25 Homemade Bullet Jewelry Ideas You Can DIY Easily

If you like guns and shooting or are a fan of military or combat-related fashion, you’ll probably quite like the idea of making jewelry that incorporates bullets. That way, you can display your tastes in a stylish way for all to see.

For anyone who’s interested in having a go at making some for themselves, we’ve scoured the internet to see what kind of creations other people have been coming up with – and as a result, here are our favorite 25 bullet DIY plans you can try recreating at home.

1. DIY Bullet Shell Casing Necklace – Dans le Lakehouse

DIY Bullet Shell Casing Necklace – Dans le Lakehouse

Here’s a classy and stylish idea for a necklace that uses a single bullet shell casing as a pendant. To achieve this effect, this blogger has inserted a piece of sparkly quartz into the spent shell, and as you can see, the effect is stunning. Want to make one for yourself? Then read her post to find out how she did it!

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2. Bullet Jewelry Tutorial – 9mm Bullet Earrings

The YouTuber in this video describes the bullet earrings she makes as being simple but elegant. To create these earrings, she takes spent 9mm casings and inserts gemstones into what was originally the back end of the bullet. The resulting piece looks beautiful, and we’re sure plenty of people will be keen to try making something similar themselves.


3. Bullet Necklace: 5 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Bullet Necklace 5 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Using bullets to make a necklace is a simple way to make use of ammunition to create an attractive piece of jewelry. In this tutorial, various parts of the bullets and their casings are repurposed for the different parts of the necklace, and as you can see from the photos, the result is a beautiful accessory that lots of people will love to wear.

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4. DIY Bullet Bracelet from Inspire to Make

If you’re passionate about guns, this plan for a simple bullet bracelet will allow you to create a stylish accessory based on your favorite hobby. The tutorial only lasts around two and a half minutes, and the techniques involved are easy to replicate, so by following it, you should be able to produce your own homemade bullet bracelet in no time.


5. DIY Handmade Bullet Necklace

For anyone who enjoyed the earrings in #2, this is another video that’s worth a watch because it was made by the same YouTuber. In this one, she shows us how to make a necklace using bullets, and as with her earrings, the finished piece looks fantastic. She’s a professional who sells the jewelry she makes, but her techniques should be easy enough for any amateur jewelry makers to copy too.


6. How to Make a Rifle Bullet Necklace

In this fascinating video, you get to watch as this skilled jewelry maker creates a rifle bullet necklace. He uses some specialist equipment that most DIY jewelry enthusiasts probably won’t have access to, but it’s fun to see how it’s done nonetheless, and it should also give you some idea about the kind of thing it’s possible to make from bullets if you have the right skills and machinery.


7. How to Dress up As Black Widow from Iron Man 2: 13 Steps – Wikihow.com

How to Dress up As Black Widow from Iron Man 2 13 Steps – Wikihow.com

Marvel’s Black Widow character has a striking style that lots of fans would probably like to emulate, and if that’s something you might like to try, give this wikiHow a look. In it, you’ll learn how to create a full Black Widow style outfit – complete with the obligatory bullet bracelets to go with it.

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8. Black Widow Cuffs: 6 Steps – Instructables

Black Widow Cuffs 6 Steps – Instructables

If you think it’s not practical to walk around dressed in full Black Widow garb, you can still copy her accessories, and for those who think that sounds like a better idea, this plan should be of interest. It focuses on making those unmistakable Black Widow bullet bracelets, and if you want to know how it’s done, this post has all the details you need.

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9. How to Make Bullet Shell Pendants – DIY Jewelry Tutorial

Here’s a simple tutorial that teaches you how to make bullet shell pendants. The main tool you’ll need to copy this plan is a jeweler’s saw, and once you have that, the rest is easy. The pendant is then finished off by adding an attractive stone bead, leaving you with a beautiful piece of bullet jewelry just like the one in the video.


10. DIY Bullet Necklace from Med Projects

This original bullet necklace pendant this skilled YouTuber shows us how to make looks amazing. We love the way he carves a kind of M-shaped motif into the bullet to give it even more character, and when it’s shined up and attached to the necklace, it becomes a highly attractive piece of jewelry. Think you’re up to copying this idea? Then why not give it a go and see how it turns out?


11. Shotgun Shell Jewelry – How to Recycle a Bullet Bracelet

Shotgun Shell Jewelry – How to Recycle a Bullet Bracelet

We love the simplicity of this idea for a recycled bullet bracelet. All you need to do to create something similar is collect up a few spent shotgun cases, cut off the plastic parts and combine what’s left to create an attractive piece of jewelry. This post also shows you how to use a similar technique to make bullet rings, so it’s definitely a plan that’s worth a read.

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12. DIY Bullet Jewelry – Brass Rose Necklace Pendant

This video shows you a more innovative way to use a spent bullet to make a pendant – because in this version, the casing is used to create a beautiful rose complete with a gemstone in the center. That way, you will know it was made from used ammunition, but it won’t have the same overtly militaristic feel of using an actual bullet as a pendant. We’re highly impressed by this plan – check it out and see if you are too.


