The Best Flowers For Every Occasion

Whether it’s an anniversary, a holiday, or a birthday, we want all occasions to be absolutely perfect – or at least as close to perfect as it’s humanly possible. Obviously, that is not always possible (especially if you think realistically).

However, we know one thing for sure: getting someone the perfect flowers for any upcoming event or for good reason can actually go a long way toward making a solid statement to your family, partner, and friends – something everyone will remember for a long time.

As a standard rule of thumb, just ensure that you always opt for flowers that fit the tone of every occasion, both in terms of symbolism and looks.

From wedding anniversaries to Mother’s Day, there are flowers for all occasions – and the best part? You can get these delivered to the recipient’s doorstep without any hassle. For instance, if the recipient stays in Leicester, then you just need to opt for flower delivery in Leicester, and wham – problem sorted!

But then, who likes thinking about which flowers to gift – should you go for roses or tulips? Guess what?

While there are some flowers that are specifically meant for certain occasions, there are several flowers that are well-suited for every occasion. And that is precisely why we are here – to help you find the best flowers for every occasion. Stay tuned to find out more.

The Best Flowers For Every Occasion:

The Best Flowers

The Victorian Era witnessed many social, political, and economic changes. But that wasn’t the only stuff happening during this time. This time period is also well known for being the historical phase when the language of flowers or Floriography reached its height of popularity.

During this time period, correspondents used to communicate their actual feelings via floral. Each flower used to represent a secret symbol, expressing coded messages between senders and recipients.

While we might no longer be in that time period that believes in letting flowers communicate, we still end up conveying feelings through flowers. Bountiful flower bouquets happen to be generous gifts for every occasion, but they are considered to be so much more special when there is meaning associated with them.

Here’s the guide you need for selecting flowers depending on their significance.

1. Peonies:

A bunch of plush peonies represent prosperity, making it an ideal choice for wishing your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers. The pleasing petals of these flowers are available in several shades – from the bold to the blushing; these petals have their own special meaning.

Select an uplifting yellow for anyone who hates turning a year older on their birthday, while you can opt to give pink peonies to someone who is happy on their special day. Obviously, red ones are meant for only one purpose – romance!

It all boils down to selecting peonies that represent the occasion well (for instance, in the case of birthdays, taking into account the birth month of the recipient is vital) – don’t forget to add a small personalized touch.

2. Hydrangeas:

If you are wondering what’s the best way to thank someone and express gratitude, then you have come to the right place. You can always say ‘thanks’ with a bunch of hydrangeas. These large pom poms are available in a wide range of colors – from pure white to deep purple, each color represents gratitude.

Perfect for any ‘appreciation’ holiday like Nurses Day, Employee Appreciation Day, or Teacher’s Day, hydrangeas are beaming beauties, perfect for sending a message expressing your gratitude in response to an act of kindness or a generous favor.

If you think hydrangeas alone won’t be enough to express your gratitude, just add begonias and camellias to your entire arrangement since these are a symbol of thankfulness as well.

3. Dahlias:


Sometimes, we just need a little motivation. Maybe someone close is sick or is in the recovery process from a difficult surgery. Maybe a friend got fired from work or is going through a difficult time after their breakup. Maybe your partner has lost someone close to them.

Whether it’s a ‘good luck,’ ‘you will get through this,’ or ‘get well soon’ message, just let your close ones know that you are thinking about them – show your support and send them a bouquet of dahlias. Receiving dahlias on a really bad day can actually make someone feel so much better – it will give them a sense of support when everything around them is falling apart.

Dahlias are unique florets that signify dignity, devotion, change, and inner strength – all highly valuable qualities that spell support in bold during a bad phase. Not to forget, only beholding the stunning sight of these beautiful stems is definitely going to make things bearable, if not better.

Echinacea, Lavender, and Chamomile express feelings of restoration, relaxation, strength, and comfort. Plus, Goldenrods and Coneflowers also stand for encouragement.

4. Forget Me Nots:

When someone loses their loved one, it becomes impossible to find the right words – there are no right words for death. And most of us aren’t even sure of what to actually say.

Expressing condolences is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks out there – if you have to give some flowers and say as little as possible, it shows that you care, even if it’s nonverbal. Forget-Me-Nots are a great flower for expressing condolence, sympathy, and love.

It’s literally in the name of the flowers – these soft flowers represent remembrance and honoring the lives lost. On the occasion of a memorial service or funeral, you can bestow a bouquet of flowers on the death anniversary of someone. This way, the bereaved will know that you actually share their grief.

Another appropriate flower that represents remembrance is the Poppy. In fact, this is so true that red poppies have now become a symbol for memorializing veterans.

5. Daffodils:

A new beginning or a fresh start always calls for fresh flowers. What is better than acknowledging the arrival of new life with a beautiful floral arrangement comprising daffodils? These represent rebirth.

