How Much is a 1934 Dime Worth (Price Chart)

Are you among the few people who still own the 1934 dime? At what price do you think a buyer or collector would value your 1934 dime?

Well, you are at the right place for your answers. We’ll cover all about the 1934 dime value. People love the 1934 dimes because they have a unique moment in US history. Expect them to have some value in the US coin market.

Its features mean a lot about the nation’s heritage. Also, like the other ancient coins, the grading of this dime depends on the current looks.

The US had reasons to allow the minting of these coins. But let’s begin with brief info about these dimes.

What is a 1934 Dime?

What is a 1934 Dime

These 1934 coins are in the dime family. The nation had taken a two-year break in minting coins because economic depression.

So, in 1932 and 1933, the nation never made any coins. Before the end of 1932, the nation minted coins in low numbers. In 1934, the numbers started to rise as the firms made the 1934 dimes.

Adolph Alexander Weinman was the person behind this dime’s design. It was after Robert Woolley urged the government to change the looks of these coins.

But do these coins look any different look from the other dimes? Read on as we look at this coin’s specs.

Features of a 1934 Dime?

Features of a 1934 Dime

The key portraits and words on the 1934 dimes look like the other dimes. Still, there’s something to make these coins stand out. Keep reading to find out.

Size, Color, and Weight

They have a metal content of 90% silver and 10% copper. So, expect them to be silver in color when in a normal state.

All 1934 dimes have a silver weight of 0.0723 oz. The total weight of this coin is 2.5 grams and has a diameter of 17.91 millimeters.

Also, these coins have a round shape. They have reeded edges like the other dimes.


The US engraver Adolph Weinman made the dime’s head with Liberty’s portrait. You’ll see that she has a cap without wings.

This spec on the obverse tells the citizens to have the freedom to reason. Above the portrait, there’s the legend “LIBERTY.”

You’ll see the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” on the bottom left next to Lady Liberty’s neck. On the head’s bottom right, there is the year of mintage which is 1934.


When you look at the tail, your eyes will first fall for the looks of the Roman fasces. It’s surrounded by Olive branches to show peace in the United States.

Also, there is the US motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM.” It speaks a lot about US great seal and culture.

On top of the coin’s reverse, Adolph placed the words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.” At the bottom, you’ll see the words “ONE DIME.”

Mint Mark

Some 1934 dimes have letter marks while others don’t. It will depend on the place that struck these coins. You’ll see the mark on the coin’s tail. Let’s now know which mints made these coins from 1934.

Places Struck the 1934 Dime

Places Struck the 1934 Dime

Only two mints in the US made the 1934 dimes. Together, the firms made 30 780 000 dimes in 1934.

Philadelphia Mint

The 1934 dimes from this leading nation’s mint had no letter mark. Here, the nation made 24 080 000 dimes.

These dimes have a lower value than the ones from Denver. It’s because the 1934-D dimes were fewer and thus are rare to find today.

Denver Mint

Coins that the Denver mint were 6 772 000. You’ll see their letter mark “D” on the coin’s reverse.

The dimes served many people from the West. Also, expect the letter marks on these coins to be different sizes. Remember, these letter marks’ sizes won’t affect your dime’s value.

Why the US Mint made the 1934 Dime

Why the US Mint made the 1934 Dime

After the two-year break in minting coins, different reasons drove the nation to make the 1934 dimes. The main one was to make the US economy great after the great dismay from 1932 to 1933.

Also, these coins helped sustain the nation during World War II. These dimes were there from 1934 up to late 1945.

Besides holding the economy, these coins’ designs brought a message of peace. They have the nation’s motto and the olive branches that bring positive messages.

Factors that Influence the Value of the 1934 Dime

The value of every 1934 dime will never be the same. These prices differ because of the coins’ beauty, mintmark, how to handle your coin, and the presence of the specs. Now take a broader look at these features.


It’s the critical aspect when collectors want to check the quality of your coin. Your 1934 dime can be good, fine, very fine, or uncirculated.

Remember, the range comes from the scale, with the lowest being four and the highest at 70. Yes, grading can be costly. But here are the details of the 1934 dimes in every grade to help you rate your dime.

  • Good

These 1934 dimes have the lowest quality. They have passed through many hands during the many decades of trade. It means the coins have lost many details.

One of the features is that the coin has faded out and remained will little detail. Its rims now start to merge with the letterings.

Some of the dimes have scratches and appear scrapped. Collectors still seek these coins because of the beauty of the dime family.

So, expect these coins to have the lowest value. Remember, good 1934 dimes have a lower price than good 1934-D dimes. These dimes have the lowest grade of 4.

  • Fine

Here, the coins have gone through many decades of trade, and the ones in the good grade. Still, expect to see wear and scratches on both the head and tail.

Remember, your coins will still look as good as new. The coin’s silver color will still be present but with some rust.

Lady Liberty’s hair on the obverse seems to blend. At the back, the olive leaves’ details will have flattened.

It’s rare to see the wear and scratches on the small features like the year and letter mark. These coins have a higher price than the ones in the good class. They are on a scale of 12.

  • Extremely Fine

The coins in this class came out of the mint firm but went through very few hands of trade. Many collectors and buyers are after these 1934 dimes. So, expect them to have high prices.

Your coin will have light signs of wear on the big specs. Even with that, your coin will still appear appealing to your eye.

The wing has worn out on Lady Liberty’s head, but it’s still separated. Also, the Lady’s cheek, always round, can be a bit flat.

At the back, all vertical lines of the Roman fasces are separate. Other small details are much visible. So, the coins from this class have a scale of 40.

  • Uncirculated

When your coin falls in this class, know that you have a gem. The firms minted these coins, but they never circulated.

Every detail is still present and beautiful. Both surfaces shine with luster when you radiate them with light.

Such coins are the ones that many collectors love the most. So, expect them to have the highest prices.

Your coin can be in the circulated grade when it’s on a scale of 50 to 70. This difference in the scaling brings out the range in prices.


How rare your 1934 dime is will decide its value in today’s coin market. The 1934 dimes that still have the original silver are the hardest to get.

Also, if your dime has a mint mark, know that it’s not easy to get it. Such 1934 dimes are the ones that many collectors wish to have.

The Dime’s Preservation

You can have a 1934 dime under the uncirculated grade but will fall to the extremely fine grade. This event will happen when you handle your coin will less care.

Ensure you care for your coins well. Keep them away from much heat and moisture or prevent rusting.

Value of the 1934 Dime

Value of the 1934 Dime

What you’ll buy or pay for your 1934 dime depends on your grade and dime type. Every 1934 dime value has a face value of $0.10 and a melt value of $1.79.

As for the 1934 dimes from the Philadelphia mint, their prices range from $1.81 to at least $14. The 1934-D dimes’ value starts from $1.81 to at least $43.

So, here is a table to help you understand more about the 1934 dimes’ value.


Grading of the 1934 Dime

Date Good Fine Very Fine Uncirculated
1934 1.81 USD 3 USD 3.50 USD At least 24 USD
1934-D 1.81 USD 3 USD 3.50 USD At least 43 USD



Many collectors love these coins because of their beauty. Also, the 1934 dimes have a great heritage in the United States.

The US government made these coins in 1934. After some challenging economic period, the nation suspended minting from 1932 to 1933.

Only Philadelphia and Denver mints made the coins. Adolph gave the coins beautiful designs. These aspects make the coins have a great value.

Your coin’s value will mainly depend on its class. The grading varies with your coin’s present state.

So, do you think the 1934 dimes should have a higher market value? Feel free to say your views.

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