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In recent years, resin has become an incredibly popular and fashionable medium for creating homemade jewelry. It’s inexpensive and easy to work, and making DIY rings from resin is a fun and rewarding hobby to try.

21 Homemade Resin Ring Ideas You Can DIY Easily 1

For those who are interested in giving it a go, we’ve scoured the internet to see what other craft enthusiasts have been trying – and here are our top 21 plans explaining how to make resin rings at home.

1. How to Make a Resin Ring

How to Make a Resin Ring

If you’re looking for an introduction to the art of making resin rings, this blog could be a great place to start. It explains the basics, giving you a list of everything you’ll need to have a go before taking you through the steps for making a resin ring mold and the ring itself. There are plenty of useful photos, too, making this site an excellent resource for complete beginners.

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2. How to Make 12 Resin Rings Designs

Here’s a fun video that will give you plenty of ideas if you’re looking for inspiration. It’s only around 10 minutes long, but it manages to pack in instructions for how to make 12 different types of resin ring, so there’s loads of stuff for you to try. The video is well-produced, and the rings she makes all look great – we’re sure lots of people will be itching to have a go themselves.


3. Epoxy Resin Ring

Epoxy Resin Ring

When it comes to finding ideas for DIY or craft projects, the Instructables site is always one of our first stops. The plans on the site are always clearly written, presenting projects in a logical step-by-step progression, and they are always accompanied by lots of useful photos and illustrations to help you understand what you’re supposed to be doing. This plan for a resin ring is no exception, so this a great place to look if you want to try making one yourself.

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4. How to Make Epoxy Resin Rings

This is a fun and fast-paced video that shows you how to make a resin ring by way of a lively time-lapse demonstration. As you can see, the equipment required is limited to the kind of things just about anyone will have access to at home, and the whole process is extremely simple. It’s also great to watch as the ring begins to take shape. Well worth a watch.


5. Cute Resin Ring Project

Cute Resin Ring Project

The rings this blog shows you how to make have an Indian inspiration, and we’re sure you’ll agree that they’re stunning. They’re also extremely easy to make, and if you feel like having a go at reproducing them at home, you’ll find clear instructions that explain exactly how to do it. Another great plan that we enjoyed a lot.

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6. How to Make a Glo Ring Secret Wood with Epoxy Resin

These “glo rings” are undeniably cool – as we’re sure you’ll agree after seeing just the opening shot from this video. And if you want to make some for yourself, all you need to do is keep watching as this YouTuber demonstrates how to complete the project. These rings would make a perfect gift – or you could just keep them for yourself. Up to you!


7. How to Make a Resin Ring

How to Make a Resin Ring 1

There are quite a few good plans for resin rings available online, and here’s another one. Perhaps the best thing about this plan is that it’s extremely simple. There’s a list of items you’ll need and just a few simple steps you need to follow – and after that, it’s up to you. The only limit is your creativity!

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8. Making Galaxy Resin Rings with Junk Wood

For something original that is sure to stand out, these galaxy resin rings are just what you need. The video is interesting to watch and moves along at a brisk pace, and there are plenty of explanations so you know what you need to do to copy it. And then check out the result – these rings are just gorgeous!


9. Resin Rings DIY Guide

Resin Rings DIY Guide

As this blogger explains, working with resin can be an extremely rewarding hobby to take up. Once you have the right tools and build up your skills a little, there are no limits to what you can try to make. This plan shows you how to use resin to make some highly attractive rings, something that makes a great project for beginners and expert resin-workers alike.

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10. How to Make Resin Rings

In this video, you’ll learn how to make rings using bent wire and resin. It’s another time-lapse demonstration video, and as ever, it’s great fun to watch the artist at work as the ring begins to take shape. It’s another one that’s super easy to replicate at home, and we’re sure lots of people will enjoy having a go themselves.


11. Glitter Resin Ring

Glitter Resin Ring

If you like big and showy ornaments, this is a plan that will appeal to you. It shows you how to make a ring with a heart-shaped designed made from glitter resin. We love the humorous instructions for this one (“do not ‘eyeball’ the measurements because your resin will not set and you will cry”), and the result is great too. This could be a fun project to work on with younger kids – so if you have children, why not give it a try?

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12. How to Make Two-Color Ring Wood and Epoxy Resin

There are so many great plans to choose from, and we can’t pick a single favorite – but for us, this is definitely among the best due to the amazing ring this DIYer produces by the end of the video. It’s full of weird and wonderful colors, and if you’d like to try making something similar, this video explains how.


13. How to Make Resin Jewelry

How to Make Resin Jewelry

If you’re looking for an introduction to resin jewelry, here’s another great site that should be of interest. It introduces the different types of resin you can use, explaining how to use them – and then gives you plenty of suggestions for items you can try making.

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14. Resin Ring Molds – 2 Types

In this tutorial, you’ll learn about making resin rings using different types of molds. It’s only a short video of about six minutes, but there’s loads of useful info in there, making it essential viewing for anyone who wants to improve their resin-working skills.


15. Resin Ring Tutorial

For anyone just taking their first steps into the world of DIY resin jewelry, the best thing is probably to have a look at a range of sites for an overview of the techniques and to get an idea of the kind of thing that’s possible. This is another site with plenty of useful tips and tricks, making it another recommended read.

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16. How to Make a Secret Wood Ring

Here’s a plan for a gorgeous wood and resin ring that we absolutely love. The contrast of the two materials really make it stand out, and we’re sure lots of people will enjoy trying to make a version of their own.


17. DIY Resin Ring

DIY Resin Ring

This is a useful blog that introduces many of the most important concepts related to making jewelry using resin. If you want to find out about the pros and cons of using a mold, the different types of resin you can use and much more, this is another page that should be of interest.

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18. Pinterest-Inspired DIY Resin Rings

For those who don’t have a lot of time to watch or read long plans, this one is ideal – since it lasts only just over a minute. While it’s short on details, it’s sure to provide you with plenty of inspiration – so if you’re looking for ideas, give it a watch!


19. How to Make Resin Sprinkle Rings

How to Make Resin Sprinkle Rings

As this blogger explains, resin is so flexible and easy to work, and once you know what you’re doing, the possibilities are practically endless. The rings she shows you how to make in this plan look just like candy – and they almost look good enough to eat. A great option if you have kids since they’re sure to love them.

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20. How to Make a Silver and Opal Inlay Ring Using UV Resin

This video plan is a bit longer than most, so if you want to watch it all the way through, you’ll need to set aside a bit of time. However, the techniques he shows you are well worth learning, and after watching, with any luck, you should be able to produce something just as beautiful as the ring he shows you how to make.


21. Resin Ring Tutorial

Resin Ring Tutorial

This final plan shows you how to make simple but extremely pretty rings using resin and a few other inexpensive items. The rings in the photos look amazing, and judging by all the positive comments, this is a plan that lots of people enjoyed. With such a clear seal of approval, this is another plan that is well worth attempting.

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Loads of amazing creativity on display

We always love making collections of plans like this because we’re always blown away by the amount of creativity on display. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we enjoyed finding them for you – and above all, we hope we’ve fired your creative impulses and helped you find inspiration for your next craft project.

21 Homemade Resin Ring Ideas You Can DIY Easily 2

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