Spoon rings have been popular for many years, and they are a great way to turn old disused cutlery into attractive jewelry items.

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If you’re keen to have a go yourself, you’ll need a good plan to follow – so here are our top 21 tutorials for how to make spoon rings that we uncovered when we searched online.

1. DIY Spoon Ring

DIY Spoon Ring

What we like about this plan is how there’s a touching story behind it – but we won’t give you the details, we’ll just let you read it for yourself. Once you’ve finished, you’ll also find a simple plan for creating something similar, making this plan a great first stop for anyone who wants to know how to make beautiful jewelry from old cutlery.

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2. Spoon Ring Band Style DIY

This is a fun video to watch. In it, you’ll see how this talented YouTuber takes an old spoon and turns it into an attractive ring. We like the way he explains everything clearly and in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand, meaning that if you want to try replicating this project at home, you shouldn’t have any problems. A great plan and well worth a watch.


3. How to Make a Spoon Ring

How to Make a Spoon Ring

In this plan you’ll learn all the basic techniques you need to know to start making your own beautiful spoon rings – and you’ll also pick up a couple of useful tips for how to ensure your project is a success. The steps are easy to follow, and you won’t need too much specialist equipment, making this a plan that will be accessible to almost anyone.

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4. Spoon Rings Made Simply

One of the problems with a lot of DIY jewelry plans we’ve seen is that they require lots of expensive tools, but for this plan, you only need inexpensive equipment you probably already own. This means you can easily make rings from any old spoons you may have lying about without needing to spend lots of money on the project. And for us, that encapsulates what true DIY is all about.


5. Spoon Rings

Spoon Rings

The Instructables website is one of our favorite resources when we need a plan for any DIY project, and whenever we need to make something, it’s always one of the first places we look. As always, this plan for spoon rings includes clear step-by-step instructions, useful photos to show you what you need to do and some useful tips to help you achieve great results.

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6. Easier Way to Make Spoon Rings

Sometimes, DIY projects don’t go exactly the way we want them to, and that’s why experience is such a great teacher. However, if you want to take a short cut, you can learn from other people’s mistakes, and in this video, you’ll learn an easy way to create rings from spoons – and you’ll find out how to avoid some of the issues this YouTuber had during her first attempts at making them.


7. Spoon Ring Tutorial

Spoon Ring Tutorial

The first thing you see when you open this page is beautiful shots of spoon rings that are sure to fire your imagination and give you the urge to have a go yourself. After this, you’ll see a list of the materials and tools you need – and some clear instructions for how to go about tackling this project. It’s simple to follow, easy to understand, and if you get it right, the results are likely to be stunning.

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8. How to Make a Spoon Ring with Hand Tools

This is another video that shows you how to make spoon rings with nothing but the kind of tools you probably already own. You probably won’t need to buy anything special to attempt this project – or if you do, it isn’t likely to cost you a lot. With your equipment assembled, it’s then an extremely easy process to replicate, meaning you’ll be producing your own handsome rings from old spoons in no time at all.


9. Easy DIY Spoon Ring

Easy DIY Spoon Ring

As this blogger writes, this plan is ridiculously easy to copy. All you need to do is find an old spoon or fork that you think will make a good ring and then follow the six simple steps. The key is finding an old piece of cutlery with an attractive design – and the photos that accompany the plan should give you a few ideas about what to look for.

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10. Spoon Ring DIY Tutorial

This YouTuber makes the valid point that when you make the real thing, the best material to work with is silver – but before you start cutting up valuable cutlery, you might want to have a few trial runs with spoons made of cheaper materials. This is such a simple plan to copy – the video is only around four minutes long – but it doesn’t need to be complicated to produce great results, as you’ll see when he finishes the job.


11. Creative DIY Soon Ring

Creative DIY Soon Ring

The reason old spoons or forks make such beautiful rings, as this blogger explains, is because the ends are often highly ornate. Furthermore, you can often pick them up in thrift stores and flea markets for next to nothing. Once you find some that you think are suitable for turning into rings, this plan then gives you all the details of how to go about it.

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12. How to Make Spoon Jewelry Using Common Tools

When Valentine’s Day rolls around each year, you can go for chocolates or perhaps you might choose to opt for flowers. However, if you want to surprise your beloved with something a little more meaningful, what better way than giving a ring you made yourself? If you think that’s something that might go down well, this YouTuber shows you how it’s done.


13. Making Antique Spoon Rings

Making Antique Spoon Rings

Making rings from spoons isn’t just a great way to create new jewelry from old cutlery you don’t use anymore – it’s also a highly enjoyable and even therapeutic process. Making spoon rings is also an extremely easy DIY project to tackle, and the results can be extremely rewarding – and this plan should give you all the information and inspiration you need to get started.

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14. How to Make Spoon Rings

This is a fascinating video to watch, and the YouTuber who made it also has an incredibly soothing voice, making it a pleasure to watch. As you can see from the video, he’s also a talented individual who knows how to produce attractive objects – he’s someone most people will be able to learn a thing or two from.


15. Tools Needed to Make Spoon Rings

Tools Needed to Make Spoon Rings

This blog entry isn’t exactly a plan for how to make spoon rings – rather, it’s an explanation of the tools you’ll need for making them. This makes it a useful post to read since it will give you some of the vital information you’ll need before you start your own spoon ring project.

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16. How to Make a Spoon Ring DIY

Here’s a video we enjoyed a lot – the combination of the peaceful music and the clever way it’s filmed makes it fun to watch. Apparently, it’s the first video uploaded by this YouTube newbie – in which case, this is a channel that could be worth subscribing to if you want to see what comes next.


17. Eco-Friendly DIY Spoon Ring

Eco-Friendly DIY Spoon Ring

This simple plan gives you the information you need to make a basic spoon ring from an old piece of silver cutlery. Sometimes there’s no need to make things more complicated than necessary, and if that’s something you agree with, this should be a plan you’ll enjoy reading.

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18. Dollar Tree DIY Mini Spoon Holiday Bling Napkin Ring

This plan is a little different from all the others – because the “ring” this YouTuber makes from a spoon isn’t the kind you put on your finger, it’s the kind you use for napkins! As she says, the napkin ring she makes from Dollar Tree supplies is “super-cute” – and it’s an easy plan to follow if you want to produce something similar.


19. DIY Spoon Ring Instructions

DIY Spoon Ring Instructions

What we like about this plan is the way it gives you two options for the design of your spoon ring. Once you’ve decided which you prefer, the process is simple – and if you have several spoons to spare, you could have a bit of fun experimenting with both styles.

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20. How to Make a Spoon Ring Video

Going by the number of rings this YouTuber is wearing, it’s quite easy to guess that he likes his jewelry! But he’s also extremely skilled at making rings, which is why this video is another that’s worth checking out. There’s plenty of detail and tips about what you need to do, and as you can see, the finished article is highly impressive.


21. How to Make Silverware Jewelry

How to Make Silverware Jewelry

We like the way this blogger is honest about the experience of making silverware jewelry since she admits she didn’t find it as easy as many people suggest. However, through perseverance, she manages to work out the best techniques – and her blog entry will help you learn from her experiments.

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Lots of beautiful examples to inspire you

While we were collecting these plans, we were amazed by how many beautiful examples of stunning rings made from old cutlery we found.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we did finding them for you – and above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the inspiration for your next DIY craft project.

21 Spoon Ring DIY Ideas You May Want to Try pin

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