What is Tibetan Silver

Are you a jewelry lover?  Would you like to know what makes it different from other silver accessories? In this article, we will tell you what is Tibetan silver, and all you need to know about it.

Many people are interested in learning more about Tibetan silver. In fact, we get a lot of questions about the same. For that reason, we feel that it’s a good idea for us to go through this Tibetan silver. You might have heard a lot about this jewelry, and some information might be accurate or not. However, after reading this article, you’ll only know what’s relevant.

Definition of Tibetan silver

So, what exactly is this Tibetan silver? Well, it’s an alloy made of copper with nickel or tin. The chemical composition includes copper and tin. While some silversmiths use copper with nickel to make Tibetan, that might lead to health problems.

The name Tibetan silver doesn’t mean that they are all silver plated. Back in the day, it was either made of sterling or silver mixed with other metals. This metal is also called zinc alloy, a base metal, tin alloy, or even Nepalese silver.

Many tests done by scientists have proved that besides nickel, copper, and tin, it also contains lead and arsenic. Yet, cheap Tibetan silvery is sold as jewelry on Amazon because most people can’t tell what’s real. So, if you are fond of going to the market to get ‘affordable’ jewelry made of Tibetan silver, think about it once again.

Later on, there was an influx of cheap imports from China, making it extremely hard to find real silver. So, Tibetan silver means a colored silver metal to most jewelry makers.

The truth behind Tibetan silver

The truth behind Tibetan silver
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There are different types of silver in recent times, including Tibetan and Italian silver. It makes most people think that the name comes from Italy itself. This fact might not be actual since some Tibetans may not contain silver at all.

A decade ago, silversmiths made Tibetan with 30% of silver in it. Once the market became flooded with fake and cheap jewelry from China, silver has become rare to find. So, don’t be shocked if you find Tibetan silver on online shopping sites.

In addition, tests have shown that Tibetan silver contains a high amount of toxic chemicals. But t’s common among the counterfeit Tibetan that has flooded the market.

What does Tibetan silver jewelry look like?

What does Tibetan silver jewelry look like
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Most people buy Tibetan with doubts at the back of their minds because they don’t know the legit Tibetan silver. The attractive jewelry is usually handcrafted from outstanding pieces of silver by work smiths from different regions. Generally, an original one has a rare black and white color with various notches joined with pattern groves.

Compared to other silver metals, which are smooth and shiny, Tibetan has marks done by smiths, which resemble scratches. This feature makes people boost their unique fashion and personality when they wear it. Therefore, as you go to the market, look for these features to get the original jewelry.

Is Tibetan silver really dangerous?

Probably, Tibetan Silver might have potential health hazards because the definition of the alloy in it is uncertain.

Some doctors will discourage you from wearing this silver if you’re pregnant because you might have pre-term delivery and fertility problems. Also, it’s not recommended for children since they might have health problems during their early ages.

In general, Tibetan silver has too much arsenic and lead, which cause health issues. Scientists have done fluorescent X-ray tests for the fake Tibetan silver, and the results are not great. It has 1.3 % arsenic and 54 % lead, which are very harmful. So, it is important to be extra careful when buying your pieces of jewelry.

Tips for identifying a genuine Tibetan silver

Tips for identifying a genuine Tibetan silver
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When looking for a legit Tibetan silver, be cautious of fraudulent dealers. But the puzzle remains, how can one identify an original Tibetan? Worry not; here are some ways of identifying the original piece of this jewelry while in the market.

1. Ensure the Tibetan Silver has 92.5% of real silver detail

While shopping for Tibetan, ensure you purchase a genuine silver. It means that it has a metal test result of 92.5% of silver detail. It would help if you considered anything having a lesser percentage as fake.

Deceitful traders convince buyers that their items are 100% percent silver. Ensure that you are on the lookout for such people. If the silver percentage is low, there will be a greenish tinge that varies.

2. Know the source of Jewelry

The origin of your jewelry is vital in proving its Genuineness. Authentic Tibetan silver comes from Nepal, starting from the 6th century. Newar silversmiths maintain their old age reputation from monasteries.

