How Much is My Diamond Tennis Bracelet Worth (Chart)

Is your diamond tennis bracelet worth confusing you? Know the exact type of tennis bracelet you own, its worth, where, and how much to sell on this appraisal.

Don’t get duped! Know the value of your diamond tennis worth.

Your diamond tennis bracelet is rare and luxurious. It bears a high value and will fetch you between $1,000 to $100,000, depending on its quality.

Whether you want to sell your diamond tennis bracelet or you have it as a gift from your loved one, you need to know its value. This type of bracelet is luxurious and rare to find because of its high demand.  It also comes at a higher price than many other gems.

Our in-depth diamond tennis bracelet appraisal answers all your questions regarding this rare piece of jewelry. Enlighten yourself with the jewelry’s quality, value, and various types. We will also tell you where to sell your vintage.

What is a diamond tennis bracelet?

What is a diamond tennis bracelet
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In a simpler form, a diamond tennis bracelet is a fashionable flexible accessory consisting of a brilliant, flashy, and subtly arranged line of diamonds of the same cut, size, color, and clarity.

What’s the origin of the name Tennis Bracelet?

Many shoppers think that the name tennis bracelet comes from the shape of the diamond tennis bracelet, that is not so. The bracelet got its name from a famous US professional tennis player, Chris Evert’s bracelet.

During the 1987 US Open, Evert lost her eternity bracelet. She boldly went ahead to ask the match officials to break off the mid-match and search for her bracelet on full cameras. Indeed, it happened as spectators and viewers witnessed the search.

Fashionistas and other lifestyle icons have ever since identified diamond bracelets with the sport. Since the 1987 US Open, many people have passionately worn the diamond bracelet to the tennis superstar. Chris Evert is not only known for her zeal in tennis but also her fashion enthusiasm.

What’s the price of a diamond tennis bracelet?

What's the price of a diamond tennis bracelet
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The price of a diamond tennis bracelet depends on factors like carat weight, cut, color, and clarity. Each one of these factors has a grading system. After the grading, a diamond tennis bracelet can cost as much as $100,000. A lower grade can cost you $1000.

Considerations to make when determining the worth of a diamond tennis bracelet

Like other types of diamond jewelry, a diamond tennis bracelet requires several considerations to determine its worth. There are four Cs that determine how much you will pay for such a bracelet. These include;

Four Cs determinants in diamond bracelet worth;

Four Cs determinants in diamond bracelet worth
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A single stone diamond with a higher carat weight is more expensive than accent diamonds. In some instances, a large but poorly cut diamond with lower grade color and clarity is of lower value than a small diamond with higher color, clarity, and cut grades. When it comes to diamond tennis bracelets, they mostly weigh between 2 and 10 carats.


To arrange diamonds subtly on a bracelet, jewelers have to cut them well. Poorly cut diamonds are dull by their looks. While the well-cut ones sparkle and make a bracelet brilliant, the poorly cut ones make a piece of jewelry look cheaper than its actual value.

The diamond cut has a grading scale too, from well-cut to poorly cut. A well-cut diamond tennis bracelet will cost you more than a poorly cut one. Even when the other factors are favorable, a poorly cut diamond will appeal and cost less.


A high-value diamond stone has no inclusions and blemishes on the surface. Flawlessness indicates high cost, with the best quality tennis bracelets having a clarity range of VS1 – VS2 and the best value ones SI1 – SI2.

If you contemplate shopping soon, this grading from the highest to the lowest value will make your task flawless;

  • FL – Flawless (Very Expensive)
  • IF – Internally Flawless
  • VVS1 and VVS2 – Very, Very Slightly Included
  • VS1 and VS2 – Very Slightly Included (highly recommend)
  • SI1 and SI2 – Slightly Included
  • I1, I2, I3 – Included (Bad Quality)


A high-quality diamond is colorless. As the stone begins to reveal different shades, its value gets lower.  A 23 color assessment grade ranging from D to Z will show Best Value and a Best Quality tennis bracelet. The best Value ranges are H – I, while the Best Quality ranges are F-G.

Check out this diamond color grade to avoid a rip-off. The grading  if from the highest value to the lowest value diamond colors:

  • Colorless: D-F
  • Near Colorless: G-J
  • Faint: K-M
  • Very Light: N-R
  • Light: S-Z

Here is a simple illustration to show you how carat, cut, color, and clarity affect a diamond tennis bracelet. A Well Cut one-carat diamond bracelet with IF Clarity D- grade Color will cost you around $15,000.

