The Lincoln penny is the lowest US Mint denomination, with over 110 years long history. Since the first minting pieces were struck in 1909, these coins have undergone several design changes. As expected, these variations often significantly affect their value.

The age and possible rarities are reasons for you to check each 1925 penny value well. Besides its condition, the mint mark can significantly increase the price. Three different types of this coin were produced that year, and only two bear the mint mark. Let’s take a look.


1925 Lincoln Penny History

President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to pay tribute to Abraham Lincoln and the centenary of his birth. That was why he came up with the idea of putting a beloved American President’s portrait on a new one-cent coin. That changed the previous practice of not having real people on the US coinage.

1925 Lincoln penny

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1925 139,949,000
San Francisco 1925 S 26,380,000
Denver 1925 D 22,580,000
Total / 188,909,000

President Roosevelt chose sculptor Victor David Brenner to create the design. You can see Lincoln’s portrait on the simple and concise obverse.

The motto IN GOD WE TRUST is on the upper coin rim above the President’s head. On his left side is the word LIBERTY, while the minting year and the mint mark, if there is one, are placed right.

1925 Lincoln penny

Face value One cent ($0.01)
Compound 95% copper with 5% tin and zinc
Coin thickness 0.07677 inches (1.95 mm)
Coin weight 0.10970 ounces (3.11 g)
Coin diameter 0.75 inches (19.05 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Plain

There are two wheat branches on the reverse side. You can see the ONE CENT denomination in the center and the inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA below it. On the upper rim is the inevitable motto E PLURIBUS UNUM.


1925 Lincoln Penny Types

The US Mint minted close to 200 million Lincoln pennies in 1925. You can recognize three types coming from Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.

1925 Lincoln penny

1925 Lincoln penny

With a circulation of 139,949,000 pieces from the Philadelphia mint, 1925 Lincoln pennies are very present in the current coin market. However, finding specimens in the mint state can be challenging because they typically spent years in circulation.

1925 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1925 1925 S 1925 D
Good $0.22 $0.85 $0.96
Very good $0.3 $1.13 $1.5
Fine $0.4 $2.1 $2.8
Very fine $0.67 $3.1 $4.5
Extra fine $3.3 $13 $14
AU $7.2 $34 $34
MS 60 $11 $102 $83
MS 63 $23 $227 $102

(USA Coin book)

Significant availability affects the price you can expect for this penny. For instance, a specimen in good condition can only be worth its face value of $0.01. On the other hand, you can get around $1,200 for a piece with an MS 67 rating.

1925 Lincoln penny

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1925 $0.2 $0.35 $3 $6.5
1925 S $0.75 $1.85 $12 $30
1925 D $0.85 $2.45 $13 $30

(JM Bullion)

The auction record one of these pieces won is not negligible. The specimen with an MS 67+ rating was sold for $5,520 at auction in 2021.

1925 S Lincoln penny

1925 S Lincoln penny

The San Francisco mint struck 26,380,000 Lincoln pennies in 1925. That was a higher mintage than previous years but significantly lower than the Philadelphia circulation.

This situation probably explains these pieces’ higher value on the current coin market. You can buy a penny in good condition for $0.75. However, a specimen in an MS 65 grade is more expensive and will cost you around $4,000.

1925 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1925 1925 S 1925 D
Good $0.1 $0.5 $0.5
Very good $0.15 $0.65 $1
Fine $0.2 $1.25 $1.5
Very fine $0.65 $2.25 $4.25
Extra fine $2 $10 $14.5
Uncirculated $7 $30 $27.5
Brilliant uncirculated $11 $65 $55


The auction record one of these coins reached is impressive. One collector set aside $54,625 for a specimen with an MS 66 rating at auction in 2005.

1925 D penny

1925 D penny

The lowest Lincoln penny mintage in 1925 belongs to the Denver mint. Only 22,580,000 specimens bear the letter D to indicate that they belong to this mint.

Consequently, these pieces’ presence on the coin market is not significant, affecting their value. The price you can expect for this piece varies from $0.8 to $2,760, depending on its condition.

