1914 Lincoln Penny Key Dates and Errors

The Lincoln cent is the longest-issued coin in the US numismatic history. The US mint struck this penny for the first time in 1909, and it has been in circulation until the present day.

Many devoted collectors desire to complete the Lincoln set, including several key dates and a few different reverse designs. Some pennies are worth a fortune, especially those in the mint state. Let’s see what the 1914 penny value is and what defines it.


1914 Lincoln Penny History

1914 Lincoln Penny History

The history of the Lincoln penny begins with the desire of the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth. Allegedly, Roosevelt came to this idea after seeing Victor David Brenner‘s bronze plaque of Lincoln.

1914 Lincoln penny value

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1914 75,238,432
Philadelphia 1914 proof 1,365
San Francisco 1914 S 4,137,000
Denver 1914 D 1,193,000
Total / 80,569,797

He hired Brenner to design a new coin. The obverse shows the right-facing President Lincoln’s bust as a central motif.

Above him are engraved words IN GOD WE TRUST, while the LIBERTY inscription stands behind the bust. In front of Lincoln are the date and mint mark in pieces from San Francisco and Denver.

1914 Lincoln penny value

Face value $0.01 (one cent)
Compound 95% copper plus 5% tin and zinc
Coin weight 0.09999 troy ounces (3.11 g)
Coin diameter 0.74803 inches (19 mm)
Coin thickness 0.05512 inches (1.4 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Plain

Although the Lincoln penny reverse has changed several times in a few decades, the original design is pretty simple. Two wheat stalks surround the coin field, and the ONE CENT denomination occupies the central area.

Both E letters have an extended bottom line but shorten the middle one. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is below the denomination, and the traditional slogan E PLURIBUS UNUM is along the top rim.


1914 Lincoln Penny Types

Three mints, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver produced Lincoln pennies in 1914, and the total mintage was 80,569,797 pieces. This $0.01 coin is part of the 1909 to 1956 penny collection, but even the most damaged specimens exceed their face value.

1914 Lincoln penny

1914 Lincoln penny

The Philadelphia mint struck most of the 1914 pennies, over 75 million. So, you can effortlessly find this piece without the mint mark on the coin market.

1914 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1914 1914 S 1914 D
Good $0.8 $27 $227
Very good $1.1 $31 $285
Fine $2.3 $34 $343
Very fine $6.6 $45 $481
Extra fine $23 $94 $999
AU $45 $198 $1,713
MS 60 $63 $371 $2,277
MS 63 $79 $525 $3,764
Proof 63 $607 / /

(USA Coin book)

Most of these coins were in circulation, and you can obtain a fine-grade 1914 Lincoln penny for a couple of dollars. However, searching for a perfect piece in the mint state can be challenging.

In most cases, such a specimen will cost you around $100, depending on a coin dealer. The record price for the 1914 MS 67 Lincoln penny reached $48,300 at one auction in 2005.

1914 proof Lincoln penny

1914 proof Lincoln penny

The Philadelphia mint was the only one that struck proof coins. These pennies were never spent a minute in circulation since the entire production was strictly dedicated to collectors. Their design is more striking, and they have a specific luster.

1914 Lincoln penny value*

Quality 1914 1914 S 1914 D
Good $0.5 to $0.6 $11 to $12 $125
Very good $0.7 to $1 $15 to $16 $150 to $170
Fine $1.5 to $2.5 $18 to $19 $200 to $225
Very fine $5 to $11 $23 to $50 $250 to $450
Extra fine $15 to $21 $68 to $80 $600 to $700
AU $32 to $36 $105 to $160 $1,200 to $2,000
MS 60 $42 $250 $2,100
MS 61 $46 $280 $2,250
MS 62 $49 $310 $2,500
MS 63 $55 $360 $3,000
MS 64 $80 $550 $4,000
MS 65 $125 $1,200 $5,500
MS 66 / / $10,000


With a bit of luck, you can find the 1914 63 PR Lincoln penny for around $600. Still, many collectors keep them for themselves since only 1,365 pieces were produced that year. According to the PCGS, the 1914 PR 66 Lincoln penny record value is an impressive $12,650.

1914 S Lincoln penny

1914 S Lincoln penny

The San Francisco’s 1914 Lincoln penny is scarce, and many collectors consider it a semi-key date. This mint struck less than 10% of total mintage, 4,137,000. They all went into circulation, so finding a piece in the mint state can be challenging.

