How Much is a 1962 Franklin Half Dollar Worth (Price Chart)

A considerable amount of Franklin half dollars were minted in 1962 to fulfill a growing requirement for circulating silver coins. Many of them didn’t spend much time in circulation, so you can find decent pieces available on the market at an affordable price nowadays.

The 1962 Franklin half dollar value will depend on its condition. However, even pieces in uncirculated grade are relatively inexpensive, making this coin highly desired among new and low-budget collectors.

Franklin Half Dollar History

John R. Sinnock designed Franklin half dollar (Liberty Bell), not knowing that it would be the last US half dollar series struck only in 90% silver. He used a Benjamin Franklin bust statue as a model for its obverse design and put the Liberty Bell to the reverse.

1962 Franklin half dollar

Location Year Minted Value
Philadelphia 1962 9,714,000 $11
Philadelphia 1962 proof 3,218,019 $20
Denver 1962 D 35,473,281 $11
Total / 48,405,300 /

The US Mint director, Nellie Tayloe Ross, was credited with getting the idea of putting the beloved Founded Father on the coin. However, it was realized after a decade and a half.

The Philadelphia Liberty Bell engraved at the reverse was famous for ringing on July 4, 1776, when it announced the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Allentown. After cracking in 1835 and 1846, it stayed silent, but most Americans still consider it a national symbol.

1962 Franklin half dollar

Face value 50 cents ($0.50)
Compound 90% silver and 10% copper
Silver weight 0.36169 troy ounces (11.25 g)
Coin weight 0.40188 troy ounces (12.5 g)
Coin diameter 1.21 inches (30.73 mm)
Coin thickness 0.07 inches (1.78 mm)
Shape Round

Many people criticized a small eagle on the coin reverse. It seemed that it was added only because of the law, without the precise idea of doing it appropriately.

Ironically, Franklin disagreed with the idea to choose the eagle as the US national symbol in the first place. He believed that the turkey was a more noble bird for such a purpose.

1962 Franklin half dollar value*

Quality 1962 1962 D
Good $10.65 $10.65
Very good $10.65 $10.65
Fine $10.65 $10.65
Very fine $10.65 $10.65
Extra fine $12 $12
About uncirculated $13 $13
MS 60 $14 $14
MS 65 $96 $134
PR 65 $20 /

*by USA Coin book

This dollar’s production lasted only 16 years, from 1948 to 1963. Then, it was replaced with the Kennedy half dollar after President John Kennedy’s assassination.

High quantities were melted in the 1960s since the bullion value of silver this coin contained exceeded its face value. Nonetheless, this coin is still affordable and appreciated by collectors.


1962 Franklin Half Dollar Types

The 1962 Franklin half dollar is a common piece in every sense, and the US Mint produced 48,405,300 of them that year to fulfill a growing need for silver coins in circulation. The situation was paradoxical in those times.

Bullion collectors needed to focus on half dollars, dimes, and quarters with an increase of silver prices. That way, a shortage of these coins in use occurred, and it became necessary to enlarge the circulating coinage supply.

However, most of these dollars were quickly pulled from use, so finding a high-grade piece on the coin market is not too complicated.

1962 Franklin half dollar value*

Year Extra fine quality
1962 $14
1962  D $14

*by JM Bullion

Two US mints produced Franklin half dollar in 1962, including:

  • Philadelphia minted Franklin half dollars without a particular mint mark
  • Philadelphia minted proof Franklin half dollars
  • Denver minted Franklin half dollars with a D mint mark

1962 Franklin half dollar without a mint mark

1962 Franklin half dollar without a mint mark

Like all other Philadelphia halves struck in the 1960s, the 1962 Franklin half dollar doesn’t have a mint mark under the letter E in the word STATES on the reverse.

1962 Franklin half dollar value*

Year Quality
Fine Extra fine About uncirculated Uncirculated
1929 $8 $8 $8 $11
1929  D $8 $8 $8 $11

*by CoinStudy

Most collectors didn’t appreciate this lackluster design, so it wasn’t considered collectible in the past. However, people kept them for their numismatic value and as an investment because of the silver they contained.

Since many of them never realized into circulation, you can find a piece in an uncirculated condition for only about $10.

Even though a few dates in a Franklin half dollar set are costly, coins minted in 1962 are not in that group. Keep in mind that collectors always pick out uncirculated specimens by bell lines. The most expensive coins are those with fully struck bell lines near the Liberty Bell bottom.

