How Much is a 1956 Silver Quarter Worth (Price Chart)

The US Mint began Washington silver quarter production in 1932, which has continued until today. This piece often seems like a strange choice to collect because it is still in circulation today. However, it is one of the most desirable coins among collectors due to its silver content and historical value.

Two mints, Philadelphia and Denver, produced the Washington quarter that year, and some of these pieces are still in use. Condition and the mint mark directly affect the 1956 quarter value, and you can also count on the price of silver it contains.


1956 Washington Silver Quarter History

In 1932, the US was preparing to celebrate the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. Therefore, Congress established the Bicentennial committee to celebrate this jubilee.

The committee announced a competition for the half-dollar’s new look. Meanwhile, Congress reversed its decision and chose the quarter for the commemorative coin.

1956 Washington silver quarter

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1956 44,144,000
Philadelphia 1956 proof 669,384
Denver 1956 D 32,334,500
Total / 77,147,884

The elementary competition condition was the former President George Washington’s image on the obverse. Commission of Fine Arts selected the sculptor Laura Gardin Fraser‘s work as a winner.

However, Treasury Secretary Andrew W. Mellon changed their decision and chose sculptor John Flanagan‘s design.

1956 Washington silver quarter

Face value 25 cents ($0.25)
Coin diameter 0.95669 inches (24.3 mm)
Coin thickness 0.06889 inches (1.75 mm)
Compound 90% silver and added copper
Coin weight 0.20094 ounces (6.25 g)
Coin silver weight 0.18084 troy ounces (5.62 g)
Shape Round
Edge Reeded

It was noted that the Commission tried to change Mellon’s decision, but it didn’t happen. They felt that Mellon was bothered by the female author’s work, so it was a matter of discrimination. However, the decision remained unchanged.

1956 Washington silver quarter value*

Quality 1956 1956 D
Good $6.28 $6.28
Very good $6.28 $6.28
Fine $6.28 $6.28
Very fine $6.28 $6.28
Extra fine $6.28 $6.28
AU $7.19 $7.19
MS 60 $8.41 $8.41
MS 65 $26 $33
PR 65 $15 /

*by USA Coin book

On Flanagan’s design obverse, you can notice a George Washington portrait turned to the left. The legend LIBERTY stretches on the upper rim, and the minting date is on the lower rim. If there is any, the mint mark is on the right side, just next to the bow that ties Washington’s hair.

1956 Washington silver quarter value*

Coin Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1956 $3.25 to $3.5 $3.25 to $3.5 $3.5 to $3.75 $5+
1956 D $3.25 to $3.5 $3.25 to $3.5 $3.5 to $3.75 $5+

*by Coinflation

You can see an American bald eagle spreading its wings on the coin reverse center. It holds an arrows bundle tightly, while two olive twigs beneath them extend along the coin side edges.

You can see the QUARTER DOLLAR denomination struck along the bottom rim and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA legend on the upper rim. Just over the eagle’s head is the required Latin motto E PLURIBUS UNUM.


1956 Washington Silver Quarter Types

The US Mint minted the 1956 Washington quarter in just over 77,000,000 specimens. The Philadelphia and Denver mints made three coin types, including proofs.

You can quickly tell the difference based on the mint mark since coins from Philadelphia don’t have the mint mark. On the other hand, those produced in Denver have the D letter struck on the obverse.

1956 Washington silver quarter

1956 Washington silver quarter

During 1956 the Philadelphia mint made 44,144,000 Washington quarters. It was significantly higher mintage than the number of coins produced in Denver.

1956 Washington silver quarter value*

Quality 1957 1957 D
Good $8.1 $8.1
Very good $8.3 $8.3
Fine $8.55 $8.55
Very fine $8.8 $8.8
Extra fine $9.05 $9.05
Uncirculated $9.5 $9.5
Brilliant uncirculated $20.9 $20.9

*by Hobbizine

Although this quarter is collectible and has a silver value, it doesn’t have an exceptionally high value on the coin market. You can buy a specimen in good condition for just over $6, while the one with an MS 67 rating costs a little more, approximately $110.

1956 proof Washington quarter

1956 proof Washington quarter

It was usual for the Philadelphia mint to produce a proof coin version besides standard pieces. This mint struck 669,384 proof Washington silver quarters in 1956.

