How Much is a 1936 Silver Quarter Worth (Price Chart)

The Washington silver quarter was minted for the first time in 1932, and its production continues today. The US Mint honored former President George Washington with this coin and marked his 200th birth anniversary. By 1965, the Washington quarter contained 90% silver, but the alloy was changed due to a significant silver price increase.

When determining the 1936 Quarter value, you need to pay attention to its historical, collectible, and silver value factors. In addition, the coin’s condition, the mint mark, and its availability on the current market affect its price.

1936 Washington Silver Quarter History

The Washington silver quarter is one of the longest-running American coins and the second piece depicting one of the former American presidents. Initially, this design was supposed to be a one-year commemorative coin.

The idea was to create a specimen in jubilee honor of George Washington’s 200th birth anniversary. However, US lawmakers decided to continue its production since Americans loved it.

1936 Washington silver quarter

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1936 41,300,000
Philadelphia 1936 proof 3,837
Denver 1936 D 5,374,000
San Francisco 1936 S 3,828,000
Total / 50,505,837

Even though the commission initially selected Laura Gardin Fraser‘s work in the competition, sculptor John Flanagan was the creator of the final conceptual solution. He based his design on the President’s bust the French sculptor Jean-Antoine Houdon made in 1786.

The sculptor placed his initials on the coins’ obverse, and you can notice the JF letters at the base of Washington’s neck. There is also the D or S mint mark on the coins’ reverse when they come from Denver and San Francisco mints.

1936 Washington silver quarter

Face value 25 cents ($0.25)
Coin diameter 0.95669 inches (24.3 mm)
Coin thickness 0.06889 inches (1.75 mm)
Compound 90% silver and added copper
Coin weight 0.20094 ounces (6.25 g)
Coin silver weight 0.18084 troy ounces (5.62 g)
Shape Round
Edge Reeded

On the obverse is a Washington portrait facing left. The phrase IN GOD WE TRUST is on its left side, while the word LIBERTY extends to the upper rim above President’s head. Beneath his image is struck the minting year.

1936 Washington silver quarter value*

Quality 1936 1936 S 1936 D
Good $6.48 $6.49 $15
Very good $6.48 $6.49 $25
Fine $6.48 $8.61 $29
Very fine $6.48 $11.1 $41
Extra fine $7.66 $15 $65
AU $9.84 $57 $287
MS 60 $29 $137 $585
MS 65 $137 $373 $1,228
PR 65 $1,667 / /

*by USA Coin book

The American bald eagle with an arrows bundle is on the coin reverse. Two crossed olive branches are placed below it, while the denomination QUARTER DOLLARS extends along the lower coin rim.

As you can see, the saying E PLURIBUS UNUM is above the eagle’s head. You can also read the unavoidable inscription UNITED STATES OF AMERICA along the upper rim.


1936 Washington Silver Quarter Types

Just over 50 million Washington silver quarters were minted in 1936. That increased the redesigned quarters number on the market, although the Standing Liberty quarter was still in circulation.

1936 Washington silver quarter value*

Quality 1936 1936 S 1936 D
Good $8.1 $8.1 $8.1
Very good $8.3 $9.25 $9.25
Fine $8.55 $11.4 $11.4
Very fine $9.05 $14.3 $23.75
Extra fine $9.5 $23.75 $67
Uncirculated $28.5 $105 $525
Brilliant uncirculated $95 $380 $1,190

*by Hobbizine

1936 Washington silver quarter no mint mark

1936 Washington silver quarter no mint mark

The highest part of the 1936 Washington quarter mintage, 41,300,000 pieces, was minted in the Philadelphia mint. You can effortlessly recognize these pieces because of the lack of the mint mark on their reverse.

1936 Washington silver quarter value*

Quality 1936 1936 S 1936 D
Very good $5 $6 $7
Very fine $7 $15 $30
Extra fine $10 $30 $45
AU $30 $60 $400
MS 63 $40 $100 $690
MS 65 $60 $195 $1,090
PR 64 $690 / /
PR 68 $5,175 / /

*by CoinHelpU

The quarter availability on the market affects its value nowadays, so a specimen in a good grade can be yours for less than $6.5. However, you will need more money for pieces in the mint state.

As a collector, you will probably be interested in an auction record. In 2018, the 1936 MS 66 Washington silver quarter was sold for $6,600.