1962 Franklin half dollar value*

Quality 1962 1962 D
Very fine $8 $8
About uncirculated $10 $10
MS 63 $30 $20
MS 65 $220 $55
MS 65 $1,495 $345
MS 66 $17,825 $4,455

*by COIN HelpU


1962 proof Franklin half dollar

1962 proof Franklin half dollar

The Philadelphia mint produced an impressive 3,218,019 of proof Franklin halves in 1962. Nowadays, this coin in uncirculated condition will cost you about $20 to $80, and only 1962 PR 69 Franklin half dollar is more expensive. You should set aside approximately $350 to $450 when deciding to add it to your collection.

                 1962 Franklin half dollar value*

Quality 1962 1962 D
MS 64 $215 to $247 $68 to $80
MS 65 $1,070 to $1,250 $455 to $523
MS 66 $1,250 to $3,560 $1,500 to $1,720
MS 67 $30,000 to $34,500 $30,000 to $34,500
PR 60 $23 to $27.5 /
PR 61 $23 to $27.5 /
PR 62 $23 to $27.5 /
PR 63 $24.3 to $29 /
PR 64 $25.6 to $30.8 /
PR 65 $27 to $32.4 /
PR 66 $29.7 to $35.6 /
PR 67 $40.5 to $54 /
PR 68 $68 to $81 /
PR 69 $358 to $455 /

*by Greysheet


1962 D Franklin half dollar

1962 D Franklin half dollar

With 35,473,281 minted Franklin half dollars, the Denver mint was the main place for their production in 1962. As a result, they are abundant on the coin market with a value based on the current silver price. You can quickly identify this variation thanks to a small letter D between the Liberty Bell and the letter E in the word STATES.

1962 Franklin half dollar value*

Quality 1962 1962 D
Good $16.2 $16.2
Very good $16.4 $16.4
Fine $16.6 $16.6
Very fine $16.9 $16.9
Extra fine $17.6 $17.6
About uncirculated $19 $19
MS 60 $21 $21
MS 65 $120 $165
PF 65 $23.75 /

*by Hobbizine


1962 Franklin Half Dollar Rarities

Full-Bell line

Full-Bell line

Even though Franklin half dollars have no rare dates or varieties, you can find those with the abbreviated designation FBL. It refers to pieces with a complete bell line thanks to a strong strike.

Collectors highly appreciate these pieces, particularly if you have a coin with the two unbroken lines running to the crack on the bell bottom.

Uncirculated coins that contain the Liberty Bell with complete horizontal lines are scarce. Therefore, you will need to pay approximately 50% more for this piece than a regular coin.


1962 Franklin Half Dollar Grading

1962 Franklin Half Dollar Grading

The Franklin half dollar series is attractive to collectors regardless of the budget at their disposal. If you prefer rarities and unique pieces, you can complete one for less than $1,000 or set aside more than $250,000. As always, the coin condition is everything.

Uncirculated 1962 Franklin half dollar

An uncirculated Franklin half dollar looks brand new, like it is freshly struck. All the details are clean with clearly defined lines and original color and recognizable mint luster. The ultimate coins have no traces of wear to the surface that leave a dull grey appearance in low-grade pieces.

Extra fine 1962 Franklin half dollar

This coin is in excellent condition but with discoloration, blemishes, and slight imperfections. Fine details are wear and tear, light grey color appears over the coin surface, and the eagle is a bit worn out to the touch. However, the coin still remains beautiful.

Fine 1962 Franklin half dollar

Such a coin has maintained the texture and lines, but some fine details disappeared. You can see dents or scratches on its surface and visible signs of damage due to long-term use. Its texture is often eroded, while its overall look is worn out, sometimes even dull.

1962 Franklin half dollar value

Coin Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1962 $6.5 to $6.75 $6.5 to $6.75 $6.75 to $7 $12+
1962 D $6.5 to $6.75 $6.5 to $6.75 $6.75 to $7 $12+

*by Coinflation


Good 1962 Franklin half dollar

Coins in good condition are visibly damaged with worn letters and worn Franklin’s face. You can often find a piece with a faded surface and ragged edges. In the worst case, you won’t be able to identify the coin type without a magnifying glass. However, even such a piece is worth some money because of the silver content.



The Franklin half dollar is well-known for its elegance, appealing look, and straightforward design. The one minted in 1962 is not particularly rare or expensive, plus you can’t find any highly appreciated rarity in this mintage. However, collectors look for this coin as a valuable piece of the series and part of American history.

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