1956 proof Washington silver quarter value*

Quality 1956 proof 1956 proof CAM 1956 proof DCAM
PR 60 $5.97 / /
PR 61 $5.97 / /
PR 62 $6.64 / /
PR 63 $7.32 / /
PR 64 $8.67 / /
PR 65 $13.5 to $16.2 / /
PR 66 $24.3 to $29.16 $33.75 to $40.5 $68 to $81
PR 67 $29.7 to $35.64 $47.25 to $57 $101 to $122
PR 68 $47.25 to $57 $68 to $81 $169 to $203
PR 69 $122 to $140 $260 to $299 $1,150 to $1,290

*by Greysheet

It is often necessary to set aside more money for proof coins. For the piece in good condition, you need to set aside about $3 to $6. On the other hand, a specimen in MS 69 grade will cost you up to $140.

Serious collectors often look for CAM and DCAM specimens. Any of them will require slightly more significant investment and cost you up to $1,300.

1956 D Washington silver quarter

1956 D Washington silver quarter

You can notice that the Denver mint made fewer 1956 Washington quarters than Philadelphia, only 32,334,500 to be exact. This fact indicates that the 1956 D coins’ availability on the coin market will be lower. 

1956 Washington silver quarter value*

Quality 1956 1956 D
Good $3.24 $3.24
Very good $3.24 $3.24
Fine $3.24 $3.37
Very fine $3.55 $3.37
Extra fine $3.6 $4.11
AU $6.24 $4.37
UNC $7.08 $4.85

*by Numista

However, the market shows that the 1956 D Washington silver quarter in good condition has the same value as the piece minted in Philadelphia, approximately $6. Still, this quarter value with an MS 67 rating is significantly different and can cost you up to $635.


1956 Washington Silver Quarter Variations and Rarities

1956 Washington Silver Quarter Variations and Rarities

Typically, coins with some kind of error appear every year. However, the 1956 Washington silver quarter rarities and key dates don’t officially exist. 

Market analysis

Coins minted between 1932 and 1964 contain 90% pure silver. The same goes for the 1956 Washington silver quarter.

1956 Washington silver quarter value*

Year Extra fine quality Uncirculated
1956 $7 $8
1956 D $7 $8

*by JM Bullion

Since they were in circulation for a long time, their only value is often only the silver they contain. However, specimens in the mint state are typically worth significantly more. Plus, you can expect its price to increase in the future.


1956 Washington Silver Quarter Grading

1956 Washington Silver Quarter Grading

The crucial factor in determining the coin value is its condition. Remember that evaluating the coin’s quality is not an easy task.

Therefore, most collectors leave it to authorized companies and their experts. Still, you can do an informal evaluation yourself by following specific guidelines. Let’s see.

Uncirculated – The quarter with this rating was not in circulation for a single day, and you can’t see any traces of wear on its surface. This coin still has its original luster, while the most delicate relief details are visible as if the piece has just come out of the mint.

1956 Washington silver quarter value*

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1956 $4 $4 $4 $5.19
1956 D $4 $4 $4 $5.19

*by CoinStudy

Extra fine – Since this coin was in circulation for a short time, you can notice barely visible signs of wear and tear on it. Still, you need to look at the coin’s surface in detail to see any scratches.

On the other hand, it is possible to see changes in parts such as hair and curls above Washington’s ear, where small relief details disappeared.

Fine – You can see significant signs of wear on this quartal caused by a long-term exchange. Although small and fine details are worn out, the relief is present and visible. Most letters in the inscriptions and the date are still clear and legible.

1956 Washington silver quarter value*

Quality 1956 1956 D
Good $6.1 $6.1
Very good $6.1 $6.1
Fine $6.1 $6.1
Very fine $6.1 $6.1
Extra fine $6.1 $6.1
AU $6.1 $6.1
MS 60 $6.24 $6.24
MS 61 $6.24 $6.24
MS 62 $6.24 $6.26
MS 63 $6.37 to $7.72 $6.37 to $7.72
MS 64 $7.72 to $10.42 $7.72 to $10.42
MS 65 $16.2 to $20.25 $20.25 to $33.75
MS 66 $33.75 to $40.5 $54 to $81
MS 67 $88 to $108 $52 to $635

*by Greysheet

Good – It is the worst rating a collectible coin can get. Since it was in circulation for a long time, you can see numerous scratches and damage on its surface. As a result, you can have difficulty recognizing design parts and letters in the inscriptions.



When determining the 1956 Washington quarter value, you need to consider its type and condition. Their price will depend on the mint mark and the coin’s overall look. Typically, proofs are worth more, so you should pay attention to these specimens.

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