The 1934 Peace silver dollar value is slightly higher than other coins in the series, and finding those in the mint state can be challenging. You can notice that even pieces in worn condition are more pricey than those with other dates.

Three mints produced those silver dollars, including rare and highly appreciated errors. Keep in mind that the US Mint struck proofs only in 1921 and 1922, so you can’t find such coins with the 1934 date. Therefore, your goal is to find the best-preserved coins from regular coinage.

1934 Peace Silver Dollar History

Engraver and sculptor Anthony de Francisci designed the Peace silver dollar, produced from 1921 to 1928 and once again between 1934 and 1935.

1934 Peace silver dollar

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1934 954,057
San Francisco 1934 S 1,011,000
Denver 1934 D 1,569,500
Total / 3,534,557

The new Silver Purchase Act required purchasing silver produced in the States at a higher price than the one on the commercial market. This policy stimulated silver production and silver dollar market representation.

The rarity is that Peace silver dollars minted in Philadelphia in 1934 are among four dates with a mintage below one million. On the other hand, they are excellent quality, with beautiful luster and solid strikes.

1934 Peace silver dollar

Face value $1 (1 dollar)
Compound 90% silver – 10% copper
Silver weight 0.77344 troy ounces (24.05 g)
Coin weight 0.85939 troy ounces (26.73 g)
Coin diameter 1.5 inches (38.1 mm)
Coin thickness 0.09449 inches (2.4 mm)
Edge Reeded
Shape Round

The Peace silver dollar is a unique piece, even though it never reached the Morgan silver dollar popularity. You can see Lady Liberty wearing a crown on the coin obverse, with the word LIBERTY behind the image.

A simple design also includes the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST and the year of minting below it.

The unusual reverse shows an American eagle with folded wings sitting on a rock. The country’s name, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and popular motto E PLURIBUS UNUM are struck above its head.

The lower reverse part is decorated with sun rays, the word PEACE, and the denomination ONE DOLLAR.


1934 Peace Silver Dollar Types

After a six-year pause, the US Mint continued with the Peace dollar minting in 1934. Three mints produced 3,534,557 Peace silver dollars in 1934.

The highest mintage was in Denver, while the San Francisco mint struck over a million coins. Surprisingly, the lowest number came from Philadelphia, which was pretty uncommon at the time.

1934 Peace silver dollar

1934 Peace silver dollar

The 1934 Peace silver dollars were struck in relatively low mintage in Philadelphia. With 954,057 produced pieces, it was the lowest mintage that year. However, that fact doesn’t increase its price on the current market in relation to specimens from other mines.

1934 Peace silver dollar value*

Quality 1934 1934 S 1934 D 1934 D DDO
Good $38 $77 $38 $101
Very good $43 $85 $43 $115
Fine $49 $90 $49 $127
Very fine $55 $99 $55 $139
Extra fine $56 $206 $56 $213
AU $62 $566 $62 $434
MS 60 $139 $2,285 $177 $855
MS 65 $855 $9,103 $2,066 /

*by USA Coin book

You can buy circulated coins for $30 to $120, depending on their condition. On the other hand, those in the mint state typically cost $165 to $3,500.

Rare 1934 MS 67 Peace silver dollars are estimated to be $45,000 to $88,000 worth, while the most pricey piece reached $108,000 at auction in 2018.

1934 proof Peace silver dollar 

The US Mint only produced Peace silver proof dollars in 1921 and 1922, making them rarities of the highest order. It is known that only a dozen of these coins struck in matte finish still exist. However, you can’t find any with the 1934 date.

1934 S Peace silver dollar

1934 S Peace silver dollar

San Francisco had a higher mintage than the Philadelphia mint in 1934. However, each surviving coin of 1,011,000 minted is more costly than those without the mint mark.

On average, the price of 1934 S Peace silver dollars in low grades ranges from $30 to $1,610, but those in the mint state are worth more. Depending on its luster and texture perfection level, you can count on $2,500 to $38,000 for a piece.

The auction record from 2019 won a specimen with an MS 66 rating. One dedicated collector paid an astonishing $79,312.50 for it.

1934 D Peace silver dollar value

1934 D Peace silver dollar value

Despite a higher mintage, the 1934 D Peace silver dollar value is almost the same as pieces struck in Philadelphia. This mint produced 1,569,500 coins that year, and you can find low-graded specimens for $30 to $120.

