How Much Is a 5-carat Diamond Worth

It is not easy to say how much is a 5-carat diamond worth without preliminary information about a particular stone. In most cases, the final price will depend on the diamond’s carat, clarity, cut, and color (4Cs).

Exceptional 5-carat diamonds are rare and expensive. If you are not highly demanding, you can find such a stone of lower clarity or imperfect color for a reasonable price. Let’s consider your options.

How Much Is a 5-carat Diamond Worth?

If you look for an ideal engagement ring, the one with a 5-carat diamond, which weight you can feel, is perfect. Experts determine each stone’s quality grade and price by the GIA 4Cs.

Keep in mind that a carat is a unit of weight equal to 0.007 ounces (200 mg). In other words, the diamond’s size will increase when its weight goes up. Hence, a 5-carat diamond will weigh one gram.

5-carat diamond price per carat

A 5-carat diamond is quite big and heavy compared to an average 1-carat gem for an engagement ring, but you can differentiate its actual and apparent sizes. In some cases, two diamonds of the same carat look different in size, depending on their cut quality and brightness.

You can roughly calculate the diamond value if you know the average price per carat. In most cases, an average GIA-certified 5-carat diamond value is in the range of $46,750 and $737,000.

It is always possible to find a ring with a stone of lower clarity that will cost less money. On the other hand, high-quality, particularly unique diamonds can reach millions of dollars at auctions.

For instance, average pricing for round brilliant cut ranges from $9,350 to $147,400 per carat, depending on the stone clarity. So, you should multiply that number by five to get the final gem value.

Keep in mind that 5+ carat diamonds are large enough to be cut into any possible shape, including a demanding and complex heart one.

5-carat diamond price per clarity

A 5-carat diamond requires a higher clarity grade than gems with lower carat weights. The reason is more obvious inclusions on the wider surface that interfere with a light return more.

According to the GIA grades, diamond clarity is ranged from best to worst. It shows you whether the gem has any imperfections, such as inclusions and blemishes.

  • Flawless, internally flawless
  • Very very small inclusions 1 and 2
  • Very small inclusions 1 and 2
  • Small inclusions 1 and 2
  • Inclusions 1 and 2

If you want to get the best gem for a reasonable amount of money, you should choose a VS2 diamond clarity. Keep in mind that only experts can differentiate VS1 and VS2 stones, but the price difference is over $10,000.

5-carat diamond price per clarity

Clarity IF VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2
D $102,924 $80,529 $70,522 $63,851 $52,415 $35,261 $26,208
E $75,050 $68,400 $61,750 $57,000 $47,025 $32,775 $24,225
F $65,067 $60,352 $54,694 $50,451 $41,021 $29,705 $22,632
G $53,619 $49,823 $45,552 $42,231 $35,588 $26,572 $21,353
H $42,320 $38,991 $36,138 $33,285 $28,530 $21,873 $18,545
I $32,672 $30,304 $28,410 $26,516 $22,255 $18,467 $15,626
J $24,908 $22,992 $21,555 $20,597 $19,160 $16,286 $13,891
K $19,100 $17,668 $16,713 $15,758 $14,803 $13,370 $11,938

Avoid diamonds with lower clarity when your budget is not too limited. Otherwise, you can consider an SI1 gem, but you should look at it in detail to check if its imperfections are too obvious.

5-carat diamond price per cut

Since a 5-carat diamond’s weight is considerable for a ring, the clear cut is a crucial feature. Otherwise, you will get a dull and lifeless gem reminding cubic zirconia. Therefore, it is recommended to select a GIA excellent cut diamond, preferably a minimum of AGS 000.

5-carat diamond features and prices

Type of cut Face-up size Dimensions Price range
Round 96.95 mm2 11.11 × 11.11 × 6.7 mm $38,250 to $613,850
Oval 105.3 mm2 13.88 × 9.25 × 5.64 mm $35,330 to $400,560
Princess 88.75 mm2 9.42 × 9.42 × 6.78 mm $34,060 to $141,600
Emerald 91.8 mm2 11.42 × 8.46 × 5.5 mm $44,000 to $311,376
Cushion 89.3 mm2 9.96 × 9.96 × 6.37 mm $40,400 to $325,087
Asscher 84.8 mm2 9.6 × 9.6 × 6.24 mm $42,350 to $243,600
Pear 105.25 mm2 15.47 × 9.32 × 5.69 mm $51,200 to $417,690
Marquise 111.95 mm2 17.76 × 8.88 × 5.42 mm $54,180 to $463,890
Radiant 92.75 mm2 9.88 × 9.88 × 6.32 mm $30,390 to $319,940
Heart 90.65 mm2 11.22 × 11.22 × 6.73 mm $48,310 to $279,700
Trillion 108.52mm² 13.23 × 13.23 × 5.29 mm Rare as a central stone

Keep in mind that only a low percentage of diamonds has a super-ideal cut, and they cost a fortune. Your best shot is to choose a certificated stone with the best possible optical properties and light handling that fits your budget.

