Silver is one of the most popular metals for all kind of jewelry – including rings. It’s also a relatively easy metal to work, and for anyone who wants to try, here are 20 plans we found online that will teach you how to make a silver ring.

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1. Making a Simple Sterling Silver Ring

Making a Simple Sterling Silver Ring

Here’s a very simple tutorial for making a DIY silver ring that we found on the Instructables website. For those who don’t know it, Instructables is a great resource whenever you need a DIY plan for just about anything you can think of – and this tutorial won’t let you down. It features a list of required materials, clear step-by-step instructions to follow and plenty of photos to show you what you should be doing. A great first stop for anyone who wants to try their hand at making silver rings.

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2. DIY Sterling Silver Ring Band

In this video, this YouTuber shows you how to make a simple but extremely elegant silver ring band from silver wire. She explains all the steps clearly, and she also demonstrates everything you need to do, making this a very easy plan for anyone to copy. We also love the finished article – great job!


3. Basic Silversmithing: How to Make a Silver Ring Band

Basic Silversmithing How to Make a Silver Ring Band

If you are interested in learning how to work silver to produce your own jewelry, one of the basic techniques you’ll need to master is producing ring bands. From there, you’ll be able to develop your skills further, but this tutorial will teach you what you need to know to get started. It’s well written and includes plenty of useful photos, making this a great plan for beginners to try.

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4. Making a Silver Ring – Sandcasting

For anyone who has some old scrap silver lying about and who wants to turn it into a piece of attractive jewelry, this video is a must-watch. In it, this YouTuber demonstrates how to use the sandcasting technique for your molten silver, and once it’s cooled, all you need to do is polish it up and it will look great. This is a fascinating video to watch, and the end result is highly impressive.


5. How to Make Rings in an Hour

How to Make Rings in an Hour

Here’s another tutorial that’s great for beginners – it teaches you how to use silver wire to create basic silver rings. Each step is clearly explained, and there are a few well-chosen photos to help you understand the process. There’s lots of useful info in this plan, making it a highly recommended read for anyone interested in having a go at silver working for the first time.

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6. Stirling Silver Infinity Ring Demonstration

This is a video that demonstrates clearly everything you need to do to make a beautiful infinity ring from silver wire. We like the way this YouTuber explains everything she is doing in great detail, giving you lots of tips and advice as she goes. She’s obviously a very talented artist, and this is a video most people will be able to learn something from.


7. How to Make a Simple Sterling Silver Ring

How to Make a Simple Sterling Silver Ring

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of working with silver, you can start thinking about becoming a little more ambitious with your creations – but you need to learn to walk before you can run, and if you’re a newbie, this plan will help you find your feet. This plan gives you all the information you need to get started, and there’s also a comments section at the bottom where other readers share their thoughts and experiences. A useful resource that’s well worth a look.

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8. How to Make a Hammered Stirling Silver Ring

As this YouTuber explains in the introduction, she isn’t a professional silver worker – it’s just a hobby she enjoys and wanted to share. But that just goes to show how making silver jewelry is something that anyone can enjoy without any special training – and by watching simple but informative tutorials like this one, you can learn how to do it too.


9. How to Make a Three-Part Silver Ring

How to Make a Three-Part Silver Ring

With this plan, you learn how to make a three-part ring that seems intricate and advanced at first but is actually relatively simple to reproduce. As the blogger explains, you can easily create a ring like this by reusing any old silver that you might have available, making this a far more affordable alternative to buying a new silver ring from a jewelry store.

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10. How to Make and Solder a Silver Ring

In this video, a professional jewelry maker with 30 years of experience explains how to make and solder a simple band ring. We find it interesting to watch videos by keen amateurs, but at the same time, there’s so much to be learned from pros, and listening to the advice he gives in this video is highly informative – you just know right away that he knows what he’s talking about. This video is a little longer than some of the others – but we think watching it right thorough will be time well spent.


11. Silver Ring from Scraps on a Budget

Here’s a fun video that lots of people will enjoy watching. For many, silver working is just an occasional hobby, and you might not want to spend lots of money on fancy equipment – which is why this YouTuber deliberately uses only tools and materials that are affordable and available to all. Another great video that taught us a lot!


12. How to Make Sterling Silver Jewelry

How to Make Sterling Silver Jewelry

If you want to know how to make rings from sterling silver, you’ll need to know the basics of working with this material – and that’s where this guide we found on WikiHow comes in. It doesn’t focus specifically on rings, but it does give you lots of useful information that will help you make rings and more – so it’s recommended reading for anyone with an interest in silver working.

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13. Making a Silver Ring

In this video, you won’t find much in the way of explanations – instead, the whole video consists of a master jeweler demonstrating how to make a silver ring. It’s fascinating to watch as the ring takes shape, and there are lots of techniques he employs that you’ll want to try out.


14. Handmade Silver Labradorite Ring

The ring this YouTuber creates is one of the most attractive we’ve seen. It’s a large piece and perhaps not something that everyone would wear – but if this is your kind of style, we’re sure this is a video you’ll appreciate.


15. DIY Silver Casting Wedding Rings

DIY Silver Casting Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are imbued with deep meaning, but making one by your own hands makes it an even more significant object than if you simply buy it from a store. If you think you’d like to have a go at creating your own wedding band from silver, this tutorial will show you how.

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16. Gun Metal Stone in a Silver Ring

Here’s an interesting video that shows a talented craftsman making an attractive silver ring with an inlaid gunmetal stone. This is the kind of plan that might be a little beyond casual home enthusiasts, but it’s always a pleasure to watch skilled artists at work.


17. How to Make a Silver Ring for 25 Cents

How to Make a Silver Ring for 25 Cents

This plan is a bit of a cheat – but technically, it can be used to make a silver ring for next to nothing, so we think it earns a place on our list. Old quarters used to contain 90% silver (before 1965), and if you have one from before that date, this plan shows you how to make it into a ring.

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18. Handmade Silver Ring

In this video from Indonesia, you can see a highly-skilled ring maker working on an attractive silver ring. Again, as with #16, most people at home won’t be able to replicate this plan, but it’s still informative to be able to see the techniques used by professionals.


19. Filigree Wire Silver Ring

This video from 2012 feels a little dated now – we’re used to slightly higher-quality production on YouTube videos in 2020! But that doesn’t detract from the skill of the ring maker who we watch producing an amazingly intricate filigree ring. A slightly incongruous choice of music – but a video that’s well worth a look nonetheless!


20. Handmade Sword-Shaped Silver Ring

To finish, here’s a video showing how this skilled artisan produces a highly original silver ring in the shape of a sword. Once more, these are advanced techniques and not the kind of thing amateurs will be able to reproduce at home, but it may give you a few ideas about the kind of thing that’s possible when you become more advanced in the art of silver working.


Lots of creative and original ideas

As you can see, there are so many talented people out there coming up with creative and original ideas for working silver – from the most basic and simple to the highly advanced.

We’ve enjoyed scouring the internet to find these plans for you since it’s such an inspiration to see what other people have been trying – and we hope we’ve also helped you find the inspiration you needed to get started on your next DIY ring-making project.

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