularity will increase your coin value.

1957 Wheat penny value*

Quality 1957 1957 D
Good $0.05 $0.05
Very good $0.05 $0.05
Fine $0.06 $0.06
Very fine $0.07 $0.07
Extra fine $0.09 $0.09
Uncirculated $0.15 $0.15
Brilliant uncirculated $0.3 $0.3

*by Hobbizine

Typical Wheat penny errors you can find include:

  • 1957 strike-through Wheat penny error is worth $5 to $50+
  • 1957 doubled die Wheat penny costs $3 to $10+
  • 1957 Wheat penny with die cracks is typically worth $1 to $20+, depending on the imperfection location and size
  • 1957 off-center Wheat penny’s price is $3 to $5+
  • 1957 Wheat penny with the re-punched mint mark will cost you at least $2.50


1957 Wheat Penny Grading

1957 Wheat Penny Grading

Uncirculated – This penny has never been released into circulation. Therefore, it shows no signs of wear, and you will see the surface that hasn’t changed at all since the moment of striking.

The original luster, minimal copper toning, and intact texture are a sure sign that you have an uncirculated specimen. Since even a perfect piece is not too expensive, most collectors will look for it.

1957 Wheat penny value*

Quality 1957 1957 with red-brown surface 1957 with red surface 1957 with red surface and deep cameo-contrast
Good $0.18 / / /
Very good $0.18 / / /
Fine $0.19 / / /
Very fine $0.19 / / /
Extra fine $0.2 / / /
AU $0.21 to $0.22 / / /
MS 60 $0.25 to $0.27 / / /
MS 61 $0.27 to $0.29 / / /
MS 62 $0.3 to $0.33 / / /
MS 63 $0.4 to $0.5 $0.55 to $0.67 $0.8 to $1 /
MS 64 $0.6 to $0.7 $0.75 to $0.85 $1.9 to $2.1 $292 to $336
MS 65 $2.1 to $2.4 $4 to $4.9 $10.8 to $13.5 $455 to $523
MS 66 $10.8 to $13 $13.5 to $20.2 $47.2 to $61 $780 to $897
MS 67 $47.2 to $61 $61 to $74 $1,180 to $1,880 $2,810 to $3,230
MS 68 / / / $10,000 to $11,500

*by Greysheet

Extra fine – This collectible penny shows only faintly noticeable signs of wear on high areas. You can notice light brown toning and sometimes stains or scratches on the surface. Lincoln’s hair and coat lapel are slightly flattened, but the date and inscriptions are clear and readable.

Fine – This penny was in circulation for years but wasn’t entirely ruined. You can notice light smoothing and scratches on the coin surface, but details are still well-preserved and visible.

1957 D Wheat penny value*

Quality 1957 1957 D with red-brown surface 1957 D with red surface
Good $0.18 / /
Very good $0.18 / /
Fine $0.19 / /
Very fine $0.19 / /
Extra fine $0.2 to $0.21 / /
AU $0.21 to $0.22 / /
MS 60 $0.25 to $0.27 / /
MS 61 $0.27 to $0.29 / /
MS 62 $0.3 to $0.33 / /
MS 63 $0.4 to $0.5 $0.5 to $0.7 $0.8 to $1
MS 64 $0.6 to $0.7 $0.7 to $0.8 $1.9 to $2.1
MS 65 $2.1 to $2.4 $4 to $4.9 $10.8 to $13.5
MS 66 $10.8 to $13 $13.5 to $20.2 $27 to $40.5
MS 67 $47.2 to $61 $61 to $74 $228 to $325

*by Greysheet

Good – Since the good grade is the worst possible that a collectible coin can receive, you can assume that this piece spent years in circulation. It is full of scratches, most details are flattened, and letters hardly legible.


1957 Wheat Penny Value

1957 Wheat Penny Value

Even though most Wheat pennies minted in 1957 are practically worthless, several pieces are worth a few hundred or even thousand dollars. You need to follow determined steps to evaluate the coin you are interested in.

Before buying or selling your coin, the first step is checking its condition. Place the penny you want to grade on a soft surface and tilt it under a light to assess any imperfection and details.

Additionally, it is necessary to find the mint where this particular piece was produced. While specimens minted in Philadelphia don’t have the mint mark, you will find a letter D under the date in a coin that comes from Denver.

Finally, you should look for one of the numerous errors found in pennies minted this year. You can also have your coin professionally checked.

The best options in the US are the Professional Coin Grading Service or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. However, they will charge for their service, so this decision only makes sense if you have a valuable specimen.



Two mints in Philadelphia and Denver produced over 1.3 billion Wheat pennies in 1957, the second-to-last issue in the series. Since the high number of these coins have survived, their price is low. You can find pieces in the mint state for a few cents, except for a few ultimate specimens that cost a fortune.

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