1936 proof Washington quarter

1936 proof Washington quarter

The year 1936 is specific to Washington quarter proofs. That year, the US Mint produced the first 3,837 pieces, which was also the only mintage until 1942. During this period, proof coins were sold individually or in a set containing one specimen of each denomination.

This first circulation remained recorded as the lowest in the series. That is probably the reason for an impressive auction record from 2002 when a specimen with a PR 67 rating sold for $10,925. Otherwise, a proof with a PR 65 rating typically costs $140 to $1,700.

1936 D Washington silver quarter 

1936 D Washington silver quarter 

The Washington quarter from the Denver mint is recognizable by the D mark on the coin reverse. This mint produced 5,374,000 specimens, which was the second-largest mintage that year.

Therefore, their value on the coin market is slightly higher nowadays than pieces produced in Philadelphia. So, if you want to buy one of these coins in good condition, you will need to set aside $15.

1936 Washington silver quarter value*

Quality 1936 1936 S 1936 D
Good $4.45 $4.7 $4.54
Very good $4.45 $4.7 $4.54
Fine $4.45 / $5.45
Very fine $4.45 / /
Extra fine $4.45 / /
AU $7.39 / /
UNC $26 / /

*by Numista

On the other hand, you will need significantly more money for a specimen with an MS 65 rating because its value is $1,228. The 2004 auction record is not negligible either, as the piece in an MS 67 grade reached $17,250.

1936 S Washington silver quarter 

1936 S Washington silver quarter 

The fewest Washington quarters, or only 3,828,000 pieces produced that year, came from the San Francisco mint. You can recognize them by the S mint mark struck on the reverse. Still, the lowest circulation doesn’t significantly affect these pieces’ value in the current market.

1936 Washington silver quarter value*

Year Extra fine quality Uncirculated
1936 $8 $10
1936 S $15 $50
1936 D $55 $250

*by JM Bullion

Typically, you can get a little less than $6.5 for a specimen in good condition, while the value is slightly higher when the coin is in an MS 65 grade. You can get almost $380 for such a specimen.

The auction record from 2021 can pleasantly surprise you if you have a specimen with an MS 68 rating. One beautiful piece was sold for an incredible $31,200 that year.


1936 Washington Silver Quarter Errors

1936 Washington Silver Quarter Errors

As you can expect, having a specimen with an error significantly increases the collection value. Unfortunately, the 1936 Washington silver quarter is not such a coin, and you can’t find either key dates or rarities among 50,505,837 struck pieces.


1936 Washington Silver Quarter Grading

1936 Washington Silver Quarter Grading

To determine the 1936 Washington quarter value properly, collectors prefer hiring professional companies such as PCGS and NGC. This estimating process is demanding, and it is undoubtedly significant.

On the other hand, you can make an approximate estimate yourself if you need it unofficially. It will be enough to follow specific characteristics of different coins classes.

Uncirculated – A Washington quarter with this rating is every collector’s dream. It shows that the coin wasn’t in circulation for a day, and its appearance is almost perfect. You can see that it still has the original luster, while all the relief details are sharp and clear.

1936 Washington silver quarter value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1936 $4.19 $4.19 $4.7 $23
1936 S $4.19 $4.19 $21 $71
1936 D $4.19 $4.19 $42 $363

*by CoinStudy

Extra fine – The quarter assessed in this way was in circulation for a short time but managed to avoid significant damage. Changes are moderate, and you can see them only when closely looking at the coin surface. Commonly, you can notice that cheeks are a bit flattened while Washington’s hairline has started blurring.

Fine – This specimen was in circulation for a long time, and there are visible signs of wear on its surface. The relief details are flattened, like Washington’s hair curls above his ear or cheek and chin lines. Still, the existing damage neither endangers the complete image nor the letters in the inscriptions and the date.

1936 Washington silver quarter value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1936 $3.5 to $3.75 $3.75 to $4 $5 to $5.25 $18+
1936 D $3.5 to $3.75 $4 to $4.25 $40 to $4 $300+
1936 S $3.5 to $3.75 $4.5 to $5 $10 to $12 $65+

*by Coinflation

Good – This piece is at the desirability scale bottom, although it is still collectible. The long time spent in circulation has left significant damage. You can see numerous scratches on the coin surface, and some relief details are unrecognizable. Plus, the letters in the inscriptions are barely legible.



There are a few things to keep in mind when determining Washington silver quarter value. Depending on the mint mark and the coin’s condition, its price can significantly vary. Plus, you should always consider the silver value in the stock market before price evaluation.

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