How Much Does It Cost To Reset a Diamond Ring

There are many reasons that may inspire your decision to reset your diamond ring. Maybe you are celebrating a major milestone in your relationship and want to demonstrate your trust in each other.

Or, maybe you’re holding heirloom pieces bequeathed to you by a family member, and wish to give them a facelift to celebrate past generations.

In most cases, though, the reason for resetting a ring is damage. You have to reset the ring if the band breaks, or if there’s a snag in the setting itself.

It’s possible to reset any diamond ring and give it a new look that holds meaning for you. But, take it or leave it: You must consider the cost before visiting a jeweler to perform a reset.

How Much Does It Cost To Change a Diamond Ring Setting?

How Much Does It Cost To Change a Diamond Ring Setting
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I can’t tell you for sure how much you’re going to pay to reset your diamond engagement ring – because if I do, I’d be lying straight to your face!

For instance, look at a forum thread on, where a member said it cost her $250 to have her earing reset to plain white gold. She had visited a local jeweler for the service.

In yet another thread on, someone said she knew of a guy who bought diamond separate and then bought a ring from Jared. He paid $100 to set it.

Another member in the same thread ( claimed that her husband works for a jeweler who charges $100 to set a stone. And to change an old-fashioned ring into a new look, the style of the mounting comes into the equation. She said the price could be anywhere from a couple hundred to several thousands.

You might also want to check out, where one member suggests using “Geller’s Blue Book to Jewelry Repair & Design” for pricing repairs. The book says that setting a 2.5-carat diamond into a Tiffany-style head would cost $171.

What Affects the Cost of Resetting a Diamond Ring?

What Affects the Cost of Resetting a Diamond Ring
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In a nutshell, the cost of resetting a diamond ring will significantly vary depending on numerous factors, including:

  • The size and shape of the diamond ring
  • Any damage(s) it might have
  • How intricate the style is
  • The type of metal, such as gold and platinum
  • Number of additional gems required
  • The jeweler performing the job
  • Geographical location
  • Other factors

On average, the cost to reset a diamond ring may range anywhere from $100 to about $500. Note that this covers labor alone, and is exclusive of the materials fee when resetting a diamond.

In some (rare) circumstances, the cost to change a ring could go from $500 up to $4,000 or even $5000. “My take is that it all boils down to what exactly you want changed from the original setting”, says Ryan Gozlan, the co-founder of Lisa Gozlan Jewelry,

You can expect to encounter additional costs if you are changing to a different metal, upgrading the ring, or making other intricate changes. Remember, those figures are all estimates; there is no set price for resetting a ring.

What Are the Ways To Reset a Diamond Ring?

What Are the Ways To Reset a Diamond Ring
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There are plenty of different ways to reset your diamond ring and give it a new life. From swapping the diamond, to improving the setting, to trading in the ring for a new one, the possibilities for resetting your jewel to your dream design are endless.

Here are seven ways to reset your diamond ring to create a unique sparkle to die for.

Adding Diamond Accents

Increasing diamond accents on the side of your center stone provides a more subtle yet charming appearance. There are two popular ways to add diamond accents to a ring. The first method involves switching the band to a setting with diamond accents.

And the second one, which is a cheaper upgrade, is all about adding some diamond alternatives to the ring. Both methods add extra sparkle to a diamond ring without inducing anything too drastic.

Upgrading the Diamond Setting

This is another common method for resetting a diamond ring. Changing or upgrading the diamond setting gives your jewelry a subtle makeover.

For example, most engagement rings begin with a taller, cathedral-style pointed setting.

However, you can have it changed to a bezel setting to give the jewel a new look and reduce susceptibility to damage. Bezel settings surrounding the stone protect it against wear and tear on the sides.

Increasing the Center Stone

Replacing your center stone with a larger diamond makes your jewelry more symbolic. This is a fairly easy way to redesign your diamond ring, but will still give you more reasons to celebrate your little victories.

