How Much is a 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Worth (Price Chart)

If you intend to collect or trade your 1943 half-dollar, you will be lucky to discover its value right here in this article.

The 1943 Silver Walking Liberty half dollar coin is worth $16. This value is when the coin is in average condition. Uncirculated Half Dollar coin is much more valuable and can fetch you up to $68. 

In its melt value, the coin is worth $8.11. Though other factors determine the 1943 50-cent coin value, this price of silver is the primary determinant.

We will dive deeper to examine this iconic 1943 half-dollar coin to know its worth in various conditions. We will also look at its outline so that you do not confuse the coin with similar coinages. Additionally, you will learn more about its history, mintmarks, the metal used, slogans, weight, dimension, and more exciting features of this valuable American iconic coin.

What Is The 1943 Half Dollar Coin?

What Is The 1943 Half Dollar Coin

Also known as the 1943 Walking Liberty half dollar coin, the 1943 50-cent coin is one of the rarest coins that The US has ever minted. As the year depicts, the half dollar peak of production was in 1943.

At the time of its minting, this coin’s value was 50 cents. The 1943 half-dollar value currently stands at $16, and its melt value at $8.11. Let’s have a close look at this emblematic coin.

The 1943 Half Dollar Coin Design

This coin’s design by Weimann bears a full-length portrait of Liberty walking towards the rising Sun. She is carrying an oak and laurel branch, symbolizing America’s military and civil glory.

In the background are folds of stars and stripes that fly to the breeze as a background. The hand of the portrait Stretches out to show the spirit of Liberty.

On the reverse is a bald eagle perching high on a mountain peak. Its wings are unfolded and in a fearless spirit. That means the eagle is conscious of its power. Another outstanding feature on the reverse is the young pine is also springing from a rock rift, which symbolizes America.

History of 1943 Half Dollar Coin

History of 1943 Half Dollar Coin

The US Mint issued the 1943 Walking Liberty as a silver 50-cent piece from 1916 to 1947. Its original design was by Adolph A. Weinman but was redesigned by the new US Mint Director, Robert W. Woolley. His design included a Liberty marching towards the Sun. Later, this had challenges implementing as it was difficult to perfect.

A famous engraver of the time, Charles E. Barber, took the task of creating a new design. The production never occurred as the Mint officials turned to Weismann’s design and produced the 1943 half-dollar coin in millions.

Although the Weismann’s design was full of flaws, the coin remains one of the most beautiful numismatic arts in the US.

The 1943 half-dollar coin is the highest minted coin in the Walking Liberty series. Three US Mints (Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco) produced a staggering over 53 million 1943 half dollar coins.

The 50 cents coin metal composition is 90% silver and 10% copper. That owes to its strength and comes with different Mint Stage grades. These include the MS67 and MS68, the finest and scarcest of all. Luckily, the coin is available depending on the mint.

Which US mint made the 1943 Walking Liberty?

There are three US mints for this unique coin: Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Denver. You will identify the 1943 half dollar coin with mintmarks “D” and “S.” A D indicates that the coin is Denver mint while S indicates a San Francisco mint.

If you possess a coin without a mintmark, it means that its place of minting is Philadelphia. The most elusive among the three US mint in Denver. You will be lucky to have one, as it is rare and a great treasure.

Reason for minting the 1943 50-cent coin

Reason for minting the 1943 50-cent coin

The original half dollar coinage by Charles E. Barber received public dissatisfaction. Several US presidential administrations tried many designs to replace the Barber coins. There was also an attempt to endorse Barber’s design by the Commission of Fine Arts selected three sculptors, Adolph Weinman, Albin Polasek, and Hermon MacNeil, to submit their designs. Later, the commission adopted the Weinmann coin design.

The US Mint struck the 1943 half-dollar, popularly known as the 1943 Walking Liberty during World War II at its main Mint in Philadelphia. The design by Bearing A. A. Weinmann comprised a 90% silver, 10% copper coin that illustrated a full-length figure of Liberty stepping toward the rising Sun.

Features of 1943 half dollar coin

1. Portrait

The 1943 half-dollar coin portrait is Liberty with folds of stars stepping towards a new dawn (rising Sun). She is carrying a branch of oak and laurel to symbolize America’s civil and military glory. Liberty has her hand outstretched, conferring the spirit of Liberty.

2. Obverse (head) Features

  • Liberty stepping and holding branches
  • Rising Sun on the east
  • Unfolded stars
  • Slogan (LIBERTY)
  • The year 1943
  • US flag over Miss Liberty shoulder

3. Reverse (tail) Features

  • Bald eagle flying from a mountain cap
  • Coin value: HALF.DOLLAR
  • Slogan: United.States. Of.America

4. Mintmark

Three mintmarks will help you to identify the 1943 half-dollar coin.

  • Denver (“D“) – meaning the coin is from the Denver Mint
  • San Francisco (“S”) – Meaning that the coin is from San Francisco Mint
  • Philadelphia – No mintmark. All 1943 Walking Liberty coins without a mark belong to the United States Philadelphia Mint.