Likewise, a Well Cut one-carat  SI2 Clarity, D-grade Color will cost you around $4,200. The diamond Cut, Carat, Color grade are high grade, but the Clarity differs hence the price difference.

Besides the four Cs, you can assess the quality of a tennis bracelet using the metal present and the diamond types. These include;

The metal type

The metal type determines the strength, color, and purity. A transparent metal is more valuable than a colored metal.


Large diamonds are not common to find. If you find a tennis bracelet with large diamonds, it will be expensive and precious.

Damond types

Diamond types include lab-made, natural diamonds, diamond accents, TW diamonds, colorless diamonds, color diamonds, et cetera cost differ.

Diamond Quantity

On a tennis bracelet, many small diamonds add weight to get the total carat weight. That means a long bracelet with many diamonds will have more carats and a higher price than a shorter diamond bracelet.

Types of Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Types of Diamond Tennis Bracelets
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There are three types of diamond tennis bracelets;

1. Channel Setting

A channel-setting tennis bracelet features two rows of thin metal holding the diamonds securely in the middle. The setting enhances the bracelet’s sparkle.

2. Prong Link Setting

The prong setting comprises two, three, or four-prong baskets for each diamond. The prongs enhance the diamond’s shine by allowing light on them from all angles. Another purpose of the prong baskets is to hold the diamonds securely in place.

3. Bezel/Half-Bezel Setting

With the bezel setting, a circle mount or small bars on either side hold diamonds separately from each other.

The worth of different types of tennis bracelets

Type of Tennis Bracelet Worth
Channel $10,000
Prong $1800 to $25,000
Bezel/Half-Bezel $3400 to $15,000



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Why are diamond tennis ornaments so expensive?

Several factors make diamond tennis ornaments expensive;

  • Weight of diamonds on the bracelets: The more the diamonds, the higher the price.
  • The quality of the diamonds: Color, cut, clarity, and carat all matter in a diamond bracelet. If the bracelet grades in the four Cs are high, then that is why it is expensive.
  • Timeless design and Rarity: A diamond bracelet is a luxury jewel that is rare to find and highly sought after. That explains its high price.

Can I resell my old diamond tennis bracelet?

Yes, you can sell your old diamond tennis bracelet. Some of the places to make a great deal include:

  • Pawning: these are shops that buy and sell jewelry, watches, firearms, and other high-value goods.
  • Jewelry store: find genuine jewelry stores around you and sell your old bracelet.
  • Specialist buyers: these are precious stones specialist traders. You can find them through recommendations by friends and GIA trained professionals.,
  • Auction: these include online and physical stores.

How would I know the setting of my tennis bracelet?

You will know the setting of your tennis bracelet by observing how metals hold the stones together. A Prong link set has two, three, or four prongs per diamond to secure the stones in place. The Channel setting has two rows of thin metals that hold the stone in the middle, while the Bezel has a metal that wounds around the stone like a watch head.

When should I buy a tennis bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are beautiful. They make great gifts for your loved ones who you can give throughout the year. You can buy a tennis bracelet as a gift during weddings, valentine’s day, engagements, birthdays, Christmas day, and any other special day all through the calendar year.

Which tennis bracelets rank as the most famous?

Chris Evert’s diamond bracelet ranks as the most famous. In 1987, Evert’s bracelet got lost a mid-match. She requested for a pause and search, to which the officials agreed. A few moments later, they recovered the bracelet. It became famous and got the name tennis bracelet.

Is it okay to swim or shower with my bracelet on?

Swimming with your tennis bracelet may reduce the diamond’s brilliance due to the many chemicals that treat swimming pools. Also, soap and bath gels can discolor your diamonds. It is good practice to take off your bracelet before swimming or showering.

Which hand should I put on my tennis bracelet?

While there is no rule about which wrist to wear your tennis bracelet, it is a tradition to wear the bracelet on the left-hand wrist. The practice has become dominant because most people are right-handed.

Conclusion: Is a diamond tennis bracelet worth it?

Buying a diamond tennis bracelet is a worthy investment. The bracelet is rare and luxurious, which means it bears a high value. It will cost you between $1,000 to $100,000, but the value keeps on going up.

The high variance in the prices of a diamond tennis bracelet is due to the various grading systems based on clarity, color, carat, and cut. When you finally get the highest quality bracelet, it will be the worthiest investment ever.

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