This method has nothing to do with changing your current gemstone. And so, this is perfect for couples who have accomplished more in life. A larger center stone symbolizes that your relationship has progressed and you’ve made enough money to spend in your dream ring

Adding a Halo to the Center Stone

Adding a halo of diamonds to your ring’s center stone gives a whole new look. The surrounding gemstones add a dramatic flair, creating the illusion that the diamond is larger

Fun fact: The late Princess Diana’s iconic engagement ring features a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire with a halo of diamonds surrounding it. It’s currently worn by Duchess Catherine, her daughter-in-law.

Adding Colored Gemstones to the Setting

Adding colored gemstones to the setting is a creative and adventurous way to reset your diamond ring. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are some of the colored gemstones that complement diamonds beautifully.

These accent stones give the ring a more interesting twist, so it stands out from the crowd. You can even include your birthstone to add a unique and personal touch. This may be a great option if you want to depart from the traditional diamond.

Adding More Diamonds

If you’re looking to upgrade the number of diamonds in your existing ring, consider a three-stone design. In this concept, the jeweler will reset your ring with medium- to small-sized diamonds on either side of the ring.

This results in a ring that has a bigger look and catches more attention. To make it even more unique, add colored gemstones like rubies and sapphires to give some hint of color.

Trading in for a New Diamond Ring

Who said you must stick with your original diamond ring ’til you breathe your last? There is no harm in trading in your diamond ring for a completely new one. This is the best route if you want a different style all together and resetting just isn’t an option for you.

Actually, this happens a lot with couples who’ve been married for many years and have achieved a lot of success. Rather than resetting their old diamond rings, they choose to trade them in for new ones, usually upgraded with better quality diamonds. Getting rid of your existing diamond ring is a symbolic gesture of new beginnings.

 Diamond Reset Method  Significance  Average Cost

Adding diamond accents to the old diamond ring


Lends a more subtle yet charming appearance


$300 to $400


Upgrading the diamond setting of the ring


Gives the jewel a new look and reduces wear and tear


$100 to $250


Increasing the center stone of the ring


Shows you’ve made progress and accomplished more in life


$50 to $250


Adding a halo of diamonds to the center of the ring


Adds a dramatic flair and the illusion that the diamond is big


$450 to $650


Adding Colored Gemstones to the Setting


Gives the ring an interesting twist with personal touch


$15 to $25


Adding more diamonds to the ring


Provides a bigger look that attracts attention


$80 to $250


Trading in for a new diamond ring


Serves as a symbol of success and new beginnings


$600 to $4,000

How to Reset a Diamond Ring at a Bargain Price?

How to Reset a Diamond Ring at a Bargain Price
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Any jewelry can be reset, but we can all agree that some tasks are more complex than others. If you’re thinking of resetting your ring at a bargain price, here are a few tips:

Get an Estimate from Multiple Jewelers

There are so many variables involved in a reset, and some jewelers charge more than others. You’ll want to get a quote from many different jewelers to get the best value. Make sure you explain exactly what you want in a rest to avoid any misunderstandings.

Be There During Resetting

There is nothing wrong with asking the jeweler if they can let you watch while they swap your old diamond into the new setting. Most jewelers have no problem with you being there, which is great because you’ll know if the final product is worth the cost.

Stay Informed

Make sure you know the risk you run when you hand in your diamond ring for resetting. There is the possibility of damage when changing an heirloom stone into the new setting. It often involves a lose-lose situation, so weigh the pros and cons before deciding to reset.


Resetting a diamond engagement ring is cheaper than buying a new one. But for the most part, the actual cost will vary depending upon the size of the diamond ring, extent of damages (if any), number of additional gems required, and the choice of the jeweler among other factors.

In general, you might pay anything from as low as $100 to as high as $5,000 to reset your diamond ring. As a reiteration, though, these are all estimations as there is no hard-and-fast rule for determining the cost to reset a diamond ring.  If cost is an issue, seek out multiple jewelers before resetting.

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