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Don’t wear gold before you read this. While a gold chain, necklace, or ring may just be a piece of jewelry to you, it could send a different message to the people around you.

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Which are the meanings of gold? Gold means power, wealth, royalty, intelligence, compassion, and classy. But, it could also tell that you are a manipulative, authoritarian who cares more about making wealth than people’s welfare.

In this article, we’ll give you a comprehensive list of what gold means in psychology, religion, business, politics, and your personal life.

Linguistic Meaning of Gold

Gold is one of the words in English that act as a verb, noun, adjective, and adverb at the same time. Take a look at the different linguistic meanings of gold.

Meaning of Gold Noun

  • An expensive, yellow, dense, metallic element
  • The color of the gold metal
  • A target, especially in archery that acts as the bullseye
  • The highest medal worn by the winner of a race or match.

Gold Verb Meaning

To cook or burn food until it gains the gold color.

Meaning of the adjective Gold

  • Related to gold.
  • Golden means that something contains gold. 

Historical Meaning of Gold

Historical Meaning of Gold
something borrowed

Referred in Latin as Aurum, gold is antiquity whose value and use as coinage jewelry and sculptures dates thousands of years back. In fact, there are archaeological artifacts that prove how people used gold in the Neolithic era at the end of the Stone Age. Throughout history, gold retains its title of preciousness, royalty, and wealth. 

Around 6000BCE, the metal appeared on the surface of Asia Minor, including the Pactolus in Lydia. Historians credit ancient Egyptians as the first people to mine underground gold in 5000 BCE. 

The inertness of gold made people associates it with a sense of immortality and longevity. Then, it was rare and aesthetic, which made it ideal for the ruling dynasties to demonstrate power and reverence. 

Meaning Of Gold In Ancient Times

  • The yellow color of gold is likened to the rising of the sun. Therefore, it brought happiness, triumph, and success. The raising of the sun was an indication of a new day, and many people believed that it brought good things with it. Dawn was the end to darkness and periods of pain and suffering.
  • During military campaigns, most soldiers found it took gold from their captives. If a battalion raided a city, they would loot all the gold in that place. The Vikings, for instance, associated gold with a sense of honor and victory.
  • Gold in ancient Egypt meant the flesh of the gods. The metal represented a sense of royalty, eternity, and divinity. The Pharaohs adorned themselves and their palaces with gold. When pharaohs died, they were buried in the pyramids with gold.
  • People who believed in the divine power of gold sometimes ate it or drank it as a way to purify or heal themselves.

Meaning of Gold in Art

Meaning of Gold in Art
something borrowed

Many caricaturists use the gold color for different representations.

  • When they paint someone’s head in gold color, they mean he or she is from royalty.
  • Also, the gold color in art represents the winner. The competition champion is awarded not only a gold medal worth but also becomes the symbol of excellence.
  • People who are intelligent and powerful are often associated with gold.
  • Sometimes the gold color in a painting is just a representation of the sun setting or rising.
  • In Roman Catholicism, the gold color surrounding the heads of “Mary” and “Jesus” shows they are holy and pure. 
  • Yet, if you ever see two simple drawings with human images of them, and one is painted gold while the other silver, it means that the gold is a man and silver is a woman. In short, gold, in this case, is a symbol of masculinity, while silver shows femininity.

Chemical Meaning of Gold

Gold is a metallic element with 79 electrons with the symbol Au.

In chemistry, certain properties define gold, including:

  • Chemical symbol: Au
  • Atomic number: 79
  • Chemical formula: Au
  • Periodic table Position: Period 6, block d
  • Electron configuration:

The chemical meaning of Gold Purity

KARATS Gold/alloy Percentage of Gold present Fineness
9K 9/24 37.5% 375
10K 10/24 41.67% 417
14K 14/24 58.333% 583
18K 18/24 75% 750
22K 22/24 91.667% 917
24K 24/24 100.00% 999

Meaning of Gold in Physics

In physics, gold is a brightly yellow, malleable, dense, ductile metal that occurs naturally in the earth’s crust.

The physical properties that define gold include:

  • Melting point: 1064.18 °C
  • Boiling point: 2970 °C
  • Density: 19.30 g/cm3

Psychological Meaning of Gold

Colors have the power to influence emotions in a human being and lots of animals. For instance, green makes animals feel safe.  If there’s danger, they surround a green bush or tree.

