How Much Does It Cost to Resize a Ring

There are several reasons for resizing your ring. Sometimes it is an inherited piece that means a lot to you but doesn’t fit your finger’s size. Another common reason is gaining extra pounds during the years. It is also not rare that the fiancé doesn’t estimate engagement ring size correctly.

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Whatever the reason, you will need to think about resizing. This procedure won’t take more than one to two business days, but you probably wonder how much does it cost to resize a ring. It will depend on a few crucial factors. Let’s check them together.

Things That Affect the Ring Resizing Cost

As you have already known, the final price of resizing a ring depends on whether you want to narrow or widen it. Since ring expansion takes much more time and additional material, the cost of this process will be higher than the price of its narrowing.

Most jewelers will refuse to widen your piece more than one or two sizes since it is too difficult or even impossible with some models. Only highly trained experts can make radical size changes, but it will probably cost you a lot.

Most rings have a plain surface, which allows undisturbed processing. It is an entirely different story with decorative rings with personalized engraving, millgrain, and satin finishes. Only a skilled jeweler with special equipment can polish and finish such a piece.


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This job becomes more complicated if you have a ring with gemstones because resizing includes changes in the ring curve, which usually loosen prongs. So, the jeweler needs to tighten them correctly.

Remember that you can’t resize the ring with set stones by more than one size. For more comprehensive changes, it is necessary to reset the gems fully. If the jewel in your ring is colored, it is impossible to expose it to high temperatures without damage.


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The rule is that you should pay less for the narrowing your ring, but the material it is made of won’t affect the price significantly. Only keep in mind that you can’t change the diameter of some metals, such as tungsten, cobalt, zirconium, and titanium.

  • Sterling silver – Resizing a silver ring with a precious stone may cost more since this process requires a highly skillful jeweler. He or she needs to take extra precautions to protect the gem while changing the ring dimension.
  • Yellow gold – Since resizing this precious solid metal is not complicated, it is the most inexpensive intervention. However, the final price will depend on the current gold price.
  • Rose gold – It is hard to resize the ring made of this material because it tends to crack during the process.
  • White gold – As for a white gold ring, the process of resizing includes replacing, which will cost you additionally. The reason is that white gold is actually a mix of yellow gold and alloys. Unfortunately, it is never entirely white and is practically plated. Since this rhodium plating can be damaged during the process, the jeweler will need to repair all cracks.
  • Platinum – Resizing the platinum ring can be tricky, and only highly trained professionals can do it. So, you will need to pay more for his or her knowledge and skill. There is one more problem! Some jewelers repair platinum rings with white gold, which negatively affects their strength, value, looks, and wear.
  • Stainless steel – Some jewelers will refuse to resize a ring made of this particular metal, but it is actually possible. The problem is that it has an incredibly high melting temperature and manipulating this ring requires special tools, including high-powered laser welders and TIG Welders. In most cases, only jewelry manufacturers have such expensive machines.


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  • Engagement rings – Since most of these rings feature only one solitaire gem, it is not too complicated to resize them.
  • Tension rings – Usually, this ring type is a custom-made model. It is almost impossible to resize it since the jeweler can’t disturb the pressure that holds a gem in place.
  • Pave and vintage rings – They often feature many small gems set around the band. Resizing these rings can be challenging since they run along the band side, and the jeweler can’t cut through them. In case the resizing is possible, the maximum change includes one full ring size. However, it is an expensive job.
  • Eternity rings – You can’t resize such a ring since it has gems encircling the entire band. There is no space for cutting or adding material without losing a few jewels.
  • Men’s wedding bands – In a case that this ring features a pattern around the ring, the jeweler needs to stretch or press the metal instead of cutting. That way, it is possible to retain existing decoration or polish.

Unfortunately, not every material is suitable to press, so the only way to resize some rings is cutting. The final result is the inability to match the pattern precisely.

Plus, many grooms choose a wedding band made of tough metals, such as titanium and tungsten. The jeweler needs to be highly skilled and to have specific equipment to resize the titanium ring. On the other hand, there is no way to make any changes to the band made of tungsten.

The Overall Cost of Ring Resizing

The Overall Cost of Ring Resizing
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Since none required ring resizing is the same, it is always a bit tricky to estimate the cost of this type of work. The final price will depend on various factors, including:

  • The material used
  • The existing gems
  • The ring thickness and width
  • The appearance of the ring surface
  • Finishing
  • Whether you want to narrow or widen the ring
  • The level of the ring size changing

On average, you will probably pay somewhere between $30 and $100, but the final price will depend on the amount of work and the skill level each case requires.

For instance, resizing a platinum ring upward will cost you up to $200 or even $250. If your ring contains gemstones, you will pay an additional $5 per stone.

Ways to Avoid Resizing Your Ring

Ways to Avoid Resizing Your Ring

Resizing the ring of the inappropriate dimensions is a permanent option. However, it is not always necessary. You should consider the circumstances first, and try to choose a temporary solution before making the irreversible change.

The cause why your ring is suddenly too small or large can be connected with weight change. There are also a few trivial reasons, such as a finger swelling after a too salty meal or sensitivity to temperature fluctuations. Other reasons include swelling due to pregnancy or heart and kidney problems.

The most convenient temporary and permanent solutions that can help you avoid ring resizing include:

1. Temporary ring adjuster

These small metal bars are an inexpensive and quick solution to resize your ring right away. The primary disadvantage of this option is that it can effortlessly sit up off the finger and slip out unexpectedly.

2. Sizing beads

They can help you to avoid expanding your ring. After adding two small metal beads on the back inside part of your ring, it won’t slip off your finger.

The advantage of this method is keeping the ring upright, which is an excellent solution for people with too large knuckles. The downside is that you can reduce the ring size for only half-size.

3. Spring insert

This horseshoe insert is a great option to reduce your ring for one full ring size. It is actually a metal strip lined over the 3/4 of the inside ring bottom. It slightly opens to let the ring pass your large knuckle and narrows down to fit perfectly to your finger. It is a more comfortable solution compared to beads.

4. Fold-over device

It is a U-shaped bar a jeweler places across the ring bottom. It has a latch on one side and a hinge on the other. Open the latch before putting the ring on and then close it to hold it in place. An excellent thing with this comfortable solution is that you can reduce the ring for a few full sizes.

5. Replacement shank

It is an ideal option for you if you have an enlarged knuckle. Your jeweler can solve this problem by installing this shank that will open and close effortlessly. You have probably seen this solution on bangle bracelets, but it is also useful in rings.

When you have a ring made of precious metals, such as gold and platinum, you don’t need to resize it. This precision-made piece is permanently attached to your ring and allows opening and closing to the proper size when required.


Resizing the ring is not a daily job. It is always better to avoid this step, but if you feel it is necessary, go to the skilled professional to do the job. It is particularly essential for expensive and heritage rings you want to wear for years.

The best jewelers are never cheap, but you should look for one if you want to avoid damaging and reducing the ring value due to poorly done work.

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