Mercury dime (Winged Liberty Head dime) is one of the most beautiful coins the US Mint ever produced. Collectors’ interest in this piece never diminished, although production stopped in 1945. Still, you can find most of them at affordable prices.

Collectors’ major demand is certainly for specimens in the mint state. Since the 1927 dime value is moderate, you won’t have the overly demanding task to complete the entire set. As always, these coins’ price primarily depends on their condition and the mint mark.


1927 Mercury Dime History

1927 Mercury Dime HistoryThe Mercury dime minting started in 1916 when it replaced the existing Barber dime. Its production lasted only 29 years, but it is still considered one of the most beautiful American coins.

1927 Mercury dime

Location Year Minted
Philadelphia 1927 28,080,000
San Francisco 1927 S 4,770,000
Denver 1927 D 4,812,000
Total / 37,662,000

Robert W. Woolley became director of the US Mint in 1915. The US Mint began a design change for several coins that year, including Barber dimes.

Interestingly, the redesigned first series was the chief engraver William Barber’s work. However, Woolley was not happy with these solutions, so he hired Adolph Weinman to do the job.

1927 Mercury dime

Face value 10 cents ($0.10)
Compound 90% silver with copper
Coin diameter 0.7051 inches (17.91 mm)
Coin weight 0.08037 troy ounces (2.5 g)
Silver weight 0.07234 troy ounces (2.25 g)
Coin thickness 0.0768 inches (1.95 mm)
Edge Reeded
Shape Round

Weinman never officially admitted it, but there were indications that the model for Lady of Liberty was Elsie Stevens, the wife of American poet Wallace. No one could confirm that, but the fact was that they rented a Weinman’s apartment during the period of this design creation.

1927 Mercury dime value

Quality 1927 1927 S 1927 D
Good $3.35 $3.6 $3.9
Very good $3.6 $4.4 $6.6
Fine $3.9 $6.4 $8.6
Very fine $6 $14 $28
Extra fine $7.3 $32 $92
AU $18 $56 $113
MS 60 $35 $315 $228
MS 65 $170 $1,594 $1,319

(USA Coin book)

Weinman’s obverse design shows Lady Liberty’s portrait turned to the left. You can see a Phrygian cap with wings on her head, a widely recognized symbol of thought freedom.

In front of the bust is the inscription IN GOD WE TRUST, while the word LIBERTY is on the upper rim. On the right are the minting year and the designer initials.

The coin reverse depicts the Roman fascia loosely wrapped by an olive branch. You can read a Latin saying E PLURIBUS UNUM on the right side, while on the lower rim is the coin denomination. The state name extends along the upper rim.


1927 Mercury Dime Types

Three mints minted Mercury dimes in 1927, namely Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. Circulation of close to 38 million pieces is not among the highest in the series.

1927 Mercury dime

1927 Mercury dime

Of the 37,662,000 minted 1927 Mercury dimes, the most came from Philadelphia. This mint struck 28,080,000 coins, and you can distinguish these pieces from the others by the absence of the mint mark on the reverse.

These Mercury dimes’ value in the current market is affordable and ranges from $3.5 to $170, depending on their grades.

1927 Mercury dime value

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1927 $3 $3.5 $7 $15
1927 S $3.25 $6 $28 $50
1927 D $3.5 $8 $80 $80

(JM Bullion)

Remember that auction records are something else, and the amounts you can count on there are significantly higher. For instance, one collector set aside $15,600 for the 1927 MS 67+ Mercury dime.

1927 S Mercury dime

1927 S Mercury dime

The San Francisco mint minted the Mercury dime lowest circulation that year, just 4,770,000 pieces. They are recognizable by the S mint marks on the reverse.

1927 Mercury dime value

Quality 1927 1927 D 1927 S
Good $2 $2 $2
Fine $2 $8 $5
Very fine $3 $15 $10
Extra fine $8 $48 $21
AU $20 $80 $276
MS 63 with full bands $54 $700 $1,495

(Coin HelpU)

Such a low circulation and the number of survived coins affect their value on the coin market. Even though you need only about $4 for a piece in good condition, the one with an MS 65 rating will cost you almost $1,600.

The auction record is probably under the same influence of low circulation. At an auction in 2008, the 1927 MS 67 Mercury dime reached an incredible $63,250.

