Are you in the hunt for a ring and torn between quartz and diamond? Is quartz a perfect alternative to diamond due to its clear color? This article will answer all the queries you might have. First, we will tell you what quart and diamond are and then discuss their differences.

Most people don’t know whether a crystal is quartz or diamond. Hence, we believe addressing the issue would be very helpful. Would you like to know the difference between these two minerals? Let’s jump right into it!

What is quartz?

Do you always admire quartz jewelry but don’t know the meaning of quartz? It is a mineral that consists of silicon dioxide as a component. It has minor impurities like titanium, sodium potassium, and lithium.

You can refer to this mineral as rock crystal. The word crystal came from the word used by ancient Greeks to refer to water-clear crystals. You should also know that the name quartz is a German word meaning uncertain origin.

This mineral occurs in two low and high quartz. Common quartz is stable when heated up to 573 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, high quartz is durable above that temperature. Apart from their stability, low quartz and high quartz have a difference in shape. One has a six edge shape while the other has a three edge shape.

What makes quartz so unique?

What makes quartz so unique

Among all minerals, quartz is unique in various ways. For the record, it’s the fourth-strongest material on earth. However, hardness is not the only feature that makes it unique. Are you eager to know why you should consider this mineral? Here is what makes it special:

  • Durability: Quartz, when combined with resins, it forms the most complex surface on slabs. We can attribute this to its hardness. Quartz surfaces are not only hygienic but also long-lasting.
  • Abundance: Among all the minerals, quartz is the most abundant. The abundance is a result of a simple mining process. Quartz availability in small chunks makes the mining process easy.

It’s possible to find color quartz in their quarries. Thus obtaining quartz is relatively easy as compared to other minerals. Also, manufactures find small chunks easy to shape in different sizes.

What is a diamond?

Have you ever wondered why diamond is so valuable? I am sure you are eager to know. Diamond is a rare mineral that occurs naturally. All the carbon atoms in it bound by a covalent bond which is the most powerful chemical bond.

Diamond is formed under high temperatures. The stress and temperature under which this mineral formed can be 100 miles (ca. 161 km) beneath the earth’s surface. After that, the crystals are then pushed to the earth’s surface through volcanic eruptions undestroyed due to their hardness.

It is the hardest naturally occurring mineral. Also, Diamond possesses high thermal conductivity compared to other naturally occurring materials. Due to its hardness, people use it as a cutting tool.

Why are diamonds so unique?

Why are diamonds so unique
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Diamond is unique and most precious to many people. More so, the name diamond means unbreakable in Greek. But is it the name only that holds water? Let’s find out.

It’s imperative to highlight that no diamond has the same shape as the other. So, uniqueness is one of the features that make diamonds unique. Additionally, they have an inner fire that we find attractive.

Diamond is the hardest mineral that you will ever come across. Due to its hardness, it conducts thermal energy 100 times better than copper. Hence those in the energy industry value diamonds and make good use of them.

How does quartz differ from Diamond?

How does quartz differ from Diamond
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Having looked at diamond and quartz and what makes them so unique, it’s time we discuss their differences. Here are some of the factors that distinguish the two minerals:


It’s imperative to note that quartz comes in different colors. Quartz with different colors has different names. For instance, amethyst is quartz purple in color. On the other hand, rose quartz is the one pink.

Diamond can occur in different colors. However, this is due to structural defects and impurities. Pure diamond is transparent. Therefore, color can be a factor to know the difference between diamond and quartz.


According to the scale of hardness by Moh, diamond is more complex than quartz. Quartz has a hardness of 7, while diamond has a complexity of 10. Therefore, the diamond is the hardest gemstone of all.

If you like durable jewelry, diamond made is the best for you. However, quartz also makes good jewelry that isn’t expensive.


Among the features, you would consider on a proposal ring is sparkle. Isn’t that right? Well, the diamond sparkles more than quartz. Quartz can reflect light through its natural luster. It produces a beautiful twinkle that you may confuse with sparkle.

On the other hand, the sparkle of the diamond depends on the cut. Diamonds with excellent cuts have an exceptional sparkle than others. Both sparkle and twinkle are magnificent only if you know the difference.


Another factor we can consider is their brilliance. We can define brilliance as the ability to refract. Thus, on the refractive index, the highly ranked are the ones with more brilliance.

Diamond features a refractive index of 2.42. On the other hand, quartz has a refractive index of 1.55. So in terms of brilliance, diamond ranks higher than quartz. Do you fancy brilliant jewelry? Diamond jewelry will be a perfect choice for you.


Each mineral is cut into a different shape. Surprisingly enough, each cut has its properties. Quartz is available in other cuts, including CT, AT, and SC. AT-cut quartz is instrumental in electrical instruments.

On the contrary, diamond is available in princess, cushion, and oval cuts. A cut on a diamond determines its brilliance. In this case, well-cut diamonds have high brightness.


Here is another feature that identifies these two minerals. The inclusions visible on a gemstone determine its clarity. So, the lesser the inclusions, the higher the transparency.

There are three types of clarity, namely, type one, two, and three. Quartz falls under different categories depending on the type. For example, Citrine has type 1 of clarity, while some amethyst has type 2 of clarity.

The diamond clarity scale is different. It consists of flawless (FL), VVS 1, and VVS 2. Flawless diamonds have the best clarity. The high clarity is because they don’t have inclusions visible even under close observation.

However, flawless diamonds are hard to come by. It’s imperative to note that any diamond above VS1 has clear clarity. You can’t see any inclusions on them with naked eyes. In VS2 diamonds, you can see some inclusions if you look keenly.


Have you ever heard of a phrase that cheap is expensive? If you compare quartz and diamond in terms of price, diamond is costly. Diamond jewelry is costly compared to quartz jewelry.

The difference in price goes hand in hand with quality. Diamond items have more quality than quartz items. You’re likely to admire low prices, but you will replace your goods more often.

Physical differences between diamond crystals and quartz crystals

Physical differences between diamond crystals and quartz crystals
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While you’re likely to confuse between diamond and quartz crystals, it would help if you know how to distinguish them. How do you know the gemstone you have is diamond or quartz? Here are features to consider.

Crystal structure

Diamond and quartz crystals have different structures. While quartz has a six edge shaped crystal, diamond has a pyramid shape. Thus, the form of a diamond is that of two pyramids attached from the bottom.


The special gravity method measures the volume of objects. The item’s mass is subject to its weight while in the air and while suspended in water.

Quartz has a specific gravity of 2.2 to 2.7. On the other hand, diamond has a specific gravity of between 3.1 and 3.5. Therefore, diamond crystals are heavier than quartz crystals.

Which is better: Quartz or Diamond?

Choosing between the products of the two minerals may be tricky. Diamond offers quality and a higher rate. Quartz, on the other hand, provides low-quality items that aren’t durable. We can say that each mineral is best when used appropriately.

It would be impossible to replace this mineral in some instances. For example, diamond is unique in making cutting tools. Quartz, on the other hand, is pivotal in making watches and wall clocks.


You might find quartz and diamond similar in various ways, but the two have distinct features. For instance, they vary in complexity, brilliance, color, sparkle, cut and price. Not only does their density and crystal structure differ, but also most of their properties vary.

However, when choosing between the two minerals, diamond emerges the best. It has the ability to resist scratching due to its hardness. Besides, it is the hardest natural material you’ll find in the world.

Did you learn something new from these two minerals? Please let us know what it is by leaving a comment below. Also, tell us whether you found the information helpful.

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