25 Homemade Resin Jewelry Ideas You Can DIY Easily

If you’re interested in making your own jewelry, resin is a wonderful material to work with. It’s so versatile, allowing you to come up with all kinds of original items – and the only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

For anyone who thinks they might like to have a go, we’ve had a look online to see what other people have been trying – and as a result, here are our favorite 25 DIY resin jewelry plans you might like to try at home.


1. How to Make Resin Jewelry – wikiHow

How to Make Resin Jewelry – wikiHow

If you’re looking for an introduction to making resin jewelry, this post on WikiHow would be a great place to start. It provides a broad overview of the art, giving you advice on getting set up and buying the basic tools and materials. It then goes on to give you some suggestions for a few simple projects you can try, allowing you to take your first steps into the world of resin jewelry making.

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2. How to Make Secret Wood Type Necklace Pendants

This is one of the more bizarre videos we’ve seen on YouTube – because the host is a slightly creepy-looking puppet frog. However, that aside, this tutorial teaches you how to make a range of highly original and attractive pendants using a wood and resin technique, and as you can see in the video, the effect is stunning. So if you want to learn how to make them at home, listen to the frog!


3. How to Make Resin Jewelry – Tutorial and Best Resin for Jewelry

How to Make Resin Jewelry - Tutorial and Best Resin for Jewelry

As this tutorial tells us, when working with synthetic resin, there are practically no limits to creativity in design, and if you want to have a go, this post is well worth a read. It tells you all about the best types of resin to use, how to make molds and which tools you’ll need to get started. It also contains info about some of the basic techniques, giving you all the details you need to have a go yourself.

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4. DIY Epoxy Resin Bohemian Earrings

In this video, you’ll learn how to make bohemian earrings using epoxy resin. It’s fun to watch as this YouTuber demonstrates the process, and we love seeing how the earrings take shape. They look amazing when they’re finished too, and if you like this style, it’s a project you should be able to copy easily at home.


5. DIY Seashore Resin Jewelry – Resin Crafts

DIY Seashore Resin Jewelry – Resin Crafts

This blog features seashore-themed resin jewelry that looks super-cute. This DIY jewelry maker used a blue resin backdrop and added seaside-related items like shells, turtles and starfish to make a set of beautiful and unique pendants. This is such a great idea and one we’re sure lots of people will love – check out the post and see if you’re one of them!

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6. Resin Earrings Tutorial

Here’s a useful video to watch for anyone interested in trying their hand at making some simple yet attractive resin earrings. We like the way this YouTuber explains everything so clearly, making this a method just about anyone will be able to copy. The result is highly impressive too, so why not have a go at making something similar?


7. DIY Epoxy Resin Jewelry – A Beautiful Mess

DIY Epoxy Resin Jewelry – A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is always a reliable source of ideas for a range of craft projects, and this tutorial for resin jewelry hasn’t let us down. You’ll find a range of ideas to inspire you, and there’s sure to be something you like. Our favorites are the ones with sprinkles inside – what about you?

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8. Resin Jewelry Making Beginner – What You Must Know

Resin Jewelry Making Beginner - What You Must Know

Resin is a fun material to work with, and once you master the basic techniques, it will open up almost limitless possibilities for creating original and unique jewelry. However, it’s not something you can just jump in and start experimenting with if you don’t know what you’re doing, so this post teaches you everything a beginner needs to be aware of. The information it contains is invaluable – and once you’ve taken it all on board, you’ll then be free to get as creative as you like!

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9. How to Make Resin Earrings! Complete with Custom Earring Cards

Here’s a great video to watch if you want to learn how to start producing your own resin earrings using ready-made molds. It’s so interesting watching this talented YouTuber at work, and she also has plenty of tips to help ensure you always achieve the best results. Like her designs? Then why not have a go at making some earrings just like these yourself?


10. How To Make Resin Jewelry – The Bench

How To Make Resin Jewelry – The Bench

As this post points out, resin is a highly versatile material that will allow you to produce a range of different jewelry items, including pendants, rings, charm bracelets and more. For beginners looking for some simple projects to tackle, it then gives you tutorials for making resin pendants and rings, so even if you’re a rookie resin worker, these are plans you should be able to recreate at home.

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11. How To Make Resin Necklaces

In this video, you’ll learn how to cut down on waste when working with resin by using reusable materials. The necklaces it demonstrates incorporate a range of leaves and flowers, so they’ll also give your jewelry a touch of nature. We love the way these necklaces look, and if you do too, this video tells you everything you need to know to copy them.


12. How to Make Resin Jewelry with Flowers – Sustain My Craft Habit

How to Make Resin Jewelry with Flowers – Sustain My Craft Habit

Clear resin preserves flowers perfectly, capturing their beauty and transforming them into pretty items of jewelry that will last forever. And for those who want to learn how to do it, this blog post teaches you the techniques you need to know, allowing you to use flowers to create unique pieces of jewelry of your own.