Tibetan made in Thailand and India can attract your eyes in the market. They contain the label Tibetan to fascinate many buyers from the west. For safe and legit Tibetan silver, check out for ones with the ‘Made in Nepal’ seal.

3. Be watchful of harmful Substances

Most deceptive Tibetan silver has harmful effects on your health. Scientists have tested and proven that they contain toxic levels of lead and arsenic. These chemicals can cause dire health problems.

Many doctors keep on condemning the use of these counterfeits. It is because of the chemical compositions, which are toxic. Worse still, most of them lack the silver component.

4. Check for traditional designs and inscriptions

Every Tibetan silver has some spiritual engravings meant to bring some spiritual communication. On the contrary, the fake ones don’t have these meaningful symbols. Their imprints can’t be interpreted and have no healing powers.

5. Look out for the silver-coated ones

These fabricated products happen to be plated with silver to fascinate you to buy them. If you notice that the silver seems to peel away, know that the Tibetan is fake. The ones having 100% silver should get a red flag.

Other techniques that will help you in distinguishing real Tibetan silver from counterfeit ones are:

  • Genuine Tibetan silver jewelry has a seal of approval, which is located beneath the jewelry base. There you will find a mark that states that silver usage in the jewelry is 92.5%.
  • Genuine Tibetan silver jewelry is made up of 925 silver medals. This item is unlike the manufactured products, which have their surfaces coated or plated with silver. The 925 seals are found under the base of the jewelry.
  • Checking on the hardness of the Tibetan. The shine and color should be similar to original silver in genuine Tibetan silver jewelry. If you realize the jewelry has radiance and shade blemishes, leave it.
  • Be keen on the price tag used in the market. There is a flat rate of silver per gram in the world market. Additional price tags will come from the ornaments and carvings of unique symbols.

Ways to clean Tibetan silver

Getting legit Tibetan jewelry should be considered a blessing. The problem comes in taking care of them in terms of their cleanliness. If you don’t wash it well, you will notice color changes.

Besides the color changes, you might start seeing some shades of rust. Improper cleaning can lead to rust. Once again, be careful while handling your gem.

Many would think of professional cleaners to help. If ordinary soap and water do not assist, there are some homemade ways to assist. Below are some ways you can use in cleaning your Tibetan silver jewelry. There is nothing different from cleaning the regular silver.

1. Use a Toothpaste

Using toothpaste is one of the simplest ways of cleaning your jewelry. Apply it carefully, and then place it in a basin of hot water. Finally, after thirty minutes, remove it, apply the toothpaste, and wash it using a soft rag.

2. Baking Soda

Depending on the size of the jewelry you are cleaning, pick a bowl and add a cup of hot water into it. Next, scoop two teaspoons of baking soda and add them to the bowl. For the baking soda to dissolve, stir the two ingredients with a spoon. If the baking soda takes a while to dissolve, heat the water for a minute.

Soak it for around 10 minutes and ensure it is completely covered in the solution. If you have more than one piece of Tibetan silver jewelry, you can wash them all in the bowl. After the time elapses, remove the piece and clean it up using a soft rag.

3. Lemon and olive oil

Get half a cup of lemon juice and one teaspoon of olive oil. Then, mix half a cup of lemon juice and a cup of olive oil. Dip a clean and soft cloth in the solution and clean your silver.

As many people shy away from using olive oil in cooking, it can maintain your Tibetan. It’s one thing that brings a good outcome after cleaning. Try it, and you will not get disappointed.

4. Vinegar

Get two cups and fill one with warm water and the other with vinegar. Place the jewelry in the bowl with vinegar for 30 minutes, and then put it in a bowl with hot water for a minute. Use a soft towel to clean it.

Using vinegar is the best way. It will be safe for your hands and the ornament. Ensure you follow every step accorded for every method to desirable results.


Tibetan silver is unique in its own ways, and probably that’s why it appeals to many jewelry lovers. However, when shopping, you need to be more vigilant because you might end with a counterfeit gem. Consider the above tips to know what’s genuine and not. Besides, fake Tibetan silver might bring health issues to your home.

Also, you can do proper clean-up with chemical-free substances like lemon and vinegar. Do you have a question concerning Tibetan silver? Please feel free to ask. You also tell us why you would choose Tibetan silver over other types of silver.

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