Be prepared that round-cut diamonds are traditionally the most expensive. On the other hand, you can find a beautiful princess, Asscher, emerald, or radiant-cut gem for a significantly lower price.

5-carat diamond price per color

The color will notably affect the diamond price. While slight hints of yellow won’t affect the small-sized gem’s beauty, it will affect the value of a 5-carat diamond. The problem is that it is hard to cover up undesired shades in such a big stone.

The GIA color scale by the accepted international standard includes five diamond categories, from entirely colorless (D) to light brownish (Z):

  • D to F – Colorless diamond
  • G to J  – Near colorless diamond
  • K to M  – Faint diamond
  • N to R – Very light diamond
  • S to Z – Light diamond

If you want to buy a stone without a yellow shade for a reasonable price, your options are pretty limited. Round shape masks it a bit, but this is the most expensive diamond model on the market. On the other hand, more affordable options make the gem color obvious.

Surprisingly, very light diamonds are often unavailable on the market, but not due to their rarity but because of a lack of demand.

Your priority is to pick out as colorless 5-carat diamond as possible, but you should be prepared that this feature skyrockets its overall price. Believe it or not, the yellowish color will directly affect whether the ring price will be $50,000 or $500,000.


Fluorescence is blue radiation that this precious gemstone emits under UV rays. You should always check the amount of fluorescence, especially when purchasing a diamond in a lower color grade.

Keep in mind that lower grade diamonds (I to M) with higher fluorescence levels can make a yellowish diamond more whiter. On the other side, you should avoid an upper color grades gem (D to H) with high fluorescence.


A 5-carat diamond solitaire requires a setting with six prongs. Even though design options are pretty limited with such a big stone, you can find various rings with halos, side stones, and paves that fit your style.

Another solution is to choose different gold, but be aware that yellow, rose, and white gold types don’t equally match all diamond types. Anyway, the kind of settings won’t affect the final ring’s price much.

Where to Buy 5-carat Diamond?

It is hard and a bit tricky to buy such a precious piece of jewelry online. Another option is an auction, but you can expect to find primarily high valuable diamonds there that cost a ton of bucks.

The best options to find the desired 5-carat diamond are well-known brands, recommended jeweler stores, or private collections. You can quickly find an impressive 5-carat diamond with a budget of $50,000 to $100,000.

Examples of 5-carat diamond ring prices

Diamond Specs Diamond cost Setting cost Total cost
5.01 carat

Round solitaire

L color, SI1 clarity $41,360

($8,255 per carat)

$435 $41,795
5.19 carat

Round solitaire

H color, VVS2 clarity $144,930

($28,042 per carat)

$607 $145,537
5.01 carat

Oval channel set

K color, SI1 clarity $43,070

($8,562 per carat)

$1,425 $44,495
5.09 carat

Emerald solitaire

E color, VVS1 clarity $179,129

($35,192 per carat)

$740 $179,689
5.01 carat

Cushion cut

H color, VS2 clarity $78,910

($15,750 per carat)

$2,420 $81,330
5.01 carat

Cushion cut

K color, VS1 clarity $40,260

($8,036 per carat)

$855 $41,115

Remember that wholesale and retail diamond prices can vary significantly. The wholesale price is the accurate diamond value a manufacturer or distributor charges. You need to pay a retail price that includes their share.

Nowadays, you have an option to buy a gem at a wholesale price some jewelers offer. That way, you will get the best deal for the ring with a 5-carat diamond.

On the other hand, you can expect brands like Tiffany or Cartier to have high premiums. In other words, you will pay at least 15% to 30% more for the ring bought in their stores, compared to a similar gem offered online.


Finding a desired 5-carat diamond ring is time-consuming and will probably require patience, especially if you want to find a budget-friendly gem.

In ideal circumstances, you will make the right balance between high quality and your budget. It sounds like SF, but it is possible. Keep trying, and good luck!

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