When humans are buying things online, they prefer to d transactions on web pages with the green color.

But, which character or emotion does gold represent?

  • The pure nature of silver symbolizes cleaners. And in the same way, gold might invoke in you a feeling of stability.
  • People who wear gold tend to be hardworking and detail-oriented. They are affectionate, and they will keep reminding their spouses or partners that they love them.
  • Then, kids who wear gold feel inspired by the existing rules. They tend to respect authority and follow routines. 

However, there are two sides to the personality of gold. Some people tend to be positive wire this negative.

The good and evil characters Associated with Gold

Good gold character Bad gold character
Desire to win


High self-esteem



Wisdom and self-worth


Self centrism




Spiritual Meaning of Gold

Spiritual Meaning of Gold
something borrowed

Ever since gold was discovered in 6000 BCE in the Middle East, humans have always associated it with divinity. The fact that gold would remain pure across several generations made them associated with godliness and eternity.

Today, gold means different things in different religions. And, every region has specific applications of the meanings of gold. The Bible, for instance, does not precisely disapprove of the use of gold even though it was used to make forbidden gods. But, it warns people to “store treasures in heaven.”

Here is what gold means in different religions.

Meaning of Gold in the Bible

The Bible has several instances where gold symbolizes different things. When Moses went up the mountain, the people of Israel had made a golden calf and turned it into a god. So Gold, in this case, has some sense of idolatry.

And even on Moses built the Ark of the Covenant, he used gold. Most Christians and Jews alike look up to a golden Paradise in the afterlife. Throughout the Bible, gold and silver indicate wealth, royalty, and divinity.

Gold Definition in the Q’uran

Most Muslims hold gold to be a material from paradise. However, some Muslim scholars term gold as forbidden for men.

The Sharia law even insists that Muslims should not keep gold for speculation or future value. Instead, gold is a mere currency.

The debate on the legality of the gold trade among Muslims ensues among Islamic scholars. Several kingdoms in Islamic history, such as the Ottoman Empire, embroidered clothes with gold.

Gold meaning in Bahai Faith

According to the Baha’i Faith and writings, gold represents purity and spiritual wealth. The Baha’i history describes gold more figuratively than the material metal. According to them, the purification of the metal in fire is a metaphor that suggests the process of spiritual perfection.

Gold in Hinduism

According to the Hindus, gold purifies anything it attaches. The precious metal is a symbol of wealth, power, and wisdom. If someone gives you gold, they wish you prosperity and good health. Due to the beauty of gold, some Hindus buy associate it with femininity. 

Corporate And Business Meanings Of Gold

Whenever you are picking a color for your logo and branding, pay close attention to its meaning. The color affects how people feel about your product, and you need to make it count.

Color psychology dictates that gold will send a variety of messages to your customers. In business, gold symbolizes power, quality, and performance.

If you want your product to give prestige and luxury, gold is the best-colored pick. The beauty and cosmetic nature of gold also mean that people may go ahead and like you. But you have to be careful lest your audience thinks your products are expensive.

Product quality

When people are looking for high-end products, the gold color might strike them first.

Gold signifies high quality. In fact, in the measure of standards, if someone tells you that a product is of gold quality, they mean it’s the best they can find. Some companies actually grade their products based on bronze, silver, and gold standards. 

Meaning of Gold around the world

  • In America, gold means luminosity and money.
  • The Chinese depict gold as shades of yellow.
  • For the British, gold is a symbol of the crown, kingdom, and royalty.
  • Mexicans use gold to decorate their Cathedrals.
  • If you are in Japan, you may think of gold as a symbol of wealth, strength, and might.
  • The French are known for their sense of fashion and beauty. To them, gold represents light luxury and decoration.
  • In most parts of Europe, gold shows harmony, solidarity, and strength. The European flag has gold colors to remind its members that their wealth and power depend on Unity.

Meaning of Gold Phrases

  • Fools gold is anything worthless that people mistake for gold.
  • Solid gold means unparalleled. Also, it could mean pure gold.
  • The gold star is a commendation or praise for someone’s accomplishments.
  • If you have the gold standard, it means you have a great measure of excellence.
  • A golden child is someone who is blessed with divine or extraordinary talent.
  • A gold brick is someone who cheats and tricks other people.
  • And a gold digger is anyone who sticks around only because they want someone else’s wealth.

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