1925 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1925 1925 S 1925 D
Good $0.17 $0.45 $0.64
Very good $0.37 $0.86 $1
Fine $0.38 $1 $1
Very fine $0.61 $1.23 $2.17
Extra fine $1.27 / /
Uncirculated $6.47 / /


Such a low circulation significantly impacted the auction record, as well. Thus, at the 2009 auction, a specimen with an MS 66 rating was sold for an incredible $74,750.


1925 Lincoln Penny Errors and Varieties

1925 Lincoln Penny Errors and Varieties

1925 off-center Lincoln penny

This error occurs when the design part is missing because the die didn’t hit the coin center. Specimen values can vary depending on the missing piece. For minor off-center errors, the price is typical $5 to $10. However, a 50% lack of design can bring you several hundred dollars.

1925 Lincoln penny with missing letters

This penny error occurs when the matrix is dirty and partially filled with grease. When confirming this error, you need to ensure that the letters lacking on the penny don’t stem from wear and tear. Such error specimens can be worth $50 to $100.

1925 Lincoln penny struck on the wrong metal

That rare error type occurred when a plate of a previously minted coin had remained in the machine. In most cases, the penny appeared as an error on the blank tiles for the Mercury dime. Since these error coins are scarce, their price often reaches $500 to $1,000.

1925 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1925 1925 S 1925 D
Good $0.05 $0.75 $0.8
Very good $0.1 $1 $1.3
Fine $0.2 $1.85 $2.45
Very fine $0.3 $15 $6
Extra fine $1.5 $25 $25
Uncirculated $10 $35 $36
MS 60 $50 $253 $51
MS 63 $60 $488 $195
MS 64 $64+ $920 $460
MS 65 $89 $4,025+ $2,760
MS 66 $299 / /
MS 67 $1,263 / /

(Coin HelpU)

1925 Doubled die Lincoln penny

It is one of the most common errors you can find among Lincoln pennies, but it is scarce in pieces struck in 1925. Coins with a double Lincoln’s eyelid are the most common. They are not particularly present on the coin market, and you can buy one for approximately $50.

1925 Lincoln penny with the re-punched mint mark

You can find such coin errors in both mints that used the mint mark. So, you can come across both the 1925 D double die and 1925 S double die coins. These specimens’ value is $5 to $20.


1925 Lincoln Penny Grading

1925 Lincoln Penny Grading

When assessing your collection value, the condition of each coin is undoubtedly significant. The best option is to hire a professional company to estimate such an old piece as the 1925 Lincoln penny.

However, you don’t need official ratings when the coin is too damaged, and its value is insignificant. In this case, you can only roughly determine its condition by following specific guidelines. 

Uncirculated – For the 1925 Lincoln penny to receive this rating, its appearance needs to be perfect and without traces of wear. Besides the original luster, you can notice all the relief details are clear and sharp. You should closely check a Lincoln’s bust to ensure that the specimen you want to check never circulated.

1925 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1925 1925 S 1925 D
Good $0.1 to $0.25 $0.25 to $ 0.5 $0.25 to $0.5
Fine $0.25 to $ 0.5 $0.5 to $1 $2 to $2.5
Extra fine $1 to $1.5 $7 to $8 $7.5 to $8.5
AU $8+ $95+ $55+


Extra fine – Collectors look for these Lincoln pennies the most besides those in the mint state. Short-term circulation left some traces on the coin surface, but you will hardly notice them with the naked eye. The first flattening occurs on Lincoln’s eyebrow.

Fine – This coin spent a long time in circulation. Consequently, you can see clear signs of wear on its surface, particularly on Lincoln’s bust. Fine details are no longer present, but the line separating the jaw and neck is still visible. Plus, you can see the President’s eyebrow and cheek merging.

1925 Lincoln penny value

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1925 $0.08 $0.4 $2 $7
1925 S $0.45 $1.4 $10 $77
1925 D $0.5 $1.3 $13 $48


Good – Thus rated 1925 Lincoln penny was in circulation for a long time and suffered significant damage during that period. You can notice numerous scratches and stains to its surface, while the relief details are flattened and lettering almost illegible.



The 1925 Lincoln penny value depends on several factors. The coin condition is crucial, given that it is a specimen close to a century old. Three mints produced these pieces, and the mint mark can significantly affect their value. Finally, you should look for possible errors that can dramatically increase the price.

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