Plus, since these are some of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring, they are often associated with welcoming the onset of spring. As a result, daffodils are absolutely synonymous with new beginnings. Congratulate, people, on beginning a new chapter accompanied by a sunny spray of beautiful daffodils.

From housewarming parties, baby showers, and bridal showers to graduations and new jobs, these delightful flowers are perfect for any occasion. Once your congratulatory flower bouquet is ready, just add a few gladiolus to it. The name ‘Gladiolus’ is a reference to gladiators – it signifies qualities of victory, strength, and integrity.

6. Roses:


On holidays, flowers are considered to be traditional gifts that you can give to the hosts of the event you are attending on any particular holiday. It is only classic to go for roses in such cases.

Typically, roses represent love – not just romantic love, but all kinds of love. As a result, roses are so popular for all kinds of celebrations. From Christmas and Thanksgiving to Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, roses are considered to be one of the best flowers for all occasions at any one time of the year.

For any kind of additional significance, select a color that is related to the meaning of the same. For example, red represents romance, orange represents happiness, white represents loyalty, pink represents appreciation, and yellow represents friendship.

The occasion does not matter – a cluster of roses is a vibrant cluster that signifies affection and adoration. Alternatively, on any particular holiday, you can also choose from any seasonal floras and celebrate the day accordingly.

7. Sweet Peas:

Bouquets usually abound at wedding celebrations. But the idea of too many flowers is just ridiculous – there is no such thing as too many flowers, particularly if they have any special significance.

For instance, in France, it is mandatory to give sweet peas to brides on their wedding days. That is because these are delicate flowers, perfect for sending messages of ‘good luck’ and ‘best wishes’ for a happy and long union. So you can think about embracing the French tradition and sending sweet peas to two sweethearts on their Big Day right before they can say ‘I do.’

You can also complement your choice with peonies that symbolize marital bliss or ‘a zinnia’ – a zinnia signifies love that lasts.

8. White Orchids:

White orchids are considered to be some of the most meaningful flowers that you can send to anyone who is in need of some sympathy or someone who is grieving. These are charming flowers. Plus, white orchids represent maturity, love, and beauty.

For example, if you are wondering how to say, “You will always be special to me” or “I will love you forever,” but don’t know how to go about it, just go for a cluster of orchids.

Plus, white orchids serve multiple purposes. These are also commonly used for memorial services and funerals or while expressing you really care.

The color white stands for new beginnings, completion, wholeness, clarity, and innocence. The color white happens to be a beautiful way of symbolizing the journey of life.

9. Orange Poppy:

Orange Poppy

Red poppies are popularly known for being used during Remembrance Day and Anzac memorials. In such events, these flowers represent the ultimate sacrifice of martyrs. But that doesn’t mean all poppies represent the same emotions.

There are other shades of poppies that are known for inspiring imagination. Plus, different shades of poppies prove to be a great inclusion in the floral arrangements for different occasions.

Orange can be a pretty thoughtful shade that you can consider giving to your loved one if they are going through a discomforting period of change. Let’s assume that your best friend has recently moved overseas to study and is facing a lot of problems. If you send them a bouquet of orange poppies to them located all those miles away, trust us, they will feel so much better.

These orange poppies are bright and warm. Plus, these flowers provide emotional support and can boost self-confidence. On a bad day, these flowers can brighten up your friend’s day, showing how much you care with the help of these vibrant poppies.

10. Zinnia Magenta:

Zinnia Magenta is perhaps the most underrated flower in this list – and we always save the best for the last. The Zinnia Magenta is a beautiful flower that stands for lasting affection. You can show someone how much you love them and care for them with the help of this flower.

It doesn’t matter where they are located – they will know that they are in your thoughts and that you actually care for them. It can also be a great option for anyone who is grieving since these can also express that you are remembering an absentee friend.

The magenta color represents universal love. As a result, you can understand that magenta is a compassionate color, giving out so much vibrance and beauty to most floral arrangements that you must check these out!

Moreover, these vibrant flowers inspire beauty and boost emotional balance, helping people to move forward.

Say It With Flowers:

We had mentioned in the very beginning that there are flowers for every occasion – you just need to know which ones best fit which occasion. Sometimes, when you give the wrong flower on the wrong occasion, it can convey a different message.

For instance, you are meeting someone for the first time – it’s a date. To show that you are putting in some extra effort, you decide to carry flowers. Now, if you opt for red roses, then it might be too overwhelming for your date since red roses are known for representing too strong a feeling for the first date. But if you go with white orchids or peonies instead, then it will indicate that you want to keep things classic, which is great.

Naturally, nobody wants to think so much before choosing flowers – it’s all about convenience. This is precisely why we came up with the ultimate list of flowers well-suited for ALL occasions. The next time you are unsure about what to send, just go for any of the ones mentioned above, and you will be fine!

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