How Much Is a 14K Gold Wedding Band Worth

A wedding band is a symbol of eternal love and a piece of art chosen to show the world your status. Every bride worldwide hopes to wear it on a finger for her whole life. As you have probably expected, most people care about the ring design, the gold type used to create, and whether the ring has a stone.

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It is a tradition to choose a wedding ring made of white, yellow, or pink gold. However, you should also check more essential things like the gold percentage that a particular piece contains. If 14K gold sounds familiar and luxurious, and you think about buying a ring made of this gold type, it is time to see how much is a 14K gold wedding band worth.

Wedding Band Tradition

Giving a ring to a bride has a long tradition. It represents a commitment between two people and a sort of promise that your loved one will love you and care for you for the rest of your life. All wedding bands have something in common. They are mainly created of gold.

As you have already known, gold is a relatively rare metal, and its price is usually higher than other materials used for jewelry design. In the past, gold was used as money and considered precious from the very beginning of its exploitation.

Since marriage was considered a contract between two lovers, two people in love exchanged presents made of gold. That way, they showed that their promises were as valuable as this precious metal.

In many cultures, jewelry made of precious metals was the most valuable and respected, while its appearance represented wealth, value, and luxury. Therefore, it was widely believed that a wedding ring must be made of pure gold with at least one gem.

This custom has continued to this day, so you probably expect to get a gold ring when thinking of a wedding. Since a wedding band is always much more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry, most people spend a lot of time searching for a perfect model.

Make the Right Choice

14K Gold Wedding Band

Nowadays, manufacturers give their best to make jewelry a masterpiece so that you can find wedding rings in various combinations, including engraved pieces and those with stones.

Many things have to be taken into account when purchasing a ring. First of all, you need to have preliminary information on gold and making techniques. For instance, the first thing to decide is whether you want a piece made of pure gold, gold-filled, or gold-plated.

In the past, only yellow gold was considered truly valuable, but you have more options nowadays. Many people prefer white and rose gold, and it is more popular among future couples than ever. It looks more fashionable and fits better to skin tone.

Gold Ring Value

Gold in its pure form is very soft, and it is impossible to create a piece of jewelry of it, especially a ring. Adding a metal such as silver or copper in a specific amount strengthens its structure, makes it stronger and more resistant to scratches.

Since almost every wedding ring has one or more gemstones, a suitable gold alloy needs to be firm enough to hold a stone in place. An excellent combination of gold and metal can make every design doable.

Gold fineness

Gold Fineness Parts gold to alloy Gold percentage
9K 375 9/24 37.5%
10K 417 10/24 41.67%
14K 583 14/24 58.33%
18K 750 18/24 75%
22K 917 22/24 91.66%
24K 999 24/24 100%

The gold type, alloy percentage, and implemented gemstones determine the ring value. Karat is a system to express the ratio of gold in an alloy, and you can see that proportion stamped on the ring inside. The most common marks are 10K, 14K, 18K, and 24K.

It is crucial to know is how many Karats your ring contains to calculate the gold percentage. Keep in mind that Karat refers that a piece of jewelry, including a wedding band, has a particular amount of gold, not that it is plated with gold.

Next, you need to know how much your ring weighs. For instance, when a 14K gold ring weighs 10 grams, that doesn’t mean it consists of 10 grams of pure gold. Such a ring is made of about 5.8 grams of gold and 4.2 grams of alloy that improves gold structure but has practically no market value, except silver.

Since all precious metals are measured by troy ounces or grams, you can quickly convert this value into a troy ounce if you prefer that way. Once you know the exact amount of gold you have, converting measure units is not complicated. In fact, you can find online calculators that can help you.

Gold price by

Since the gold prices change daily, you should always check the current gold value before calculating. The last step to precisely determine your ring’s worth is to multiply its weight with the current price.

14K Gold Ring Characteristics

Once you learn to calculate the approximate ring price, you should find reasons to pick out a 14K gold ring. Let’s see.

A 10K gold ring is a solid piece that will remain the same as it was on the day you bought it. Unfortunately, it contains only 41.67% of gold. The question is do you want to show your affection to your future bride by giving her a ring mostly made of copper or zinc.

On the other hand, an 18K gold ring is much softer, and you can expect it to lose the proper round shape over time. Plus, there is a bigger chance to lose a gem if the ring is made of too soft gold.

Keep in mind that the process of repairing and putting the gem back on the ring is quite complex and expensive. Even when someone agrees to repair the ring, no one can guarantee it won’t happen again.

Additionally, this ring needs to endure many pressures and contact with chemicals, depending on the bride’s lifestyle. Since most women wear their wedding bands every day and never take them off, it can be quite a problematic feature.

Since 14K gold is firm and durable, it is often an ideal option for a wedding band. It also contains a decent amount of gold to call it precious. In most cultures, this gold type is highly respected for its positive characteristics:

  • It is firm, and its structure remains intact during the years
  • It holds a stone firmly
  • This gold type has an excellent resale value

If you choose this option, the only thing to solve is to pick out the desired ring model made of white, rose, or yellow gold, depending on your preferences. Plus, you should choose a gemstone that fits the bride’s taste and your budget the best.

14K Gold Ring Price

14K Gold Ring Price

Once you decide to buy a 14K ring, the first step is to look at catalogs and online stores to check different models and average rates.

You will immediately notice that this ring type doesn’t cost the same everywhere. The prices are significantly different and primarily depend on the quality of workmanship and location.


The alloy added to gold affects the ring color and its price. The crucial things are the added metal type and its quantity in a particular piece of jewelry.

In most cases, manufacturers mix gold with silver, zinc, and copper in different proportions. A higher gold percentage will increase a ring value and vice versa.


In many western countries, the wedding band includes at least one stone. The most appreciated are diamonds, but you can also pick out a ring with a ruby or emerald. Since each stone has its own price based on its size and rarity, you will need to pay more for a bigger gem or when the ring contains a few.


A complex design always requires time and a skillful manufacturer. Therefore, you can quickly conclude that the most skillful jewelers’ creations are very costly. Not to mention jewelry stores that are brands. As expected, they usually keep their prices high.

Uniqueness and exclusivity

Be aware that unique pieces are the most expensive. When you want to purchase an exclusive model, you need to pay for both 14K gold ring and its originality.


In most cases, a jewelry store location also matters. In other words, you will pay more for a similar ring if you choose the one located in exclusive areas.


A wedding band is an everyday reminder of your promise. As always, your best option is to go through all information and discover what precisely the wedding band price includes. Only then is it time to select a store and choose a perfect ring model for your lady.

It has to stay the same, magnificent and stunning, and to give you enough confidence to keep your promise. When you look at it in ten or twenty years, you will know why a 14K gold ring is an excellent choice and worth the money spent.

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