                       1934 Peace silver dollar value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1934 $29.7 $31 $32.84 $117
1934 S $31 $35.2 $114 $2,421
1934 D $29.73 $31 $32.84 $123

*by CoinStudy

Coins in the high grade are expensive, and you should set aside $170 to $3,750 for any of those beautiful pieces. Experts estimate that those in an MS 67 grade are worth $80,000 to $95,000. One such specimen was sold at Heritage auctions in 2009 for $86,250.


1934 Peace Silver Dollar Errors

1934 Peace Silver Dollar Errors

Two atypical coins came from the Denver mint in 1934. They are more pricey than regular pieces, and most collectors tend to add them to their collections.

1934 D DDO Silver peace dollar

The 1934 Silver peace dollar struck in Denver has a well-known and pricey variety. Pieces with a Doubled Die Obverse error typically have doublings of the D or W letters in the motto IN GOD WE TRUST.

1934 VAM Peace silver dollar value*

Quality 1934 D VAM-3

DDO med D

1934 D VAM-4

DDO sm D

1934 D VAM-3

doubled tiara

Very fine / / $71.5 to $97.5
Extra fine $84 to $90 $200 to $220 $156.2 to $243.7
AU $102 to $150 $250 to $400 $378 to $1,680
MS 60 $212.50 $475 $2,750
MS 61 $218.75 $550 $3,575
MS 62 $250 $650 $3,850
MS 63 $379.50 $1,100 $5,500
MS 64 $550 $1,500 $7,500
MS 65 $1,595 / $10,000
MS 66 $3,000 / /

*by Greysheet

1934 D Doubled Tiara Silver peace dollar

Sometimes, you can see a doubling of Lady Liberty’s image that is particularly visible on the two right crown spikes. Such a specimen can be pricey, and you should set aside $10,000 for the one in MS 65 grade.


1934 Peace Silver Dollar Value Grading

1934 Peace Silver Dollar Value Grading

Uncirculated – The 1934 Peace silver dollars in the mint state have a significantly higher value than the price of silver they contain. These coins still have mint luster over the entire surface, while the texture is perfectly preserved despite their age.

1934 Peace silver dollar value*

Quality 1934 1934 S 1934 D
Good $30 to $35.6 $30 to $35.6 $30 to $35.6
Very good $30 to $37.2 $30 to $40.8 $30 to $37.2
Fine $32 to $39.6 $38 to $54 $32 to $39.6
Very fine $34 to $44.4 $55 to $90 $38 to $52.8
Extra fine $40 to $50.4 $125 to $234 $56 to $72
AU $65 to $120 $315 to $1,610 $68 to $120
MS 60 $165 to $198 $2,500 to $2,875 $170 to $204
MS 61 $175 to $210 $3,250 to $3,738 $175 to $210
MS 62 $200 to $240 $3,500 to $4,025 $200 to $240
MS 63 $240 to $288 $5,000 to $5,750 $ 345to $414
MS 64 $375 to $450 $6,500 to $7,475 $500 to $600
MS 65 $720 to $864 $10,000 to $11,500 $1,450 to $1,668
MS 66 $2,100 to $3,500 $26,000 to $38,000 $3,000 to $3,750
MS 67 $45,000 to $88,000 / $80,000 to $95,000

*by Greysheet

Extra fine – Only an expert can find differences between this coin and one in uncirculated grade since there are no significant signs of wear on its surface. Only the highest design details appear worn down.

However, you will need to use a magnifying glass to spot these changes. The first thing to check is Lady Liberty’s hair behind her neck since flattening always starts there.

Fine – This is the first grade when you can notice significant signs of wear with the naked eye. This coin’s high points are worn out, and you can see flattened areas above the Liberty’s eye and over her hair and cheek. Plus, the date and lettering are mostly leveled and smooth, while the coin looks a bit dull.

1934 Peace silver dollar value*

Year Extra fine quality Uncirculated
1934 $45 $50
1934 S $175 $500
1934 D $45 $50

*by JM Bullion

Good – Since this coin spent years in use, you should be careful when inspecting it. Most letters and the date are barely visible, while Lady Liberty’s image is flattened, without lovely details.

Most collectors avoid pieces in this grade, but it can be an excellent option for newbies and those with a limited budget.



The 1934 Peace silver dollar value grading is based on each piece’s condition. Specimens produced this year are typically worth more than others in the series. Plus, two well-known errors can be pricey, particularly in the higher grades.

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