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Dental braces were once intended exclusively for children, but you can often see adults wearing them. Since nearly a million American adults have some orthodontic issue, you can expect to find many options for solving that problem.

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In the past, dental braces meant mouths full of metal, but you have numerous options now, including porcelain teeth, gold dental braces, and tooth-colored dental appliances. However, some models will significantly affect your treatment cost. Let’s check how much do gold braces cost.

Gold Dental Braces

The technology development and materials used in creating dental braces make them less visible and less bulky than before. However, their role is still the same, and most people use these appliances to correct dental problems caused by:

  • Injuries
  • Thumb sucking
  • Tooth loss
  • Genetics

Dental braces are made of several different parts, including brackets, bands, and wires that can reposition your teeth over time by putting pressure on them.

In classic models, brackets are attached to teeth and connected with an archwire. Your orthodontist will adjust this wire approximately every six weeks to allow your teeth correction with the process.

Dental Braces Types

1. Traditional metal dental braces

Traditional metal dental braces
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The most common type is traditional metal brackets that have existed for more than 100 years. Unlike outdated noticeable and bulky models, modern ones made of high-quality stainless steel are much more comfortable. Parents mainly support this option because they don’t need to remind kids to wear them.

2. Clear (ceramic) dental braces

Clear (ceramic) dental braces
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Since these dental braces are made of such a clear material, they are the most common choice for older teenagers and adult patients. They have the same effect as metal models but are less visible and more discreet.

However, the materials used to make ceramic models cost a bit more than those necessary for making metal dental braces. They are bigger, more fragile than the metal type, and require more attention, so most dentists recommend them only for upper front teeth.

3. Self-ligating dental braces

Self-ligating dental braces
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Self-ligating models have a similar function as metal and ceramic dental braces and are available in both materials. They also move the teeth with the help of wire and brackets.

The difference is that self-adhesive dental braces use clips instead of elastic rubber ties. Due to easy adaptability, interventions are shorter, and this model is an excellent choice for:

  • Patients with an increased feeling of discomfort
  • Impatient people who can’t tolerate sitting in a dental chair for a long time
  • Those with developmental delays who have orthodontic needs

4. Lingual dental braces

Lingual dental braces
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Lingual dental braces are an entirely invisible orthodontic aid because they are placed on the tooth’s inner side towards the oral cavity. This model is suitable for adults who don’t want it to be noticed or for teenagers who are sensitive to aesthetic appearance.

They are very specific and under-represented on the market because their placement requires additional education. Unfortunately, most orthodontists rarely accept to set aside time for additional education.

Plus, lingual dental braces often irritate the tongue soon after placement and cause a slight rustling in the speech. Luckily, these changes usually disappear when you get used to new appliances.

5. Clear aligns

Clear aligns
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Clear aligners are comfortable acrylic, invisible straighteners that can correct your teeth, like dental braces. Since they are removable, there are no restrictions on eating and drinking, and maintenance is more comfortable.

This model is suitable for adult patients who wore dental braces in childhood and now need only mild intervention. It is also an ideal solution for patients who have minor problems such as bite mismatches. You shouldn’t use clear aligns for severe problems and more complex treatments.

6. Gold dental braces

Average Gold Dental Braces Cost
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Like traditional metal models, gold dental braces are actually made of stainless steel because real gold is difficult to work within a dental practice. The only difference is that they are plated with gold.

Most experts believe that this gold coating is just for a more attractive look. In addition to pure 24K gold, other gold-colored coatings, like zirconium nitride or titanium nitride, can be used for coating.

7. White gold dental braces

White gold dental braces
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As a highlight in the world of dental braces, you have models with a white gold coating at your disposal. Currently, this trend is more popular in Europe and the Middle East than in the US.

Keep in mind that white gold plating has a few aggravating circumstances. Because this gold type is softer than classic yellow gold, your orthodontist needs to be very careful while applying it.