13. Crystal Bullet Earrings – How to Make a Pair of Recycled Earrings

Crystal Bullet Earrings – How to Make a Pair of Recycled Earrings

This plan is similar to some of the others we’ve seen for using bullets and stones as pendants – except this one uses the same technique to make a pair of stylish earrings. The tutorial includes clear step-by-step instructions along with photos to show what you should be doing, so if you like the look of these earrings, it should be an easy job to make some just like them.

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14. Bullet Earrings from Willie Hess

There are quite a few tutorials for making bullet earrings that require the use of a lathe, but if you don’t have one, this is a plan you can copy instead. The idea could hardly be simpler, and with just a couple of basic tools, you can produce something stylish and attractive just like the ones in the video. A great idea and one we’re sure plenty of people will want to copy.


15. DIY Bullet Horn Necklace – The Merrythought

DIY Bullet Horn Necklace – The Merrythought

In this plan, instead of using a stone with the bullet, it incorporates a decorative tooth or piece of horn, creating a stylish piece of jewelry with a distinctly ethnic vibe. It’s a simple plan to follow, and none of the materials will cost you much, so you can make yourself an attractive accessory without needing to spend a whole lot of cash.

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16. How to Make an Engraved Bullet Necklace

Having gone out and enjoyed a good day’s shooting, this YouTuber wanted to keep some of his spent shells and turn them into jewelry as a memento of the fun he and his friends had riddling an old car with bullets. As a result, he came up with this great idea for engraving the shells and turning them into a necklace. Sound interesting? Then give the video a watch to see how he did it!


17. Stunning DIY Faux-Bullet Shell Crystal Necklace – Styleoholic

Stunning DIY Faux-Bullet Shell Crystal Necklace – Styleoholic

The necklace in this tutorial doesn’t actually use real bullet casings, but they look almost the same, so if you like the style but don’t have access to actual bullets, this could be a great alternative. The plan shows you how to use them to make cute necklaces and bracelets, so this could be a fun project for anyone who wants to try making some gun-related jewelry of their own.

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18. Bullet Earrings from Andrew DeShaw

The bullets in this video are real enough, and the fact that the video is only a minute long shows how simple it is to turn them into attractive pieces of jewelry. We appreciate the simplicity of this idea, and it will take you next to no time to make a version of your own – so what are you waiting for?


19. Paracord Bracelet – Instructables

Paracord Bracelet – Instructables

For those who know how to make a king cobra bracelet from paracord, this tutorial will teach you how to embellish your design with bullet casings. It gives a simple accessory a little bit of extra style, and anyone who appreciates military and combat-related fashion is sure to love it.

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20. How to Turn Bullet Casings into a Class Ring

In this video, we get to watch the pros at work incorporating a bullet casing into a beautiful class ring. Again, most amateur jewelry makers won’t have access to the kind of equipment these guys are using, but it’s always useful to watch professionals since we can always learn so much from them. Give the video a watch and see what we mean!


21. DIY: Bullet Cuff – The Stripe

DIY Bullet Cuff – The Stripe

Very often, we come across DIY plans with the same backstory – namely, that the DIYer saw an item they loved but that was too expensive, so they decided to make one just like it themselves for far less. That’s what happened here because this blogger writes about how she saw a bullet bracelet with a price tag of nearly $1000 and decided she could make one just as good for a fraction of the price. She did a great job too – give her post a read to see the result.

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22. Making a Silver Bullet Necklace Charm

In this video, this talented YouTuber and jewelry maker shows us his technique for making a silver-set necklace charm based on a real bullet. It’s an ingenious design, and we think using silver for the pendant instead of the original bullet gives the piece an extra layer of elegance. Give it a watch and see if you agree.


23. DIY: Bullet and Wood Necklace – Heywandererblog.com

DIY Bullet and Wood Necklace – Heywandererblog.com

Using painted wood with the bullet casing like this blogger did to make her pendant gives the resulting piece an original look that we’re sure lots of people will love – and the other advantage is that it’s extremely inexpensive. This is a highly creative way to make jewelry, and the finished necklace looks wonderful. Check it out and see if you’d like to make one for yourself.

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24. DIY Bullet Tassel Necklaces

Boho is a style that’s extremely in vogue right now, and if it’s a look you enjoy, you should love these bullet and tassel necklaces. The idea is simple, and it’s also easy to customize the design, so you can make an original necklace that perfectly matches your style. This is another tutorial we enjoyed and a plan we think we’d like to have a go at copying ourselves.


25. How to make a Bullet Casing Paracord Bracelet

In this video, this YouTuber demonstrates a simple method for making a paracord bracelet with incorporated bullet casings. The innovation here is that there’s no gap between the bullet casings, making it even more stylish and attractive. Curious about how she did it? Then watch the video and all will be revealed!


No shortage of great ideas for bullet jewelry

As you can see, there’s no shortage of great ideas for making beautiful jewelry from bullets, and perhaps the hardest part will be deciding which design to copy first.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them all too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the inspiration you needed for making some attractive DIY bullet jewelry yourself.

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