27 Homemade Boho Jewelry Ideas You Can DIY Easily

Boho jewelry is incredibly in vogue right now, but buying it from a store can be expensive. However, the other option is to make it yourself, and the boho style lends itself incredibly well to DIY jewelry making.

For anyone who thinks that sounds like something they’d like to try, we’ve had a look online to see what other people have been doing – and as a result, here are our favorite 27 DIY boho jewelry plans you might like to have a go at replicating yourself.

1. Layered Necklace DIY: Boho Style – Crafts Unleashed

Layered Necklace DIY Boho Style – Crafts Unleashed

This simple boho necklace is easy to make using just a few inexpensive supplies. It mixes several items that you might not think of combining, but as you can see from the photo, they work perfectly together – and if you like this style, it’s an easy design to copy too!

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2. DIY Boho Jewelry from Niki Maragos

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, this video is recommended. In it, this YouTuber shows off her impressive collection of homemade boho jewelry, and while she doesn’t give you detailed instructions for how to copy her pieces, it still shouldn’t be too hard to create something similar yourself.


3. DIY Boho Chain Necklace Set – My Girlish Whims

DIY Boho Chain Necklace Set My Girlish Whims

The DIY boho necklace this post teaches you to make is ideal for summer – it’s just the kind of thing you can wear when you’re heading out to the beach. It’s not a particularly challenging item to make, and you can easily customize the design, allowing you to produce something that perfectly matches your style and tastes.

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4. DIY Epoxy Resin Bohemian Earrings

For those who enjoy working with resin, here’s a great design for boho-style resin earrings. We love the way the different colors combine to create these unique and original pieces of jewelry – and we’re sure this is a plan that plenty of people will be keen to try out at home.


5. How to Make a Long Beaded Boho Necklace – Golden Age Beads

How to Make a Long Beaded Boho Necklace – Golden Age Beads

This long beaded necklace incorporates a mix of turquoise and bronze beads in different sizes and colors to give it an unmistakably bohemian style. It’s so easy to make and will cost very little – and when it’s done, it will look great worn alone or combined with other necklaces to create a more eclectic look.

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6. DIY Boho Beaded Earrings

As the introduction to this video points out, this style of earrings is extremely popular – but if you want to save yourself some cash, you don’t need to buy a pair because they’re easy enough to make yourself. It might take a little patience and determination, but the results will be worth it, so why not have a go and see how they turn out?


7. Making Cool Leather Bracelet of Boho Style with Chain and Wood Beads

Making Cool Leather Bracelet of Boho Style with Chain and Wood Beads

The bracelet this tutorial teaches you how to make is adorable. We love the way it combines a leather strap with wood beads, giving it a wonderful boho-chic look. The supplies you’ll need are all inexpensive too, so you’ll be able to make yourself an attractive and stylish accessory without spending too much money!

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8. How To Make Boho Chic Ribbon Wrapped Bangle Bracelets

If you like bangles, you’ll love this plan for turning some cheap and uninspiring ones into something far more colorful and chic. In the video, this YouTuber uses ribbons and bicones of the same color, so the variety comes from wearing several different bangles together – but with this design, it’s easy to mix things up a bit, allowing you to come up with creative and original designs of your own.


9. Bohemian Bracelet DIY Tutorial – Live.Craft.Love.

Bohemian Bracelet DIY Tutorial – Live.Craft.Love.

The stacked bracelet this tutorial shows you how to make is a great example of the boho style. It combines a variety of wood beads, tassels and other elements to create a piece of jewelry that looks high-end and expensive but that is actually extremely inexpensive to make. And again, you don’t need to follow the design exactly, allowing you to make a unique version that most closely matches your style.

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10. DIY Boho Jewelry at Home

Here’s an idea we love – because it’s so simple to make and yet still looks fantastic. The supplies you’ll need to copy this plan are minimal and will cost you next to nothing, so if you want to learn how to make attractive boho accessories without spending lots of money, this is a plan that’s worth checking out.


11. DIY Boho Necklace: An Easy and Fun Tutorial – Barefoot Beachbird

DIY Boho Necklace An Easy and Fun Tutorial – Barefoot Beachbird

The boho style is one that just goes so well with warm weather and summer fashion, so if the mercury is rising and you’re in need of some new accessories to wear, this is a tutorial you should enjoy. In it, you’ll learn how to make a super-cute boho necklace with assorted beads and other elements – give the post a read and see what you think!

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12. 6 Ways to Make DIY Boho Jewelry with Liquid Sculpey

For anyone looking for creative and original ways to produce homemade jewelry, this video should be of interest. It teaches you six different ways to make boho jewelry using Liquid Sculpey, an easy-to-use liquid clay that’s just perfect for creating intricate designs using special molds. We love all her designs, so it’s hard for us to pick a favorite. What about you?


13. DIY Dreamcatcher Necklace – Juliette Laura

DIY Dreamcatcher Necklace – Juliette Laura

Dreamcatcher necklaces are a classic example of boho jewelry, so if it’s a style you like, this is a plan you should appreciate. There’s nothing difficult about this design, so you shouldn’t have any trouble recreating it at home – and the finished necklace looks stunning..

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14. Handmade Boho Necklace Making at Home

Here’s a fun tutorial that should be easy for most people to copy. In it, you’ll learn how to make a simple boho necklace using wool, a couple of charms and a few other materials you won’t have any trouble finding. It looks great too, so why not see if you can make one just like it?