1927 D Mercury dime

1927 D Mercury dime

Precisely 4,812,000 Mercury dimes came from the Denver mint in 1927. That was the second-largest circulation that year. However, it wasn’t high enough to make these pieces’ presence on the current coin market significant, affecting their market value.

1927 Mercury dime value

Year Quality
Good Fine Extra fine Uncirculated
1927 $1.8 $2.2 $4.5 $27
1927 S $2 $3.4 $24 $278
1927 D $2.2 $4.5 $75 $260


A coin in low grade typically costs about $4, while the one with an MS 65 rating is expensive, with an average price of around $1,300. The auction record is impressive, and one 1927 D MS 66 Mercury dime was sold for $35,070 in 2006.


1927 Mercury Dime Variety

1927 Mercury Dime Variety

It is officially unknown whether any 1927 Mercury dimes come with an error. However, you can often find a highly appreciate variation known as Full Bands.

1927 Full Bands Mercury dime

As I have already mentioned, the Mercury dimes have a Roman fascia wrapped in bands on the reverse. That band, located in the fascia middle part, is the design’s most prominent detail and is the first to show signs of wear after long use.

On the other hand, a dirty matrix or an insufficiently strong strike made it impossible to clearly see the line that separates the band into two parts. Only rare specimens came with a sharp and precise line, and they got the Full Bands mark.

1927 Full Bands Mercury dime value

Quality 1927 1927 S 1927 D
MS 61 $38 to $62 $1,320 to $1,980 $660 to $1,010
MS 62 $50 to $81 $1,485 to $2,230 $825 to $1,250
MS 63 $80 to $130 $1,925 to $2,890 $1,450 to $2,180
MS 64 $145 to $226 $2,900 to $4,350 $4,000 to $6,000
MS 65 $365 to $569 $6,000 to $9,000 $6,900 to $10,400
MS 66 $525 to $819 $14,000 to $20,200 $16,000 to $22,200
MS 67 $1,150 to $1,880 $60,000 to $86,400 /


Most collectors want such pieces in their collections and are prepared to set aside significant money for a beautiful specimen. These coins’ prices range from $38 to an incredible $86,400, depending on their condition.


1927 Mercury Dime Grading

1927 Mercury Dime Grading

The first thing collectors do is check the coin’s condition before purchasing it. That is particularly the case with such old pieces like 1927 Mercury dimes. They typically entrust this work to companies authorized for such activities, like PCGS or NGC.

Nevertheless, you can also assess your specimen condition yourself if you don’t need an official confirmation.

Uncirculated – The Mercury dime in this grade never spent time on the open market, and you can still see its original luster. All the pronounced relief details are clearly visible and sharp. The first thing to check is the Lady Liberty’s cap on the obverse to ensure you have a piece in the mint state.

1927 Mercury dime value

Quality 1927 1927 S 1927 D
Good $3.35 $3.35 $3.35
Very good $3.6 $4.8 $6.7
Fine $3.8 $6.7 $11.4
Very fine $4.8 $11.4 $28.5
Extra fine $8.6 $33.3 $104.5
Uncirculated $29 $285 $190
Brilliant uncirculated $143 $1,520 $1,330
Brilliant uncirculated with full bands $356 $7,600 $8,550


Extra fine – This grade shows that the particular coin was in circulation for a short time without suffering from significant damage. All design details are still present, except the original luster. You can barely see signs of wear on Liberty’s hair and the wings when looking at this piece.

Fine – The signs of wear are still visible after a long time this Mercury dime spent in use. You can see a lack of clear separation between Liberty’s forehead and hair curls, while the fasces is now a pair of vertical lines. Still, all the letters in the inscriptions are legible.

1927 Mercury dime value

Quality 1927 1927 S 1927 D
Good $1.9 $2.1 $1.9
Very good $1.9 $2.1 $2.8
Fine $3.1 $3 $5
Very fine $3.1 $5.9 $25
Extra fine $3.83 / /


Good – The specimen estimated this way is in poor condition, with numerous scratches caused by decades of circulation. You can notice that Lady Liberty’s portrait is an outline and barely visible, while the Roman fascia is worn and smooth. This piece is not desirable in collectors’ circles, although it is still collectible.



Several factors affect the 1927 Mercury dime value. Keep in mind that it is not only a collectible but also has a silver bullion value. The silver price depends on the precious metal market, but the dimes’ condition, mint mark, and abundance in the current market directly affect their price.

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