Slogans Written on the Walking Liberty Coin

You will find several slogans on this coin:

  • In God We Trust (head)
  • Liberty (head)
  • 1943 (Head)
  • United.States. Of.America (tail)
  • Half. Dollar (tail)
  •  E PLURIBUS UNUM translated as Out of many, one (tail)

Metal Used in the 1943 Fifty cent Coin

The 1943 half-dollar comprises:

  • Silver: 90%
  • Copper: 10%

Weight and Dimensions of the 1943 half dollar

The 1943 Walking Liberty halves weigh 12.5 gr. The diameter is 30.6 mm, while the edges are reefed.

Value of 1943 Half Dollar Coin

Value of 1943 Half Dollar Coin

When it comes to the value of 1943 half, we have got the denominational, melt, and the standard value.

Denominational Value Of The Coin

The value of the 1943 half dollar coin is $0.50 or 50 cents. On the coin, it is engraved HALF.DOLLAR on the reverse.

Melt Value

The melt value of a coin is the weight in metal composition. This 90% silver, 10% copper coin weighs 12.5 grams. Its silver metal weighs 10.254 grams, while the remaining 2.2 grams go to the copper composition. The silver melt value will fetch you $8.21.

Standard Value Of Coin 1943 Half Dollar

In average condition, the standard value of a 1943 half-dollar coin is about $9.00. Top coin graders project the standard value of the 1943 half-dollar coin in its certified MS+ (Mint State) to be up to $90.

The above price is dynamic for different Mints. For example, a D mint is rare to get and thus more valuable. On the other hand, the Philadelphia Mint is readily available and less valuable.

Summary Table Showing the value of 1943 half dollar

Coin Condition/Coin 1943 S 1943 D 1943
Good $8.11 $8.11 $8.11
Fine $10.04 $10.04 $10.04
Extremely Fine $12.17 $12.17 $12.17
Uncirculated $36.00 $35.00 $26.00


How Much Is The Metal In The 1943 Half Dollar Coin Worth?

If you were to calculate the value of the silver medal in the 1943 half dollar coin, you might have to melt it first. Its worth would be $8.21, based on the price of silver in the prevailing market condition.

The current silver spot price is $22.69. This price is not fixed and keeps changing, so be on the lookout as it can go higher or lower than this value.

How Much Is The 1943 Half Dollar Coin At The Pawn Shop?

How Much Is The 1943 Half Dollar Coin At The Pawn Shop

If you walked into a pawnshop today to sell or buy a Good grade Philadelphia 1943 half dollar coin (with no mintmark), the price would be about $10.

You will have to part or pocket $15 if it is in fine condition.

The same coin in Extremely Fine condition will fetch as much as $18 and $35 in its uncirculated condition.

A good grade 1943 D Half dollar value is around $10 in good condition, $15 in Fine condition, and $18 in Extremely Fine condition. If it is an uncirculated condition, its value is about $48 (MS60 grade). For the uncirculated MS 63 grade, you can pocket up to $75.

The 1943 S half-dollar (Good condition) will cost you $10 and $15 in fine condition. If it is in Extremely Fine condition, the coin is worth about $18. MS60 grade and MS 63 for the uncirculated condition are worth $42 and $60, respectively.

Factors That Influence the Price of 1943 Half Dollar Coin

Factors That Influence the Price of 1943 Half Dollar Coin

We have seen the different prices that the Walking Liberty half attracts. The disparity in price is a result of several factors, including:

1. Mistruck coins

During the minting process, some coins suffer from surface damages and errors. Others have details missing. Such coins are not thrown away and are still in circulation, but their value is less than perfect.

2. Grading

Due to heavy circulation, coins suffer from bruises and bumps. More the damages mean less value. The physical appearance of the coin will determine its grade.

Coin grading ranges from Good to Uncirculated. The uncirculated coins are more valuable than the good ones.

3. Mint

The 1943 half dollar has got three mints; Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D), and San Francisco (S). The Denver Mint is usually unavailable and more valuable. Philadelphia mint is easy to spot and less valuable.

4. Rarity

The rarity of a product increases its value. Abundance of the coin means less the prices. 1943 Walking Liberty coins from the Denver Mint are rare, thus valuable.

5. Dealers

Individual merchants place different values on their wares. Depending on their target customers, they can read the market and determine the pricing. Whenever they notice the demand for the 1943 half-dollar coin, they will hike the price.

6. New and Clean coins

New coins have all the details present, thus valuable. Whether the coins are clean or soiled, as long as the details are intact, that does not affect the value.


What is the metal composition of the 1943 half dollar coin?

The 1943 half dollar coin is 90% silver and 10% copper.

How much is the 1943 Walking Liberty half dollar worth?

In an average condition, you can get a 1943 Walking Liberty half dollar at $8.11 (melt value) and about $9 to $10 (standard value)

Is the 1943 half-dollar valuable?

Yes, this is a valuable coin. In its uncirculated condition, the coin is worth up to $36. The price can go higher depending on the demand and rarity, among other factors.

Conclusion: Is the 1943 Half Dollar Worth Collecting?

The 1943 half-dollar coin is valuable in the coin collecting market. It is the desire of every numismatic to own uncirculated coins. These are more valuable but rare.

If you still have the other grades, you also have a kill. Now that you know how the dealers grade the 1943 half-dollar coin, you stand at a better chance to count your treasures. Good luck with your numismatic hobby!

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