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13. DIY Epoxy Resin Jewelry Ideas using Plastic Straw as a Mold

We love creative and original ideas, and this one certainly qualifies – it’s a plan for resin jewelry using nothing but plastic straws as a mold. Check out the video to see the stunning effects you can create using this simple and inexpensive technique. And then if you like what you see, you can have a go at making something similar yourself.


14. Guide: How to Make Resin Jewelry – Skillshare Blog

Guide How to Make Resin Jewelry – Skillshare Blog

We’ve already seen that resin jewelry that incorporates flowers is incredibly popular, and here’s another tutorial that shows you how to make it. The colored pendants with leaf skeletons frozen inside are sublime, and there are loads of other ideas you’re sure to love, so check it out to see how to make them.

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15. DIY Resin Ring


Although you wouldn’t guess it from the items she makes, this YouTuber is a relative novice when it comes to DIY jewelry making, as she admits in the introduction to her video. However, that should serve as an inspiration to all of us since if she can do it, so can anyone. And if that makes you want to have a go yourself, check out her tutorial to see how it’s done.


16. How to make Resin Jewelry and the Best Jewelry Resin

How to make Resin Jewelry and the Best Jewelry Resin

Check out the photos in this blog post – there are resin pendants that incorporate wood, colorful rings that catch the eye and even some pieces with preserved insects inside. There are some amazingly creative ideas on display, and you’re sure to come up with plenty of your own too – and if you want to know how to get started, this post has all the details you need.

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17. Using UV Resin: A beginners Guide

When learning a new skill, it’s always a good idea to pick up as many tips and tricks as you can from the experts, so if you’re just at the start of your resin jewelry journey, this is a video you should watch. In it, this YouTuber shares her top five tips for working with resin, helping to take your skills to the next level.


18. My Materials: Epoxy Resin Jewelry – Domestika

My Materials Epoxy Resin Jewelry – Domestika

If you want to try making your own jewelry with resin, there are a few tools and pieces of equipment you’ll need to acquire – and this blog gives you advice on what’s necessary. Then once you’ve assembled the basics, you’ll be able to start coming up with creative and original designs of your own. A recommended read!

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19. Resin Jewelry for Beginners – First Time Trying Resin

In this video, we get to see this amateur jewelry maker experimenting with resin for the first time. We love her enthusiasm for what she does, and she’s obviously a big fan of the new material she’s working with. This is the kind of video that makes us want to try too, and we’re sure we won’t be the only ones.


20. Making Jewelry with Resin: Tips & Tricks – Counter Culture DIY

Making Jewelry with Resin Tips & Tricks - Counter Culture DIY

Here’s another useful blog post full of tips and tricks for any budding resin jewelry makers. It covers the basics like choosing the best resin and buying the tools as well as giving you pointers on some of the more advanced techniques you might like to try. All in all, a great resource and something anyone interested in making resin jewelry would do well to read.

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21. Cool Epoxy Resin DIY Crafts

This is a fun video to watch since it shows you examples of the kind of thing it’s possible to make with resin with just a bit of creativity and imagination. We love the orange drink earrings at the start, but all of the designs are amazing. A great video to watch if you’re in search of ideas for fun and original jewelry to make that’s sure to impress everyone who sees it.


22. How to Make Resin Jewelry and Find the Best Jewelry Resin

How to Make Resin Jewelry and Find the Best Jewelry Resin

When it comes to making resin jewelry, it’s perhaps more important to learn the basics yourself and then to create original pieces of your own than to simply copy the ideas of other people. That being the case, this is another post that’s worth a read since it will help you learn the fundamentals of this fun jewelry-making technique. Then what you go on to create afterwards will be entirely up to you.

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23. Resin Art for Beginners – DIY Earrings

Here’s another video of a YouTuber trying her hand at making resin earrings for the first time. She might not have done this before, but she’s clearly a very talented individual since her project turns out perfectly. At the same time, the techniques are quite simple to replicate, so if you want to have a go, this is an idea that shouldn’t be too hard to copy.


24. how to Make Resin Jewelry – The Handmade Home

how to Make Resin Jewelry – The Handmade Home

In her post, this blogger writes about how she finally got round to playing about with making resin jewelry – and now she’s addicted. Much of the appeal comes from the versatility of the material, allowing you to come up with all kinds of beautiful designs. The pieces she shows us in this post are elegantly simple, and we’re sure it’s a style lots of people will be eager to copy.

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25. Resin Jewelry Tutorial – DIY Earrings with UV Resin

This video gives you another example of the kind of thing you can create using resin and flowers. It’s such a clever design, and it’s fascinating to watch this YouTuber at work. The final pieces look amazing too, so why not see if you can make something similar yourself?


Lots of great ideas for resin jewelry to help inspire you

As you can see, whether you want to make earrings, necklaces, pendants or rings, there’s no shortage of creative ideas for resin jewelry to help you get inspired.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them all too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the ideas you needed for creating some beautiful resin jewelry of your own.

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