The San Francisco mint used the S letter on coins it produced, and you can find it on the obverse, below the date. The 1914 S Lincoln penny typically has a much higher value than the one without the mint mark.

1914 Lincoln penny value

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1914 $0.7 $2 $20 $40
1914 S $24 $30 $85 $175
1914 D $200 $300 $875 $1,500

(JM Bullion)

Most coin dealers will offer you about $85 for an extra-fine 1914 S Lincoln penny. On the other hand, the 1914 S MS 66 Lincoln penny reached the record value of $105,800 at auction.

1914 D Lincoln penny

1914 D Lincoln penny

If you look for the most valuable 1914 Lincoln penny, you will discover it came from the Denver mint. This mint marked this penny with the D letter, and you can find it in front of the President’s bust on the obverse.

1914 Lincoln penny value

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1914 $0.4 $1.4 $17 $24
1914 S $8 $17 $74 $185
1914 D $74 $142 $437 $1,368


Collectors consider the 1914 D Lincoln penny for a rare key date, and well-preserved pieces are worth hundreds of dollars. You can even sell the worn and heavily damaged pennies for around $100.

As expected, the coins in the mints state have the highest value. One 1914 D MS 66 Lincoln penny reached a record auction value of $158,625.


1914 Lincoln Penny Key Dates and Errors

1914 Lincoln Penny Key Dates and Errors

As I have already mentioned, the 1914 D Lincoln penny is the key date, and it is tricky to find it. The reason is the low mintage in the particular year.

Less than 2% of pennies struck in 1914 wear the D mint mark. Many of these coins are lost or worn out during a long circulation, so the remaining ones are highly desirable on the current market.

Keep in mind that there were several attempts to counterfeit the rare 1914 D Lincoln penny throughout history. Luckily, most experts can quickly recognize whether the coin is an original since the mint mark on a counterfeit penny seems misplaced.

Additionally, you can occasionally find 1914 Lincoln penny with chip cracks or lamination errors. Such error pieces typically come from Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia mint struck these pennies in bulk, so the mintage of over 75 million coins includes occasional error coins. Most are pieces with a double strike or die cracks.


1914 Lincoln Penny Grading

1914 Lincoln Penny Grading

Besides the mint mark, the vital factor of a 1914 Lincoln penny’s value is its current preservation. Most experts use a magnifying glass to examine hairline, letters, and design details. However, some key indicators can help you roughly determine coin grades.

Uncirculated – Such a penny was never in use. Therefore, its design is intact, and the original luster is perfect. Coins in the mint state sometimes show discoloration, but Lincoln’s figure and engravings have no scratches or stains.

1914 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1914 1914 S 1914 D
Good $0.3 $10 $200
Very good $0.6 $13.2 $250
Fine $2 $14.5 $375
Very fine $4.5 $24 $450
Extra fine $15.5 $61 $750
Uncirculated $33.5 $145 $1,400
BU $43 $245 $1,900


Extra fine – Time in circulation left slight traces on this 1914 Lincoln penny. You can see details of the President’s bow tie, eyes, and hair curls. All lines in the wheat stalks are visible. The date is legible, but you can see slight scratches on the surface when using a magnifying glass for inspection.

Fine – Even a novice collector can see damages on this coin since it went through many hands for years. It is discolored, the original shine has disappeared over time, and the letter edges have started merging with the coin field. You can read the engravings and the date, yet the letters are flat and stained.

1914 Lincoln penny value

Quality 1914 1914 S 1914 D
Good $0.9 / $15
Very good $0.9 $21 $187
Fine $2.1 $21 $211
Very fine $2.1 $35 $258
Extra fine $3.5 / /
AU $11 / /
Uncirculated / / /


Good – This coin is heavily damaged, and most collectors will seek better-graded pieces for their sets. Images are almost flat, and words are hard to read and merged with the rim. The President’s bust is smooth without delicate details, and stalks of wheat are almost always gone. You can see the date, but the last digit often disappears.



The three mints produced Lincoln pennies in 1914, but the Denver pieces have the highest value on the current coin market. For instance, a well-preserved 1914 D Lincoln penny can bring you thousands of dollars. The other two types also have their worth, especially pieces in the mint state.

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