Be gentle with this dental braces model since you can quickly damage it with food. After all, it doesn’t look too different from traditional stainless steel models.

Average Gold Dental Braces Cost

Gold dental braces significantly increase the cost of your orthodontic treatment because of this precious metal price.

While insurance companies usually cover the costs for classic stainless steel dental braces, they typically don’t want to cover the costs for gold plating. They even refuse to pay for models necessary for adults, although they are a considerable saving in the long run.

Standard dental braces for children cost an average of $3,000 to $5,000 in the US. On the other hand, you need to pay approximately $4,000 to $7,000 for adult gold dental braces.

Unfortunately, that is not all. The additional amount for gold coatings will cost you from $300 to $500. Since you need to replace some parts periodically, that amount can reach up to $2,000.

Ways to Pay for Gold Dental Braces

There are several ways to make it easier for you to afford the costs of orthodontic treatment:

  • Dental insurance – Sometimes, your dental insurance plan covers the cost of a gold model. However, you should check whether it covers orthodontic treatment for adults.
  • Flexible cost account – If you have a flexible spending account or a health care savings account, you can use it to help to pay for your gold dental braces.
  • Talk to different orthodontists – The orthodontist services prices can significantly vary depending on where you live. Therefore, your best shot is to find the one offering an affordable price for this particular treatment.
  • Repayment plans – An orthodontist can help you by allowing you to make a monthly repayment arrangement.

Gold Dental Braces Advantages

Gold Dental Braces Advantages
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Different look

The golden color provides a feeling of warmth, unlike the silvery color of traditional dental braces. You can find gold plating in different shades, from light pale yellow to a deeper golden color.

Touch of sophistication

The gold nobility and elegance have been highly ranked from ancient times to the present day. Although some people are afraid of gold dental braces’ conspicuousness, they actually look like high-quality jewelry.

Smart appearance

Some scientific studies show that golden dental braces make you look more elegant and intelligent than traditional stainless steel models.

Your health

It happens that heavy metals, like silver, accumulate in the mouth’s soft tissues, causing a change in the gum color. Gold is non-toxic and less reactive than other metals, so that these problems won’t occur.

This precious metal is also resistant to bacteria and doesn’t rust, making it easier to maintain your dental braces. Finally, it won’t irritate mucous membranes in your mouth or cause allergies when choosing a model without nickel.

Additional Tips

Reasons for an adult to get dental braces

In most cases, adults get braces for a few primary reasons:

  • Parents ignored a child’s dental problems, so they are still present or have worsened
  • Parents couldn’t financially support orthodontic treatment
  • The patient is now more aware of the issue and the way it affects their life quality

Period of dental braces wearing

How long you will use dental braces depends on your teeth and the necessary corrections. On average, the treatment usually lasts a year or two but rarely longer than three years.

Be aware that it may last longer in adulthood since children’s teeth move more quickly to the correct position. Plus, you will probably need a retainer after removing dental braces.

Food choice control

Metal dental braces, including gold models, will react differently to the chemicals from food. You can expect it to change color over time, depending on your eating habits.

Therefore, you should avoid food with high acidity levels while using this dental braces type. Unfortunately, you need to live without tomatoes, juices, soda, coffee, onions, and pickles during the correction period.

Oral hygiene

It is crucial to take care of oral hygiene after applying dental braces. Only that way can you save it from damage. Never use teeth whitening products since they can’t reach under the dental braces. As a result, you will notice teeth discoloration after removing it.

Always use a non-abrasive paste with fluoride and use thread at least once a day. You should also avoid biting a pencil, your nails, and hard, sticky foods. Finally, visit your dentist regularly to check the result of wearing dental braces.


The goal of using dental braces is to straighten your crooked teeth, correct problems with overbite and underbite, and help you with speech issues. Gold plating perfectly fits the teeth’s whiteness and provides elegance and sophistication a traditional orthodontic appliance can’t reach.

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