15. Boho-Style earrings: DIY in five minutes – Selected Israel Handmade Jewelry Designs

Boho-Style earrings DIY in five minutes – Selected Israel Handmade Jewelry Designs

If you want to make yourself some DIY boho jewelry but you don’t have lots of time to spend creating anything too intricate or complicated, this is a plan that should appeal. The earrings it teaches you to make can be finished in only five minutes and will hardly cost you anything to produce either, so you can have them done and ready to wear in no time at all!

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16. Bohemian Earrings – DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads

The earrings in this tutorial are a bit more complicated and challenging to make, but as you can see from the video, they’ll be worth all the extra effort. That said, they’re not that hard to make either, so if you’re up for testing your jewelry-making skills, this could be a great plan to attempt.


17. DIY Boho Style Earrings – Pretty Handy Girl

DIY Boho Style Earrings – Pretty Handy Girl

As this blog post tells us, boho jewelry is all the rage right now – and it’s also a style of jewelry that’s particularly well suited to DIY, as you can see from this post. In it, you’ll learn how to make a pair of simple but attractive tasseled earrings that lots of people are sure to love. Check out the blog and see if you’re one of them!

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18. How to make a Boho Chic Bracelet

In this tutorial, this YouTuber demonstrates how to make a chic boho-style bracelet using seed beads. We like the way the video explains the techniques you’ll need to use in lots of detail, making it a simple plan that anyone will be able to copy – as long as they have a little patience and determination!


19. DIY Boho Choker Necklace – Sweetteal.com

DIY Boho Choker Necklace – Sweetteal.com

Here’s a great plan for a boho-style choker necklace, which, as this blogger writes, are making a big comeback at the moment. We love the simple elegance of this design, and we’re sure we won’t be the only ones. It looks so stylish in the photos, and if you want to make one for yourself too, this post has all the details you need.

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20. How to Make the Boho Chic Earrings – DIY Earring Tutorial

To make the earrings in this tutorial, all you’ll need are rings, feathers, Czech glass beads, ear wires and craft wire – and when you’ve assembled everything required, the rest is easy! Of course, you can substitute other similar items to give the earrings your own personal touch, making this a fun project that most amateur jewelry makers will love trying.


21. How to Make Colorful Boho Earrings with Tassels – Happy Mothering

How to Make Colorful Boho Earrings with Tassels – Happy Mothering

These colorful boho earrings featuring wood beads and tassels are among our favorites – we love the coiled wire design, and we think the beads and the tassels finish them off perfectly. Since there’s nothing expensive required to make them, they’re an affordable option too, so if you like them as much as we do, you won’t have any trouble making a pair of your own.

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22. Crusty Boho Earrings – Jewelry Tutorial

This is another earring design we love, this time because they’re so original. As this YouTuber writes in the introduction, the secret is in choosing the rights bits and pieces to layer together, and if you get it right, the mix of shapes, colors and textures gives a crusty yet chic earthy look. Once you assemble all your supplies, they’re easy to make too, so if you like this idea, what are you waiting for?


23. DIY Boho Style Earrings: 6 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

DIY Boho Style Earrings 6 Steps(with Pictures) Instructables

Here’s a great plan for some colorful pretty boho earrings with a distinct ethnic vibe. You’ll need to do a bit of stitching to make them, although there’s nothing too complicated, and when they’re finished, we’re sure you’ll love wearing them and showing them off to your friends. Another great idea and a recommended read.

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24. DIY Boho Beads and Bracelets

In this video, this YouTuber teaches you how to make jewelry from the kind of items you can pick up from your local thrift shop. This is the third part in the series, and here she demonstrates how to produce boho-style beads and bracelets. She has lots of great ideas, and you’ll also be able to learn a lot of tips and tricks from her, so if you’re interested in improving your jewelry-making skills, this tutorial is one you’d do well to watch.


25. DIY: My First Attempt at Boho Jewelry Making – My Cosy Retreat

DIY My First Attempt at Boho Jewelry Making – My Cosy Retreat

We always enjoy reading posts where bloggers share their first attempt at doing something. You can’t always expect everything to go right first time, and the best DIYers quickly learn from their mistakes. That said, the boho jewelry this blogger made looks pretty good for a first effort. Check it out to see how she did it!

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26. Boho Necklace with Feathers – Video Tutorial Jewelry Making

If you want to learn a new skill, it’s a great idea to watch people who have already mastered it, and that’s also true of making jewelry. That’s why watching this YouTuber at work is so interesting – because in her video, she shows us how she made a gorgeous boho necklace with feathers. Think you can make something similar? Then why not give it a go?


27. DIY Boho Earrings Tutorial: Instructions + Picture Tutorial

DIY Boho Earrings Tutorial Instructions + Picture Tutorial

These stunning earrings have an understated boho-chic look that really makes them stand out. As the blogger writes, they’re also among the easiest things she’s ever made, which means anyone who likes them will be able to copy the design without any problems.

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Loads of great ideas to help you get inspired

As you can see, there are so many great ideas for boho jewelry for you to copy, and perhaps the hardest part will be deciding which one you want to try making first.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed watching and reading them too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the ideas you needed for making some beautiful pieces of boho jewelry at home.

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